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The award-winning architectural bureau Babayants Architects designed an aparthotel located on the seashore in Gagra, Abkhazia. Babayants Architects Tasks The customer, who is the owner of the Aquamarine Gagra hotel, purchased a neighboring rectangular plot of land. This plot is adjacent to the existing hotel on the north side and extends along the sea at the back. The architects were tasked with designing a complex consisting of 3 to 6 floors of hotel-type apartments. In total, there would be 36 to 42 apartments of three different categories, all with sea views. Babayants Architects On the 2nd and 3rd floors, there are one-bedroom suits of 35 to 45 sq. m. for 4 people. On the fourth floor, there are two-bedroom suites with an a... More

Project • By Seth Powers PhotographyHotels

Four Seasons Suzhou

Nestled on a private island amidst the scenic Jinji Lake in Suzhou, renowned for its breathtaking gardens, Four Seasons Suzhou emerges as a seamless integration of outdoor and indoor spaces. Guests are invited to embark on an immersive journey through enchanting natural surroudings, starting from the island arrival and extending through vibrant social areas into luxurious accommodations.  Seth Powers Seth Powers Seth Powers Guided by the architectural principles of classical Chinese courtyards, Four Seasons Suzhou beautifully captures the essence of Suzhou culture through the integration of the Chinese architrave as a pervasive design element. Paying homage to the city’s rich cultural legacy and the botanical eleg... More

Project • By Seth Powers PhotographyHotels

Kimpton Qiantan Shanghai

Kimpton Qiantan Shanghai, an IHG Hotel, is located on the banks of Huangpu River, a serene backdrop to the thriving metropolis. Designed by the visionary Robbyn Carter, founder of Studio Carter, this newly inaugurated hotel promises to redefine hospitality by blending artistic innovation with community engagement. Seth Powers Seth Powers Seth Powers Nestled in the heart of Shanghai, Kimpton Shanghai is not just a hotel; it's an immersive experience that beckons the creative community. Studio Carter's meticulous interior design has transformed the space into an open door that fosters connections among local creators, visionaries, and dreamers. Seth Powers Seth Powers With an ethos of celebrating contrasts, the hote... More

Project • By FyraHotels

Radisson RED Helsinki

Fusing local Nordic ambience and bold architectural elements with the recognizable visual identity of the brand, Fyra was responsible for the implementation of Radisson RED’s signature interior concept for Finland’s first Radisson RED hotel. Opening its doors in the autumn of 2023, the building by the building by Anttinen Oiva Architects stands as a distinctive landmark in the corner of the Kaisaniemi Park.  Riikka Kantinkoski Riikka Kantinkoski Riikka Kantinkoski Riikka Kantinkoski Riikka Kantinkoski Leaving the rough concrete surfaces exposed contributes to an authentic and laid-back ambiance. Throughout the public spaces, a blend of raw surfaces and warm dark wood creates an inviting atmosphere.... More

Project • By Stone DesignsHotels

Novotel Zurich City West

The idea was to create that welcoming but impressive atmosphere inside, in a lobby that served to gather people, sharing analog experiences.  Alberto Monteagudo Alberto Monteagudo Alberto Monteagudo Alberto Monteagudo Alberto Monteagudo Alberto Monteagudo Alberto Monteagudo Alberto Monteagudo More

Project • By Listen CommunicationHotels

The HANOK Heritage House

The recently completed Yeongwol Jongtaek is a traditional Hanok hotel with a total floor area of 16,332 m2, consisting of 78 buildings, 137 rooms (35 independent rooms, 102 row houses), a cultural exhibition hall, an outdoor banquet hall, a seminar room, a spa, and exercise facilities. This is the first private space of The Hanok Heritage House, which is scheduled to be completed. This project started from the basics of using well-dried, high-quality wood to build a good Hanok. Listen Communication Listen Communication In order to use the highest quality wood, wood drying equipment was developed and wood dried using a developed microwave method was used. In order to bring the natural scenery intact into the room, the highest qua... More

Project • By Seth Powers PhotographyHotels

Manor 54 in The Ritz-Carlton, Harbin

Connecting to the hotel lobby lounge and lobby area of The Ritz Carlton Harbin on the 54th floor, sits the all-day dining restaurant, Manor 54. Seth Powers Seth Powers Seth Powers Seth Powers Guests enter the restaurant through a glass pavilion that serves as the framework of the entrance, modeled after elegant European conservatories. Seth Powers Seth Powers Seth Powers Seth Powers Opulent bronze metal lattice patterns and turquoise stained-glass elements line the large windows, capturing fragments of sparkle and colour to preserve a sumptuous, yet inviting atmosphere. Seth Powers Seth Powers Seth Powers Seth Powers Chinese influences are intertwined by way of blue porcelain sc... More

Project • By AVA Design Pvt. Ltd.Hotels

Storii by ITC Hotels Moira Riviera, Goa

The resort is a "More Hotel" that gives you MORE space per room, More peace and quiet and more private spill out space to each room than can be imagined, with a personal pool and garden in 10 rooms! Its laid-back feel is accentuated on the White undulating plastered finish that evokes shades of Goa being India's Mediterranean. Scooped Out Volumes bring in a bright Orange, representing the local Stone of Laterite, into an otherwise serene colour palate. ITC                                       As a practice we followed world renowned architect Bill Benseley, who famously says that boutique hotels need to = Build Respectful... More

