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Project • By Ballina Group, LLCBars

Beer Boys

4,000 SF, 2 story restaurant and bar located in Wilkes Barre, PA. This building features an indoor-outdoor dining experience with the use of NanaWall. There is dining space on both the first and second floors with industrial design features throughout. More

Project • By Nico van der Meulen ArchitectsHousing

House Duk

The clients requested a spacious modern house that expressed its appreciation for outdoor living. An open plan and practical glass and steel house that lived out onto the garden was of utmost importance to them. The site is situated in a private game reserve/ eco estate. As the site sloped towards the street terraces were built with gabions, creating a feeling of enclosure towards the north side, with the Highveld savannah beyond it where game roams. Consequently this custom design developed into a layout that encouraged such a lifestyle. Solid stone clad walls make the house seem enigmatic from the street, but once at the glass front door an interesting contrast is created by the transparency and openness of the home behind the... More

Project • By Nico van der Meulen ArchitectsPrivate Houses

House Ber

The inspiration for this contemporary glass house was drawn from the estate rules that forbid the use of burglar bars. Toying with the idea of protecting a house that’s already secured led to the exploration of large cantilevered boxes enclosed by black steel bars. Rectangular in form, the design of House Ber is centered around the living room, water features and covered patio areas. The double volume spaces embrace the open plan of this house, while the bold steel bars make a point of being noticed. Stepping up towards the front door that’s discreetly located in a frameless glass wall, you find yourself standing on a concrete podium elevated above the water feature. The asymmetrical stairs between the split levels are disguised as... More

Project • By Nico van der Meulen ArchitectsPrivate Houses

House Tat

The five-storey house is built on a very steep and narrow site with 180° views to the east. The existing house had no distinguishing architectural features, which the architect set out to correct. Adding to the appeal of the additions and alterations is the way the architectural design takes full advantage of the spectacular views that are on offer. The street façade was given a contemporary makeover with striking geometric elements made out of steel and concrete. The eastern and western façades are screened by the use of vertical louvers to allow sun control and degrees of privacy from adjacent properties. The front door opens up to the views through the double volume reception room, whilst the frameless stacking glass doors integr... More

Project • By Nico van der Meulen ArchitectsPrivate Houses

House Brian

This house was transformed from a 1970s home into a modernist villa. For the additions and alterations the interior walls were removed and an atrium and moat were created around the hall and dining room, with a curtain of water falling past a cut-out in the atrium wall. The outcome of the architectural design is a contemporary home with a double volume living space that opens seamlessly on a 13x6m lanai area. The water feature in the atrium adds the sound of flowing water to the living rooms and is visible from almost everywhere in the living and kitchen areas. The kitchen forms the hub of the home with an open space that is ideal for gatherings. Situated next to the kitchen is the breakfast room and atrium that allows morning light i... More