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Project • By Mirck ArchitecturePrivate Houses


  Dikes protect the Dutch country side from flooding. On top of a dike a little house was built in the 1950s. It fell into disrepair and was sold. The new owners asked Mirck Architecture to design a new dike house, using the beautiful views, daylight, and wood. Mirck proposes to open out the living space to the north, by cracking the dike house volume away from the dike, into the polder landscape. Katja Effting   The outer corner of the crack is fully glazed and brings in plenty of daylight into the large open space. The facades are also open to the best views in the north. The combination of the abundant natural light and the many views, creates a room-in-a-view: the sensation of being part of the landscape. Katja Efft... More

Project • By TGH StudioPrivate Houses

House full of coziness

Aesthetics have played a huge role in our client's life for years, daily managing several Warsaw restaurants. As a studio, we wanted to make sure that from beautifully designed workplaces, Weronika would return every day to her home, where every detail has also been taken care of. Martyna Rudnicka From the threshold of the door, you can feel the warmth with which the house emanates. The living room, which is a central area, envelops you with coziness and helps offset the stress gathered by the household members throughout the day. When designing the house, we had Veronica's family in particular in mind. It is a space that invites with its energy. The children feel it.  Martyna Rudnicka Family gatherings once a week are not... More

Project • By Adam Knibb ArchitectsHousing

Harts Farm

With our Harts Farm project, we delved deep into the sites history, character and surrounding buildings, and noticed the strong farming past which is commonly associated with the area. Along with a barn influence, the proximity of the large neighbouring barn lead us to design a building which took a contemporary stance on a traditional form. Although contemporary in form, the proposal takes on a sensitive approach in order to respect the historic character of the area and the Grade II Listed status of Harts Farm Building.  The materials proposed also reference back to the existing agricultural buildings. Timber slats are orientated to represent traditional barns and along with a more poetic contemporary idea that they mimic the surrou... More

Project • By xzoomprojectPrivate Houses

Modern twin villa design Saudi Arabia

Modern twin villa (duplex) located in Saudi Arabia. Minimalistic and stunning architecture design. Caption Large pool at the backyard with decorative waterfall fountain. Caption Luxury and rich look with marble and travertine stone finishes. Caption Decorative pool at the fancy entrance group. Caption Please feel free to contact us for your custom luxury house project!   More

Project • By Ebony and CoPrivate Houses

Toned-down country home in Zhukovka

Architect Petr Yushin’s take on nature resulted in an organic, surprisingly ‘light’ ambiance where deep, darker colours and rough materials seem to dance on the floor, making it seem to gain an inward-looking sort of natural elegance. American White Oak planks in fixed width, treated with a custom lightly smoked oil.  Caption Caption More

Project • By Fábrica MóvilPrivate Houses

House Uno

 A single-family house in Merida, Mexico. Sited 20 kilometers south of the coastline inside a suburban neighborhood. Rain and high temperatures throughout most of the year; average humidity ranges from 90-70%. This 365 square meter home was completed in mid-2021. Juan Pablo Baeza Magaña The land is a 12 by 36 meters rectangle with a north-south orientation. A couple of Chaká and Habín trees, along with a wood and steel structure, cover the garage area at the front. The north facade features a screen made with precast concrete blocks supported by a group of walls that precede an interior garden; these elements provide shade and privacy to the interior without blocking the natural airflow. Juan Pablo Baeza M... More

Project • By GUILLEM CARRERA arquitectePrivate Houses


The house is located in a slopy terrain which has the virtue to be localised in a fairly high topographic altitude, due to this, with visual orientation to the litoral mountain range, the urban center and the sea. It also takes part in the formation of Vallpineda residential area, one of the first urbanisations that were developed in the city of Sitges. Jose Hevia Jose Hevia Not only the initial observation of the site revealed that the original topography of the empty plots had been modificated notoriously in the past, but also they had been disagreed with the urbanistic regulations about the land movements that were allowed to do. In fact, both neighboor’s adjacent plots had land increseaments because it was wanted to hav... More

Project • By ADNBAPrivate Houses

House in Dumbrava Vlasiei

The house in Dumbrava Vlăsiei stands between the forest and the park like a threshold: a simple volume placed perpendicularly to the length of the site, creating a front yard towards the south and the park and a backyard towards the north and the forest. Laurian Ghinitoiu Occupying almost the entire width of the plot and as little as possible from its length, the house orients its two long sides towards the two privileged views of the natural landscape. Laurian Ghinitoiu The house thus functions as a narrow, permeable limit between the two courtyards, allowing daylight to penetrate all across its width. The volume steps back from the street, leaving way to a future patch of garden with birch trees, magnolias and lilacs. Lauri... More

