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Project • By EERIHotels

Spark Lodges at YDD Resort

    The project was initiated due to the popularity of summer river-trekking at Jinkeng Village, a chill-out place where people would love to find a comfortable lodge to stay overnight compared to a tent. Given the fact that the village is part of Liuyang (Hunan, China), a city world-renowned for its fireworks industry, the concept of fusing contemporary industrial materials with natural and rural surroundings began to take shape. EERI EERI EERI EERI     The translucent polycarbonate panels on the roof are the most eye-catching feature of the exterior. This inexpensive material displays different visual textures at different angles and lighting conditions, forming the profile together with pine plank... More

Project • By Alumil S.ABars

Zeus is Loose

The construction of a contemporary hostel in the most central square of Thessaloniki was a special challenge that required proper design, modern aesthetics and the assurance of maximum comfort for the visitors that would choose to stay there. Caption   The transformation of a 70s’ office building into a "warm" hospitality establishment for travelers or local tourists was not an easy task. The Urban Soul Project team that undertook the architectural design of Zeus is Loose played a defining role in this transformation. All the interventions that were made in the building served the vision for a modern hostel, maintaining at the same time the aesthetics of the area. Caption The multi-story building provides a magnific... More

Project • By Personal Architecture BNAHotels

A guest in the woods

Set in the tranquil woodlands of Soest in the Dutch province of Utrecht, this hostel and hospitality complex was formerly comprised of ad hoc additions which lacked a clear visual order. To draw out the inherent aesthetic qualities of the historic buildings and establish a clear cohesion between the functions of the complex, P·A's strategy included both demolition of underfunctioning buildings, and the subtle introduction of a new form. The historic buildings have been fully restored, and their connection to each other enhanced through the insertion of a new build element with wood finishing that gently contrasts with the brick of the historic forms, and blends with the surrounding woods. Its L-shaped form carves a courtyard in the... More

Project • By PENSONBars

JO&JOE Paris Gentilly

JO&JOE Paris Gentilly is the second JO&JOE open house from PENSON’s portfolio and is the world’s first BBCA low-carbon hotel. It is a place that brings genuine experiences to its guests – so much so – the hotel was fully booked on its first opening month in April 2019.    PENSON created the seven-floor, 485-bed hotel as a hybrid – it meets somewhere between an open house, a hotel, and a hostel. This model is unlike anything the sector has seen to date.    In September 2020, JO&JOE Paris Gentilly was awarded the Best Hotel & Tourism Resort at the 2020 MIPIM Awards - specifically for its Open House design and Street Art concept by PENSON.   The JO&JOE brand was c... More

Project • By KABINHotels

BOHO Dunham

Designed and owned by KABIN creators of the first micro-chalet resort in Quebec, carefully nested at the base of Mount Sutton in Sutton, Quebec (, KABIN brings yet another unique experience to Kabin Keeners.  BOHO Boutique Hostels are not like the other types of accommodation offered in Quebec. We combine low-cost shared or private design-focused rooms with unique social events for wanderlusters looking to share ideas and/or add to their story.BOHO Boutique Hostels wishes to lead the way in a new generation of hostels in Quebec and be recognized as the leaders in experience-driven hostels that are stylish, social, affordable, and safe. - BOHO Boutique Hostels: Live it up! More

Project • By Diaz y Diaz ArquitectosHotels

Rehabilitation of Hostel in Lisbon, Portugal

This project consisted on the renovation of an existing building located in central Lisbon, on a corner near Liberdade Avenue. The building is six stories high, occupies an area of 2.410 square meters and originally it was used for commercial purposes, and it also housed offices. The project focuses on the rehabilitation, reform and change of use, to accommodate the new activity as a hostel. The existing L-shaped building, consists of basement, ground floor, mezzanine, six additional floors, and a roof. The project addresses mainly an interior restructuring to make the spaces fit for the new use. It is necessary to change the entire layout on every floor; common spaces, very important in this kind of establishment, are created anew; there... More

Project • By studioBars

Native Hostel, Bar & Kitchen

The Native Hostel, Bar & Kitchen is a boutique hostel, bar, cafe, and event space designed for the epicurean traveller and locals alike. It is nestled in an existing 2-story late 1800’s stone building and a mid-century brick warehouse right in the middle of the upcoming transit-oriented development adjacent to downtown.We sought to preserve the history but create something culturally conducive for the current and future generations. By merging all periods and styles, we were able to create something that feels timeless; a place that could have been relevant many years ago, is relevant today, and will be relevant for many years to come. The Native concept is focused around social activity including music, arts, socializing, food, and ent... More

Project • By D&P AssociatesHotels

Hoi An Backpacker Hostel

Explore the beauty of the ancient town of Hoi An at your own pace, without any compromises, by being a guest at the cozy Backpacker Hostel. We were requested to turn the given 600 sqm to an awesome place to unwind while traveling. The attractive look of the hostel is achieved through applying modern design with the nostalgic charm of Hoi An in mind to both interior and interior features. We went with the clean, modern protruding balconies, which produce a nice shadow effect, while putting everything under the signature brick tile roof.The hostel offers dorms and public bathrooms for people who travel in groups, or fully equipped suits for people who want more privacy. The open design concept allows us to utilize the generous space to its f... More

Project • By MUA - Architecture & PlacemakingHotels

Fabrika Tbilisi

The SiteFabrika is located in a historic neighborhood which has been a central but less popular part of the city. Before the revitalization of the place, the building of the sewing factory that was operating during the soviet time was abandoned for the decades with no use to the neighborhood and society. The district was also unpopular as the destination for travelers or locals. The starting point was to analyze the urban context where the project could bring multiple benefits for the area: increase its publicity and influence the economic and social life of the neighborhood. Creation of a new hotspot and thus, improving the attractiveness of the area was one of the main objectives.Fabrika has become unique experience for Tbilisi in the con... More

Project • By szki architects Hotels


szki architects executed a renovation design, supervision, and construction management for ARTnSHELTER, a hostel located in Shinagawa, Tokyo. The site, a special-use building over 600 square meters was constructed during the bubble economy period and used as an office building for a long time before becoming ARTnSHELTER. We used several constructors by completion of construction along with some DIY works done by the client. Thus, we call this project as “the construction management”. pic01_gallery This hostel has a unique concept and is different from any other normal hostels. They have a cafe, bar and art gallery function on the first floor along with the hostel space on the second and third floor. This hostel will lead a role as cultu... More