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Product • By JAMIE STERN Furniture, Carpet & LeatherFLOAT Collection

FLOAT Collection

Jamie Stern’s latest designer collaboration with Dutch East Design defies gravity. Seeking to express the negative space between the furniture and the ground, the FLOAT Collection consists of soft, rounded chairs and barstools supported on understated legs. The collection includes a dining chair, lounge chair and barstool, upholstered in Jamie Stern leather or customer’s own material. The welded steel frames come in muted tones of painted steel available in black, white, and brass. Inspired by the earth and the sky, they read as colorful, floating clouds. Linen and velvet from Erica Shamrock Textiles were used to complement the Jamie Stern leather. More

Product • By Sovet ItaliaTwo tone

Two tone

Versatile, comfortable and friendly, Two tone chair is made up of a curved wood structure, with or without arms, and a one-tone or two-tone multi-layer seat, covered in fabric or leather. The version without arms is stackable up to 4 chairs. More

Product • By CAPDELLMoon light

Moon light

The multifunctionality is one of the main features of the MOON Collection, two shells and different bases allow us to adapt it to any space or use, meetings, eat, wait, relax at home, at the office, at the hotel… with a common denominator: comfort and aesthetic. MOON has as many faces as the moon. More

Product • By CAPDELLNix


“Nix is the new chair I designed for Capell; It combines comfort, versatility and elegance.” -Patrick Norguet.An iconic design that combines the work of solid wood and the curved plywood 3D spherical geometry. The result is very comfortable chair that also lends itself to both multiple uses, house and collective spaces. The principle of assembly draws an elegant and singular architecture. Nix is a contemporary chair in different finishes and colours. More

Product • By Sovet ItaliaSila


Sila is a chair project from which a lot of different versions take form, starting from simple shapes and natural materials. The body in multi-layer wood, available also padded and covered, is supported by a slim metal base, stackable or trestle. More

Product • By VondomPREMIUM CHAIRS


Vondom launches new colors that go beyond simplicity: Gold and Silver. Finishings with a visual impact that adds glamour, beauty, magic, modernity, elegance and of course, avant-garde design to any space. A must for our company.These finishings are available in some of our iconic chairs: Africa, Wall Street and Delta, designed by Eugeni Quitllet and Jorge Pensi. Although each of the chairs comes from a different designer, these metallic finishings provide them parallel effects that are, at least, surprising, special and luxurious. Features which, no element goes unnoticed but the opposite, are highlighted as if they were beautiful prizes.That is the touch that Vondom wants to give to any space, home, office, restaurant, hotel or lobby... More