Project • By Marc Thorpe DesignHousing

Edifice Upstate

Edifice Upstate is a Design & Build agency in the West Catskills focused on the design and development of affordable ecologically sustainable homes. Founded by New York based award winning Architecture and Design studio Marc Thorpe Design in partnership with local builders and sustainable technology companies. The intention behind EU is to provide a turn key solution in owning an affordable contemporary home with integrated sustainable technology. We believe that we need to take responsibility for our energy consumption by taking control of our own power. Tomorrow will be less so we focus on quality not quantity. Our goal is to build a future systemically integrated with nature for ourselves, our children and future generations. Capt... More

Project • By shenakhteh studioHousing

gelekoh villa

gele koh villa on a 680 m land with limitations such as occupancy level, occupancy and employer demands, based on an outside and inside interaction approach, privacy, control and pulling the green space into the building through failure in the work body. , Creating multiple pop-ups to continue visual communication from inside to outside of the building and vice versa, thereby dimming the boundaries inside and outside and extending the horizontal part of the first floor body to the outside with the help of a console-designed structure and the use of a roof rack as an element. Caption Active to define the second level of life and not just as an inactive element to interact with whatever The more inhabitants above ground level.Private vi... More

Project • By dayala e rafael arquitetosPrivate Houses


Waçade extended to the full width of the plot, the FM House was organized according to an essential set of overlapping volumes that, through the structural plans highlight, sought to light the composition. leandro Moura estudio_onzeonze The parti was based on he inversion of the traditional flow of middle of the block lots, bringing the leisure to the frontal façade, allowing the direct access to it and emphasizing the social interaction of the family, raising it as a highlight element that integrates the other areas of the house. leandro Moura estudio_onzeonze The original topography of the land allowed the building to be constructed on the upper part of the lot, letting the ground floor to be almost one floor abo... More

Project • By GUILLEM CARRERA arquitectePrivate Houses


The location of this house is part of a small urban fabric with a triangular floor plan, which is embedded and delimited by the highway, Rovira and Virgili Street, the cemetery and the underpass of the highway. It is an area with particular morphological features, made up of small plots, which most of them were built with small houses between the middle and the end of the 20th century. These are accessed through U-shaped entrance and exit, which at the same time meets an inner square. Since the plots are small, the distance between the existing buildings is small and there are low separating fences, the residents of the area live in visual contact with each other, obtaining a lively and active community. Adrià Goula Adri&agra... More

Project • By OJAN Design StudioHousing

Layers Villa

OJAN Design Studio OJAN Design Studio Layers Villa is located in Hashtgerd region in Alborz province with the area of ​​1200 square meters. This building has four floors and the area of ​​approximately 1200 square meters, including a reception hall, kitchen, dining room, four master bedrooms, a complete suite, sports spaces, swimming pool, service spaces, utility rooms, etc. In the initial analysis of the site, we realized that the climatic conditions of the area and the neighborhoods could be a threat to security and privacy in this house, which was one of the most important concerns of the design team in the first design steps of the project. OJAN Design Studio OJAN Design Studio The main idea of ​​the project is base... More

Project • By Dietrich | UntertrifallerPrivate Houses

House D in Dornbirn

Stüben, a steep mountain plot above Dornbirn, offers views over the Vorarlberg Rhine Valley, the alpine landscape from the First to the Swiss mountains and in the northwest over Lake Constance. The house captures the panorama with its largely glazed living area on the top floor, and in its formal language, it creates references to the architecture of traditional farmhouses. Bruno Klomfar Bruno Klomfar The found topography largely determines the concept of the house. A narrow path leads between old pear trees to the entrance on the lower level. The basement and the sleeping floor above disappear mostly in the terrain. The two stories are solidly constructed and show themselves as exposed concrete plinth. The distinctive canti... More

Project • By Dietrich | UntertrifallerPrivate Houses

House SCH Wolfurt

The single-story, barrier-free building forms a courtyard and embraces the old pear tree forming a private protected zone in this residential area. Visitors are welcomed into generous open living spaces with differentiated views. Bedrooms and bathrooms are separated and form a more private zone within the building. An office and wellness area completes the courtyard to the west; the attached garage shields it to the east. Dietrich Untertrifaller Dietrich Untertrifaller Dietrich Untertrifaller Dietrich Untertrifaller Dietrich Untertrifaller Dietrich Untertrifaller   More