ASADO variety store

ASADO variety store

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ASADO variety store

Shanghai Bumie Technology Co.,Ltd as Interior Architects

Asado is a variety store selling Japanese imported products in Shandong Province.

It is a design condition to display large quantities of goods such as stationery, cosmetics, miscellaneous goods, and food in the store. The upper of the space became an important point of the design because the portion below the eye line is almost buried by goods.


The upper design of the space has three functions.

-1. Appeal to someone walking outside

-2. Guidance of visitor's gaze

-3.Signage for goods classification


The large roof from entrance to the inside of the store is characteristic of design. This roof produces the effect of the appeal to someone walking outside, and draws the visitor's gaze into the inside, and induces the visitor to the inside of the store.

The wall is divided into two colors: red and green. The space is divided into two by the color, and goods are arranged according to the wall color. On the top of the wall furniture, the curtain of the color matched to the classification of goods hung. It plays the role of the signage.

The original brand image was traditional Japanese design, but it changed to the design of the casual Japan according to the price range and the kinds of the goods. As the characteristic of design, it has the contemporary pattern which made the Japanese flag disassembled in the large roof.

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