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Project • By AT26 architectsHospitals


The new dental clinic - DENTLY is located in the renowned SKY PARK project, designed by the world-famous architect Zaha Hadid. It spreads almost over the entire floor of one of the towers. The foyer of the clinic includes a reception desk, a small meeting room/office, and a generous waiting area designed to create the most comfortable environment possible. To make the experience for the clients less stressful and to forget about the often dreaded medical procedures, calming elements such as an aquarium, plants, and a TV were placed in the space. Caption Caption Caption The owners of DENTLY are a couple of successful dentists, therefore the clinic consists of two identical functional branches, connected by the aforementioned... More

Project • By Organoid Technologies GmbHOffices

Therapie Luttinger

PHYSIOTHERAPY IN A HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT The WILDSPITZE MARGERITTA by Organoid creates an optical highlight in the therapy centre Luttinger. The untreaded materials on the breathable and 100% natural flax backing positively impact the indoor climate. The health benefits of a natural interior design underline the effect of physiotherapy on people’s well-being. Therapie Luttinger CONSCIOUS AND HEALTHY INTERIOR DESIGN Design spaces for the healthcare sector with a true focus on well-being – with Organoid surfaces. The scent of various natural materials can positively impact one’s inner state and the look of the untreated plants creates visual interest and a sense of relaxation. The surface WILDSPITZE MARGERITTA a... More

Project • By A+ArchitectureOffices

Le Lab

Being a new place of innovation in Nice Méridia, Le Lab is an iconic, smart and ecological building. Sitting in the last urban corner piece in the district, Le Lab fits into its context, while meeting ambitious environmental, architectural and functional requirements. Signature building, the soft and luxuriant vegetation flourishes in the heart of a setting of 7 floors. Organized around a game of volumes and balance, it offers its residents and users wide views of the Mercantour. A+Architecture The facades are shifted, misaligned, offering sets of recesses and projections, accentuating shadows and light effects, night and day. The light of the Mediterranean Sea circulates everywhere, while dealing... More

Project • By ERRE arquitecturaHospitals

Clinica Alejandria

The project for the new Clinica Alejandria located on Calle Sorní in the heart of Valencia (Spain), transforms an old obsolete and abandoned space into a new place dedicated to health and care of people. David Zarzoso Due to the space limitations of the previous headquarters, the Clinica Alejandria and its entire human team needed a new environment in accordance with their philosophy where they could continue to grow as professionals and be able to offer a quality service and experience to their clients. David Zarzoso CONNECTING MEDICINE AND EDUCATION IN A SINGLE SPACE This new Clinic had to base its activity on two main fields: medicine and education. This condition has provided an opportunity to create a unique space i... More

Project • By Doron Sheinman ArchitectsHospitals

Nof Yam Public Health Clinic

Text: Lior Galili. The new Health Clinic building in Nof-Yam is a two-story public facility built for Clalit, the main national health services provider in Israel. Located between the sea and a major highway, the building forms a moment of stability. Nimrod Levi The ground floor, which serves both the reception area and the parking lot, establishes the balanced nature of the building. Half sustained by columns, half by concrete walls, it presents the visitors with a dialectic of shadow and light and of lightness and stability. In a more subtle manner, the three pairs of columns—each comprised of a thin circular column followed by an elongated, massive, (yet playful), vertical support—imply an interplay between fixed and fl... More

Project • By RIOSOffices

Ellison Institute for Transformative Medicine

The Lawrence J. Ellison Institute for Transformative Medicine is a world-class cancer research and treatment institute with a mission that encourages healthcare professionals to collaborate and interact in a nature-centric environment. Art Gray The Institute’s founding director, Dr. David Agus, believes in a fundamental strategy change leading the fight against cancer – changing the soil, so the seed won’t grow. This innovative premise is key inspiration for creating an environment that supports the best research and inspires discovery. Art Gray The design incorporates principles of nature. As a result, the natural environment informs the materials and open spatial experience. Thermory (wood), plants, and a ric... More

Project • By Samuelov StudioOffices


Our interior design for Fitness 22, a company that builds health and fitness apps, reflects the main values of this closed-knitted company, which is dedicated to advanced technology and wellness. To keep the space cozy and personal, while highlighting the work of the company, we combined home-like elements with wellness and sports motifs. The main kitchen has a “just like home” feeling; the lounges are comfortable and inviting; and sports-inspired graphic elements created by Studio Luka, including a climbing wall, decorate walls and offices. Graphics: Studio Luka Photography: Uzi Porat Installation: KPYM Israel  More

