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NewsNews • 10 Jun 2021

London Design District welcomes first completed building designed by Barozzi Veiga

On the Greenwich Peninsula a hectare of 16 buildings is planned to become a new creative hub for London. The first of many planned to open this summer, Ravensbourne University’s new Institute for Creativity & Technology is designed by Barozzi Veiga. The institute is the first project in the UK for Barozzi Veiga. Taran Wilkhu Known for their monolithic designs Barozzi Veiga shaped the institute like a polished aluminium factory hall punctured asymmetrically with large industrial floor-to-ceiling windows. The building is one of two the architects designed for the district. A darker version of similar design will be located on the other end of the creative community. Taran Wilkhu “When developing this project, we ha... More

Project • By The Design GroupOffices


This office seems to be a space built upon boundaries of imagination. The colors, original constructions on the ceilings, wall murals come as a surprise. A lot goes on here, yet all fits in seamlessly. We are referring to the latest office of Autodesk company located in one of the buildings of Unity Centre in Krakow. The design of its interiors, literally tailored to the investor’s needs, took place under the auspices of Warsaw-based The Design Group.   The Krakow Skeletor needs no special advertising. It waited almost 45 years to open its doors. By virtue of that, it has become one of the most famous landmarks on the city map. During that time, it was subjected to many architectural disputes and particular interests, as well a... More

Project • By Dana ShakedBars


BAKERY DESIGN   Published by: Dana Shaked   More

Project • By Flussocreativo Design StudioShops

Macelleria Consolini

The project of Consolini Equine Butcher begins with a story made of tradition, quality and innovation as well. Always reference point for its citizens and not only them, Consolini Butcher claims a distinctive culture in serving great value gastronomic products. One of most popular is Travagliatina: a high-quality piece of horse meat boasting a trademark related to its specific flash of meat, distinguishing it for its properties and taste.These have been the foundation to rebuild and reintroduce a 2.0 version of this excellence in Brescia.With the aim to remain faithful to a culinary world of strong iconic references and values of the traditional butcher, the local planning has thus led to the development of a highly functional furnitur... More

Product • By PLANIUMPlanium, the evolution continues

MG01 Magnetic Floor Stainless Concrete

What happens when our innovation meets an amazing finish?A flooring with immediate installation is created, thanks to which it is possible to renovate entire surfaces in just a few minutes, immediately giving the room style and elegance.Technology and beauty, know-how and aesthetics. In Planium, we do not really leave out any details.Metropolitan atmospheres that change depending on the trend: Planium allows you to change skin, to always discover the novelty.The finish:It is called Cement Innox and is a finish that knows how to take advantage of the characteristics of steel, that is elegance, strength, brightness and hygiene. The appearance and colors are, instead, those typical of cement.The system:MG01 Magnetic Floor is an effective and r... More

Product • By Arlexitalia s.r.l.Lay


A compact bathroom setting, but dynamic and fully equipped at the same time; elegance and innovation coexist in a perfect symbiosis. Considering the important upcoming meeting Il Salone del Mobile 2018, Arlexitalia, in cooperation with the architect and designer Marco Zito, has developed some new projects that can be considered as a 'new-reading' of the whole bathroom area, focused on the most required features in the reference market, that is personaliza tion, modularity, innovation. A stainless steel frame, similar to a bookcase, is the way to a customized bathroom, that takes its shape through a Layout composition (the abbreviation of the name comes from here) giving rise to different combinations, from the "Naked" one, only made up of w... More

Project • By European HomeResidential Landscape

Buggy Works with Lucius 140 Fireplace

There has been something of an industrial design Renaissance happening in the rust belt and across the nation. Recently, we discovered an old Buggy Works factory in Ohio that has been re-purposed and remodeled into modern condominiums. The residents here have embraced the historic nature of this old factory, while adding their own modern touches along the way.  Read the full story on the European Home blog. More