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Project • By Barault ArchitectsHotels

A twisted prismatic approach of a boutique hotel

The Ampia Vista retreat is located on a steep longtitudinal plot at the southern part of Meganisi island offering breathtaking views of the Ionian Sea. Additional to the 34 double rooms, 8 triple rooms and 6 luxurious suites, the complex includes high standard food and beverage facilities as well as a wellness  center.    The name derives from the Italian meaning of the phrase “ample view”, which is the key element of the hotel. A prerequisite for the design team was that all rooms and facilities have unique unhindered views of the mesmerizing blue of the nearby bay.    As Greek villages are anchored on mountainsides and have their public square located at the center, the retreat is deployed on a sta... More

Project • By InternovaBars

Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik winter garden

The third phase of refurbishment of the iconic Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik included the magical winter garden and restaurant. The shelves are made of brushed brass metal mesh with integrated LED lighting and with wooden shelves produced from dark timber. The design was inspired by the hotel building lines and original archways. The eye-catching bespoke sofas required special workmanship and attention to detail since the wish was to have symmetrical lines for the embroidery along the entire length of the rear benches. It was specifically challenging to achieve that in the middle part of the sofa. The sofas are upholstered in faux Panaz leather with custom-made stitching in a scalloped pattern on the back and velour fabric on the front. The ba... More

NewsNews • 9 Aug 2021

Slovenia's Hotel Bohinj stands as both historical monument and sleek contemporary expression of eco-design

Located in the heart of the Triglav National Park in the lush Bohinj Valley of northwestern Slovenia, the newly opened Hotel Bohinj stands as both historical monument and sleek contemporary expression of cutting-edge eco-design. Formerly the Hotel Kompas, built in 1972 and having undergone two awkward and partial renovations since then, the property has been revitalized and reimagined via extensive structural and interior renovations by OFIS Architects in collaboration with energy entrepreneur Damian Merlak. The result is a visually striking building which both organically blends into the surrounding landscape and also expresses the cultural identity of Bohinj through a range of design motifs and vernacular narratives woven throughout the a... More

Project • By AE Interior ArchitectureHotels

Filika Boutique Hotel

Filika boutique hotel has been renovated again in order to make its guests feel the effects of Mediterranean architecture. With the use of wicker in the room designs, it is aimed to feel the effects of the local texture. Comfortable spaces are created with linen textures and micro concrete floors. Travertine stones were used in the circulation areas.The effects of the local texture were exhibited together with the rattan pendant lights.   More

Project • By LODESHotels

Exe Saldanha

The Exe Saldanha is a hotel that is contemporary in spirit and functional in character, the ideal place for urbanites. The hotel facilities have been designed paying great attention to every single detail so as to live up to your expectations, whether you are here for tourism or on a business trip. Lodes' suspensions Kelly and A-Tube as well as A-Tube ceiling lamp blend in naturally with the design, decorating and embellishing the café, the dining room and the hotel's entrance hall. More

Project • By BÜRO KLKHotels

Street Lofts

Authentic experience has become an important value to urban travellers. Individual impression instead of mainstream sightseeing is what motivates modern tourists today to explore major cities. A new hotel concept now offers the infrastructure for trips off the beaten track. The idea is simple and convincing. Due to its proximity to the city life Vienna’s ground floor zone symbolises an area of unique urban character. At the same time massive vacancies of city shops urge for their revitalisation. URBANAUTS bridges both aspects using vacant boutiques as authentic habitat for travellers. Former shops become central hotel rooms – URBANAUTS Street Lofts.  The concept is unique. Hotel is no longer regarded in terms of a self-su... More

Project • By ArchisphereHotels

Hotel Andaz Vienna am Belvedere

Prince Eugene of Savoy, a true cosmopolitan and patron of the arts, inspired the latest hotel project in the luxury & lifestyle category: “Andaz Vienna am Belvedere”, part of a division of the Hyatt Group, with Signa as client. This design line by Hyatt places particular emphasis on embedding properties in the local environment: Vienna’s history is incorporated and continued in the visual narrative. The brand name “Andaz” is derived from Hindi and signifies “personal style”. Gabriel Kacerovsky and Claudio Carbone have engaged fully with this ambitious mandate – their designs for “Andaz Vienna am Belvedere” have resulted in a generous lifestyle hotel that impresses not only... More