NewsNews • 10 May 2023

The Boatyard Hotel by GOA enlivens Qushui Shanwan with rural revitalization

Nestled in the village of Shanwan, a swamp area of Zhongjiadang in the Wujiang District of Suzhou, China, the Boatyard Hotel by GOA (Group of Architects) is part of a rural revitalisation scheme promoting cultural, tourism and agricultural industries. ©2023 IN BETWEEN ©2023 GOA The area has been assigned the prime pilot region for Green and Integrated ecological development in the Yangtze River Delta proposal. The Boatyard Hotel and Metasequoia Grove comprise an illustration of rural revitalisation in Qushui Shanwan.  ©2023 IN BETWEEN Situated at the entrance of the Shanwan village, the boatyard hotel is GOA’s second venture in the region, developed to meet the dining and lodging needs... More

NewsNews • 25 Mar 2023

Vudafieri-Saverino craft Austrian-Alps inspired interiors for Snohetta-designed five-star hotel

Nestled amongst forests and peaks of a protected area of the Montafon valley in Austria, Falkensteiner Hotel, a sustainability and family-focused five-star hotel, recently opened its doors to the public. The Snohetta-designed architecture is enriched by the interior design of Milan-based firm Vudafieri-Saverino Partners. Photo courtesy Falkensteiner An expression of the traditions, colours and atmosphere of the Austrian Alps, the hotel is spread across four levels, taking advantage of the natural topography of the sloped site. Two distinct structures branch out from a central nucleus comprising communal areas.  Photo courtesy Falkensteiner The interior design firm seeks inspiration from the traditional elements of t... More

Project • By Yang Bangsheng & Associates GroupHotels

The Langbo, In The Unbound Collection by Hyatt

“Building a hotel is like carving a piece of jade. Through cutting, grinding, chiseling and polishing, step by step, the piece is endowed with a form, a character and a modest attitude towards the world.” -- Yang Bangsheng En Xiao The hotel is located in the financial district of the East Street of Chengdu where is suffused both with modern vitality and historical profoundness. When the newly-minted Chinese brand Langbo joins hands with The Unbound Collection by Hyatt, a dialogue between old traditions and modern chic is staged, giving YANG, the designer, an opportunity to rethink and redefine Chinese style of travel and stay. En Xiao Themed by “life is like a play”, the sky lobby is accented by the huge... More

Project • By Yang Bangsheng & Associates GroupHotels

Wuhan Marriott Hotel Optics Valley

The establishment of a Marriott hotel will speed up the pace of the Optics Valley New Town to connect with the world and improve the quality of business, travel and life of this area as well. En Xiao As the hotel’s interior designer, YANG’s key issue was how to deliver a distinct “Optics Valley + Marriott” experience that blends the place spirit with CCTEB’s culture on the basis of the architectural concept. En Xiao Interiors have followed the preciseness and order of architectural design. Structural relations between lines, faces and materials, together with building techniques, are accurately displayed to pay homage to those determined, earnest, and motivated city builders who have relentless purs... More

NewsNews • 3 Oct 2022

El Greco Hotel by dimiourgiki recreates the quirky and evocative nature of Cretan El Greco painting with their art-inspired boutique hotel concept

In the old town of Chania, Greece, El Greco Hotel features a renovation and reconfiguration by dimiourgiki of both the hotel’s interior and exterior. The 152.8 square meter building comprises five floors with a roof terrace and includes a total of seventeen rooms, along with a restaurant and reception. The main design aim was to recreate the quirky and evocative atmosphere of Cretan El Greco painting with art-inspired interior spaces.  Inglelandi Digital Agency Each room within the boutique hotel concept is based on a specific painting of El Greco and characterized by a dominant colour, which is discreetly reflected in furniture elements, including the colour of headboards and mirrors. Inglelandi Digital Agency... More

NewsSpecification • 24 Sep 2022

10 hotels with impressive sunbeds for a relaxing holiday

Pools, daybeds and lounges make up the focal point for most hotels in summer destinations. The pool area becomes the hotel's highlight, offering a relaxing holiday ahead.    Daybeds translate into a combination of sofa plus bed, whereas sunbeds are a subcategory, generally used outdoors by the poolside, sea, garden or terrace. Needless to say, the choice of daybeds is a key factor in the design of the hotel landscape.    From curvy daybeds mirroring the shape of waves to a classic upholstered one for maximum comfort, the following list is a collection of 10 such daybeds elevating the hotel experience.   1. The Jaffa Hotel and Residences Amit Geron The context of this complex architectural undertaking is... More

NewsNews • 16 Sep 2022

Wezo Hotel by Wedo Design interweaves art, culture, lifestyle and business

Located in Qingyang, the Wezo Hotel designed by Wedo Design is a social platform for art, culture, lifestyle and business. The design idea revolves around the circle of art life and creating a social space for urban youth to interact.  XIANG AO The exhibition hall portrays a romantic synthesis while the collection shop, with a mysterious aura around it, replicates the atmosphere of a castle. A grape-trellis-shaped stone pillar highlights the open-ended cafe and bar, creating a vintage look. Corridors are paired with wooden panes, giving a classical charm. XIANG AO The transition from the entrance creates a liminal space enhanced by a water bridge side and tones of subtle luxury. The design integrates characteristics... More