Project • By HEDSecondary Schools

Grossmont UHSD Health Occupations Center

Having successfully worked together many times on a variety of education projects, the Gross Union High School District turned to HED with a unique challenge, to replace structurally inadequate modular buildings with replacements that would inspire industry standard adult health careers education. Leveraging HED’s understanding of both education and healthcare best practices, the team designed state-of-the-art medical training labs for adult education in attaining credentials in a variety of technical education fields, including: Dental Assistant, Certified Nursing Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, Vocational Nursing, EMT, and Phlebotomy. Managing funds was one of the district’s greatest challenges on this project, so the design... More

Project • By EGM architectsHospitals

Drive-In OR Complex

EGM architects has completed a new, innovative complex of operating rooms on the roof of the visitor car park at the Reinier de Graaf Hospital in Delft. The unique drive-in complex offers rapid, easily accessible and welcoming care services. The complex responds to the growing demand for high-quality outpatient facilities in Dutch hospitals. Stijnstijl Fotografie Unique concept With the design of this drive-in operating room complex (OR), EGM has realized a concept that provides care in a new way. Everything is geared to getting patients back on their feet and giving them full control. Built directly on top of the existing visitor car park, the complex lets patients drive right into the operating room, so to speak. And, after their t... More

Project • By Spark ChicagoOffices

Evolent Health

Evolent Health added two floors to their Chicago headquarters and needed to carry the brand of their single existing floor to the new space. Working with leadership, bold, sophisticated branding elements were developed to express their culture and values. More

Project • By Slash ArchitectsHospitals

Qualident Clinic

Qualident is a dental clinic located in Istanbul’s European business district Kagithane. The clinic lodges in the recently constructed residential project Porta Vadi. This location grants the clinic a rather calm environment especially through an independent landscape zone. Qualident lies on three different levels; an underground floor, a ground floor and a mezzanine floor. Qualident’s two visible levels offer two different environments, leading to two distinct yet complementary experiences. The ground floor is dedicated to the waiting areas, the secretary, medico-technic rooms, a meeting room, a pair of lavatories and two of the eight clinic boxes. On the upper level however are assigned the remaining six clinic boxes.  T... More

Project • By A+ArchitectureLaboratories

Saint Jean Clinic

AT THE GATEWAY TO THE CIITY, CLINIQUE SAINT JEAN SITS AS A MARKER IN THE LANDSCAPE THANKS TO ITS POSITIONING, SCALE, AND THE QUALITY OF ITS DESIGN. Clinique Saint Jean marks the gateway to the city. With its positioning, scale, and the quality of its design, it is a powerful marker in the landscape. Our commitment to the Cap Santé Group? To create a demonstrative piece of architecture without being ostentatious. Over and above the technical challenges of impeccable operation, both for patients and for the medical staff, we have endeavoured to create a place which inspires a sense of well-being. The clever use of light, the generosity of spaces and the seamless flow within the building make this clinic a building of its time. The p... More

Project • By CDA ArchitectsHospitals

Diyos Mens Health Clinic

Once a derelict residential dwelling in the chic suburbs of South Delhi, This structure was conceived to be the most fitting by the architects for a one-of-a-kind men fertility chain that was looking to make its debut with a flagship clinic. The building had clocked over 40 years, nearly touching the red mark of its lifetime, theoretically.  The physical condition, however, was evaluated and found to be apt for a quick turnaround.  The translation of its planning from a residential dwelling to that of a clinic foresaw major structural challenges due to the walls being load-bearing and the absence of any RCC member in the structure. This was augmented by strengthening and retrofitting with structural steel, injection grouting, etc.... More

Project • By Collaba ArchitectsCare Homes

Care Center. Будинок для людей похилого віку

The project envisaged the reconstruction of the Soviet two-story office building as a home for the elderly, with the completion of the third floor. The plot is surrounded by a manor house, which borders the field and the cascade of ponds, which became a key factor in choosing a place for this function. The core of the first floor is the large lobby, which penetrates the building through and unites the public courtyard with a private chamber courtyard in the depths of the site. On the first floor there are three quadruple rooms, on the second floor there are 10 double rooms and on the third floor there are 11 single rooms. On each of the floors there are zones for both joint rest and spending time, and with places where you can retire. The... More

Project • By NinetynineBars

Juice Brothers x Nutri Bowl

Nutri Bowl, specialised in cold-pressed juices, and Nutri Bowl, pioneer in healthy to-go meals, are joining forces in a new roll-out concept. Ninetynine was asked to develop a modular, scalable shop-in-shop concept which resulted in an inverted island bar which brings the customer – and not the staff – to the heart of the brand-controlled environment.   The design is based on a grid of 40x30x30 cm blocks. The size literally refers to the optimal 40/30/30 - protein/carbohydrates/fat - ratio provided by the power series of Nutri Bowl. The basic grid is projected onto the floor as a tiled surface, and is separated from the walls of the space. An L-shaped counter and a free-standing block that serves as a table are constructe... More