Project • By siDE Architects Ltd.Hotels

Perkin Hotel

The site situates at the north-south axis along a narrow lot in the hottest gathering hub in Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. The layout is divided into portions with its northern side facing the tranquil greenery the Hong Kong Observatory while the southern side enchroching to the happening Victoria Harbour. The idea of bi-fold city is therefore created to cater for different visitors whom can enjoy these two opposing views from guestrooms proposed at different wings.  More

Project • By AxolightHotels

Hampton Hilton Waterloo

Hilton brand excellence declined into a small cute hotel. This destination is the right choice to lose yourself in the cultural and cosmopolitan city of London. Just near to the most important attractions in the center, such as the contemporary art gallery Tate Modern, the hotel welcomes the visitors with a huge multi-functional area furnished with pastel tones and illuminated by twenty Bell pendant lamps.    Project and photos by: Hilton More

Project • By CospicoHotels

Bioclimatic pergola in a hotel in Kos island

CospiBio pergola is designed in a way to make the most of sun‘s radiation and the natural circulation of air. Our system enables energy reductions while setting and maintaining a pleasant temperature and favoring natural light During the hot periods CospiBio louvres allows the air passage and provides a pleasant temperature to the sheltered areas, when the weather is bad CospiBio louvres close and keep the area watertight. More

Project • By zeropixel architectsPrivate Houses

Unique Home Creations | Crete

We are Zeropixel Architects, a group of engineers who chose to live and create in this unique place, Crete. Just like you. We share this desire with you. Our buildings that we design and construct for you reflect this mutual passion. For us, designing a home is based on trust and honesty. Constructing it requires responsibility and professionalism. These principles are key elements of our mentality. Our approach to construction combines the intimacy of an architecture office and the stability of a construction company. We see creating homes as a means to making people happy and building bonds that last after the construction process is over. Our team and Karl Heinz and Gabi are shown in this video. We had the pleasure to design and build th... More

Project • By Casalis BVBAHotels

Hotel Van der Valk Beveren

Casalis' acoustics are a perfect combination of acoustic solution and decoration. That's why they make a great product to use in residential as well as commercial places. Van der Valk asked us to provide them with an acousitc solution for their large reception hall and restaurant. Our CELLO acoustics were entirely custom made according to their needs. We designed a mosaic-like composition in their reception, not only ensuring a perfect acoustic design but also creating a more welcome and warm atmosphere. The CELLO acoustics used in the restaurant cover up a full wall, including corners, to create a relaxing athmosphere soothed with muffled sounds.  More

Project • By ArchisphereHotels

Hotel Altstadt Vienna

The rooms and suites in the 1902 Hotel Altstadt Vienna are varied and unique. Thanks to this diversity and the extensive collection of contemporary art, the hotel in Vienna’s vibrant seventh district is widely considered a hotbed of creativity. In 2014 Archisphere added two rooms with the intention of reflecting this.   Whether designed by an international architect such as Matteo Thun or a contemporary fashion icon of the caliber of Lena Hoschek—no two rooms in the Hotel Altstadt Vienna are identical. However, they all have one thing in common: Vienna’s well-known and widely praised comfort and atmosphere. Part of the goal of Archisphere’s design was to complement the colorful spectrum to be found here with a... More

Project • By MARGA ROTGER interiorismeHotels

Hote Zafiro Palace Andratx *****

Hotel Zafiro Palace Andratx ***** More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignHotels

Hujra Contemporary Arabic Hotel Interior Design

In the Middle East region, hosts honor their guests with the ultimate treatment. This value is evident in the design of Hujra hotel in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. This hotel is the product of simplicity, luxury, and warmth, allowing guests to relish their time in the hotel. Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior design incorporated the elegance of the classic details and the practicality of the modern style resulting in having a unique contemporary Arabic hotel interior design.  More