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NewsNews • 10 Nov 2021

Magri Williams Architects carefully explore form and materiality to achieve soft transitions between new and existing

In the Stroud Green Conservation Area of North London, the sensitive surrounding context was the starting point for this full-width rear extension by Magri Williams Architects. By carefully exploring form and materiality, the architects have achieved a soft transition between new and existing.  Ståle Eriksen The overall form of the extension responds to the form of the original building and its roof angles with pitched blocks that are stepped. This step helps to define the interior character of the extension’s space and the step is further echoed in the landscape.  Ståle Eriksen The transition between indoors and outdoors is navigated with large square window frames, a pivot door and an angled roof li... More

NewsNews • 11 May 2021

Villa E by C.F. Møller Architects references iconic Aarhus University project

Located in the Danish district of northern Aarhus, the concept, materials and level of detail of Villa E are inspired by the iconic Aarhus University, also designed by C.F. Møller Architects. References to the university can be seen in the villa’s basic composition of four simple saddle roof houses, which together form the frame of the family home.  C.F. Møller Architects / Julian Weyer The material expression of the villa is carried by three primary materials: brick, oak and natural stone. Rustic hand-painted bricks in shades of red are used for the façade and roof tiles. Alongside this, natural stone is applied to the stairs and inner core. Oak features both inside and outside. On the exterior, oa... More

NewsNews • 26 Apr 2021

The Birdhouses take a playful approach to the extension of a family home

Located in the outskirts of Copenhagen, ‘The Birdhouses’ is an extension to an existing family home constructed in the 1980s. Taking best advantage of the site, the new build is oriented toward the south, looking over a lake and forest area. After exploring various volumes and shapes for the extension, Werkt Studio developed the concept of a succession ‘Birdhouses’ that decrease in size as one moves away from the main house. Asbjørn S. Falck The program for the project required the addition of several rooms and the renovation of existing spaces. The idea was to divide the house and extension into different houses so that the children of the owners can visit with a sense of independence and without distur... More

Project • By Re-a.d Architecture DesignPrivate Houses

Summer Home

This extension project builds on a classical siding and roof structure Hamptons / North fork house. We added a flat roof contemporary 2nd/ floor, bringing a much needed master bedroom suite that is solely concentrating its views toward the sea. The large windows create a portal allowing for an immersive experience of living on the coast, directly enjoyable from the bed. Several elements of the house have also been upgraded to provide a better experience: a new entrance pavilion, an art storage garage and a guest house in a small nearby pavilion. More

NewsNews • 11 Dec 2020

La Doyenne intimately integrated into its historic Montreal surroundings

Located in the high-density built environment of Montreal’s Plateau neighbourhood, La Doyenne by naturehumaine Architects is a renovation and expansion of a Victorian house dating from 1887. Intimately integrated into its surroundings and ensuring living space privacy, the project features a continuous interior spatiality over four storeys that accentuates interactions between different parts of the house. Raphaël Thibodeau While allowing for plentiful natural light via skylights and stairwells, the exterior envelope is otherwise designed to be largely closed and introverted. The upper volume is clad with aluminium product Longboard. An exception is a screen of steel blades that shields the front bedroom window.   R... More

Project • By 2260mm arquitectesHousing


In an existing 70’s home, the property needs to be expanded with a new program with 3 bedrooms, living and studing rooms, and two bathrooms. The existing house is developed on the ground floor, which houses the entire program, a basement that is the parking and the porch overlooking the south garden, and loft that are only habitable in a small part as a study room. These loft have structure of supporting ceramic walls, on which are supported concrete beams, which support the traditional roof, finished with slate. The project consists of replacing these attics for a habitable floor plan, respecting the maximum existing height, which cannot be increased. The existing slate, a roof with higher study area is replaces by a new lightweight... More

Project • By Paul Cashin ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Island Cottage

