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Doctor's consultation Room
Doctor's consultation Room
Doctor's consultation Room
Doctor's consultation Room
Doctor's consultation Room

Project • By Prashant Parmar ArchitectHospitals

Hospital Interior Design in Ahmedabad

The doctor client came to us to renovate his current hospital. The current hospital had the same ambience as any typical hospital. Now, in addition to being an architect and interior designer, we had to think every activity as a patient, a doctor as well as other medical staff to work out in the best possible ways. Caption The architect worked on every issue…the patient’s movement, their stay, accommodation, everyday rush of staff as well as their routine activities along-with doctors’ comfort and their medical conveniences were also taken into consideration while designing. Caption The project size was quite good to accommodate all the services and facilities…around 10,000 sq.ft. The architect worked... More

Project • By Vittorio Grassi ArchitectsRestaurants

Koà - Zambon Company Restaurant

The canteen designed for Zambon Group is the first intervention for the development of the so-called “Open Zone - Centre of Excellence for Innovation and Technology”, in the Municipality of Bresso inside the Parco Nord Milano. The restaurant spreads over one floor raised above the ground level, houses 220 seats and serves up to 600 meals per day. The building is developed on a square plan of 30 m per side for a total height of 6 m above ground level. The north, east and west façades are made of extra-white double glazing mounted on slender steel frames, to allow lightness and transparency of the building and to ensure continuous open views towards the park. The envelope of the kitchen block facing South are made of a do... More

Product • By BathzoomNoire Modern Square Thermostatic Shower - Matt Black

Noire Modern Square Thermostatic Shower - Matt Black More

Product • By BathzoomBizon Modern Cool Tough Thermostatic Shower

Bizon Modern Cool Tough Thermostatic Shower More

Product • By BathzoomTaho Kitchen Sink Mixer Brushed Stainless Steel

Taho Kitchen Sink Mixer Brushed Stainless Steel More

Product • By BathzoomLusso Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap Chrome

Lusso Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap Chrome More

Project • By IONS DESIGNPrivate Houses

Living Room Interiors in Neutral Color Theme

A family living room interior in homely and relaxing transitional interior designing concept.    Neutral & calm color theme dominates the home interior design mainly in the ceiling, walls of simple molding and luxurious contemporary furniture while a Mondrian inspired feature wall takes the center of affection.    Forms and functions harmoniously worked together in this sophisticated villa design as reflected in the open layout of segmented zones ‐ accommodating simultaneously a seating, entertainment and kitchen island area.     by IONS DESIGN – Interior Designer  for Luxurious Residential Interior Design | [email protected] | Tel.: +971 4 4542675 | Dubai, UAE More



Studio Series Soundproof Interior Windows are engineered to be the market's most affordable and highest performing acoustical window. A world-class studio window with maximum performance and appearance, as well as an affordable price. The windows are easy to install and available in many sizes and several optional finishes. More

Project • By Archtonica ArchitectsPrivate Houses


It's impossible to go through a single day without encountering architecture. The built environment is entwined with every facet of our lives ,from our work to our homes to our hobbies and social lives. Architecture inspires people to think, so it's no wonder that so many famous writers, artists, politicians and designers have such profound and fascinating observations about architecture. Whether you embrace minimalism or adore flamboyance, everyone has experiences and tastes that shape the way they interact with the built world. Every place we interact daily we interact and make a memory as well as we interact with a background in our memories ! From this fact we have created our vision to create a beautiful memories with our work ,... More

Project • By Shanghai Bumie Technology Co.,LtdShops

ASADO variety store

Asado is a variety store selling Japanese imported products in Shandong Province. It is a design condition to display large quantities of goods such as stationery, cosmetics, miscellaneous goods, and food in the store. The upper of the space became an important point of the design because the portion below the eye line is almost buried by goods.   The upper design of the space has three functions. -1. Appeal to someone walking outside -2. Guidance of visitor's gaze -3.Signage for goods classification   The large roof from entrance to the inside of the store is characteristic of design. This roof produces the effect of the appeal to someone walking outside, and draws the visitor's gaze into the inside, and induces the visit... More


Taste of Puglia

The sun at its zenith, the infinite depth of the sea and the sky, the transparent shadows of centuries-old olive trees and the coolness of dazzling white walls of buildings ... Puglia. Gabriele bed with a functional wooden insert for to fix outlets and switches, and MODE drawers units - nightstands and chest of drawers - in the same wood texture in melamine was used for project. More

Project • By Tobia ZambottiApartments


Atelier Tobia Zambotti designed a minimalist-pop apartment in Reykjavík, an exotic oasis in the northernmost capital of the World. The design, from the layout to the choice of colours and finishes, addresses the problem of living in the North by creating clean and simple spaces enlivened by exotic touches and accents of colour. It reflects the client’s easy-going lifestyle by playing with ingenuity and eccentricity within a stark framework of white surfaces and bespoke italian furniture. The design baseline, with its aseptic clean lines and finishes, acts as a background for the key features to come into prominence, along with the life that will inhabit these spaces, of which the numerous plants are just the first sign traced... More

Project • By MYVN ArchitectureOffices


The Obvious started off as any other project, the client approached to brief about their third workspace as they grew in a bigger team. Being designers with a set of principles and unique sense of choice made them play a major role in developing the design from the very start. Further discussions led to the concept driven by minimalism and the soft colour palette which fixated the scheme to be only white, grey, texture of birch ply and a little green. The existing site had low ceiling hence an aisle was designed opening up to the glazed façades which illumined the whole office with natural light, making the space comfortable. Unlike other offices in Bangalore, our client believed in openness thus they opted to work on a floor plate... More

Project • By FIBANDCOBanks

Le Village by CA

The Village by CA is a business accelerator that connects startups with large companies, ETIs and SMEs. It helps startups to grow and develop as close as possible to its 40 corporate partners (Naval Group, IBM, PSA, Capgemini...) in an open-innovation logic. ERG Architecture has chosen Green Blade® acoustics for a sustainable and elegant design in the auditorium guaranteeing excellent acoustics for presentations, pitch, and musicians speaking in the Village.    More

Product • By Richporter LightingSoftScreen®


SoftScreen® acoustic wall panels from Arktura make it easy to dramatically define spaces and aesthetics while reducing the impact of noise, at any scale. Made from our high performance sound attenuating Soft Sound®️ material, SoftScreen® panels are available in a variety of patterns and colors, including wood textures, all able to be mixed and matched as desired. Choose from a number of install options, including direct mount, cable suspension, or sliding with our track and trolley system. Whatever your needs, SoftScreen® elegantly enhances spaces and establishes privacy with ease. More