Island Cottage is an existing dwelling constructed in 1830, in a conservation area at the southern limit of Sidlesham Quay village, West Sussex. The property was highlighted by the local authority as a key example of rural vernacular character for homes in the area, but is also sited in a major flood risk area. Such a precarious context therefore demanded a considered approach, however the original building had been extended over many years mostly with insensitive and cumbersome extensions and additions.Athena and Mark purchased Island Cottage in 2015. They had a strong sense of belonging to the area, as both had childhood memories of visiting Pagham Harbour and were greatly drawn to live on the South Coast after many years w... More

Project • By OB Architecture LtdPrivate Houses


Remodelling and extension of a 1960’s detached family home. More

Project • By OVERCODE architecture urbanismeHousing

A30_entre deux patios

The project aims at improving the living space of a house that sits on a 100% built terrain. The house is located in a dense neighborhood near Paris, Saint Ouen (93). The existing site was divided into 3 parts: a parking space on the street level, an old workshop in the center and a house at the back. The house has been recently restored and shelters on the ground floor the living spaces, which were very dark due to the warehouse in front of it. The aim of the project is to extend the living spaces of the house (bigger living room, a family room, an office space, a bedroom and a bathroom) and to gain luminosity. The project was conceived through an economy of means by keeping the existing structure.We proposed to create a hou... More

Project • By OB Architecture LtdPrivate Houses

The Brick House

What do you do for a lovely family with a perfectly functional but quite small and slightly utilitarian looking house? How do you dramatically remodel and extend a home without breaking the bank? How do you create an exciting, light filled home on a constrained plot? How do you give two growing boys a fun place to run around? How do you double the size of the house without erasing the character of the original form?That was what Matt and Lucy asked us to do. More

Project • By Declerck-Daels, ArchitectenHousing

House V.G.

This project focused on the renovation and extension of a single family house. The main building got an important upgrade, got insulated and was refurnished. Afterwards the typical Flemish adjacent constructions were demolished to be replaced by a unique and pure volume. The extension offers comfort, functionality and spaciousness.The use of space, the light, the materials, the volumes and the experience of the extension are very different of the existing house. The new plan is both sober, open, flexible and functional, containing a desk, a kitchen, a dining table and a utility room. It’s a new living space. A subtle, opaque curtain can divide the rooms. Other than the tiny windows of the house, the extension got a large window. The wi... More

Project • By OB Architecture LtdPrivate Houses

The Mill House

The Mill House is a Grade II listed property located in Shalford village Conservation Area. The house is set within a generous 6-acre plot with stunning views adjacent to ‘Shalford Mill’, an 18th Century watermill with Grade II * listing. The Client’s brief was to extend and remodel the house at ground floor to provide a light filled kitchen dining area that would open out to maximize the potential of the beautiful garden. The design concept is based on a sketch of the house circa 1836 that shows a cluster of pitched roof forms which have been removed over time. The footprint of the extension is located on the original foundations of these previous structures and reinstates the historic courtyard. The roof is construct... More


Extension of a house in Geneva

House complete transformation. We made a new living room in place of the old entrance courtyard, move the kitchen to the old living room and placed a see through fireplace between the new living and kitchen. More

Project • By OB Architecture LtdPrivate Houses


Paddock House was formerly a charming New Forest house whose character had been consumed by a series of unsympathetic modern extensions. It had been left unloved for a number of years and had fallen into a rather tired state; and its poor condition was sadly highlighted by the beautiful paddock setting which surrounded the house.  When our clients approached us in 2014 they tasked us with sensitively extending and refurbishing the house to create a light-filled modern family home that engaged more with its wonderful setting.  We set about developing a vision that would re-instate the original character of the house whilst opening it out to the lovely views over the paddock. We started by stripping off the incongruous extension... More

Project • By OB Architecture LtdPrivate Houses


Dolphin House is a large Georgian style property situated in the heart of the Winchester Conservation Area. Our clients tasked us with reorganising the ground floor and replacing an existing conservatory at the rear of the house to create a new space that would allow them to cook, eat and relax together in one large family room. The husband, a keen collector of vintage cars, also wanted to be able to cook whilst looking out at his cars which would be stored in a new garage at the back of the garden. The final part of the brief required a contemporary look to the extension. Whilst the house itself was not historic, it was located in a highly sensitive area, surrounded by a number of Listed Buildings. When we started loo... More