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Project • By Banker WireOffices

Orega Tootal Building

In the heart of Manchester's bustling city center, Orega, a trailblazer in flexible workspace solutions, identified a growing demand for premium private offices. The Tootal Buildings, nestled in the vibrant Knowledge Corridor, presented a unique opportunity for Orega to craft a cutting-edge office environment tailored to the burgeoning market for spaces under 5,000 square feet. Banker Wire Revamping the existing structure was no small feat. It required a significant design overhaul to meet the modern expectations of flexible workspace users. The challenge was twofold: effectively utilizing space to cater to the demand for smaller workspaces while seamlessly integrating collaborative and private zones. Central to Orega's vision was en... More

Project • By Harikrushna Pattani & AssociatesPrivate Houses

Ahmedabad's Compact Marvel: 4 BHK Bungalow in 1 Year

Looking for a spacious, light-filled 4 BHK bungalow design in Ahmedabad? Look no further! This stunning project in Sarkhej by Harikrushna Pattani & Associates showcases how to achieve a luxurious feel on a compact plot (160 sq. yards or 1440 sq. ft.). Inclined Studio Maximize Space, Light, and Style: This modern bungalow boasts a clever design that maximizes space utilization. Despite its compact footprint, the 3500 sq. ft. construction offers a sense of spaciousness. Architects achieved this through: Inclined Studio Strategic Open Floor Plan: Promotes natural light flow and a feeling of airiness.Triple-Height Cutout: Interconnects all floors, fostering a sense of connection and openness.Ample Natural Light & Ventilati... More

Project • By Banker WireOffices


Owned by the Swedish State, the Rosenbad is a historic building located in central Stockholm, specifically in the Norrmalm precinct. The building was designed in 1902 by Art Nouveau architect Ferdinand Boberg. This building features ornate sculptural stonework characteristic of the Art Nouveau style. Its name, which translates "rosen bath" in Swedish, reflects the elegance and artistic flair that define this architectural period. Banker Wire Banker Wire The building underwent renovation in the autumn of 2018 and was completed in 2023 to merge the historic architecture with modern decor. In collaboration with the talented team at Ahrbom & Partner, Pahlfer played a crucial role in bringing this ambitious project to fruition. Ta... More

Project • By COOOP.Offices

Aurum One, Islamabad. Commercial & Mixed-Use, Pakistan

Aurum One stands as a pinnacle of modernity and luxury in Islamabad, Pakistan, reflecting the collaborative vision of COOOP, DHAI-R, DHA Paragon JV, and EA Consulting (Pvt.) Ltd. With an impressive project cost of Rs. 17,000.00 million, this development represents a significant investment in the city's urban landscape. At its core, Aurum One is envisioned as a vibrant mixed-use complex comprising two striking high-rise towers. The lower floors of these towers will host an array of premium amenities, including upscale retail spaces, boutiques showcasing the latest fashion trends, gourmet restaurants serving culinary delights, and modern office spaces designed for productivity and efficiency. This commercial hub is designed to attract discer... More

Project • By COOOP.Offices

The ONYX, Dubai. Commercial & Mixed-Use , UAE

At COOOP, our approach to designing The Onyx project in Dubai, UAE, was deeply rooted in understanding human behaviour within the built environment. We meticulously crafted every aspect of the development to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of its occupants and visitors. For the Hotel Tower, we focused on creating inviting and comfortable spaces that promote relaxation and rejuvenation, recognizing the importance of tranquillity and luxury for guests. From the layout of guest rooms to the design of communal areas, every detail was thoughtfully considered to enhance the overall guest experience. The Onyx | COOOP™ | Design for Behaviour™ Similarly, for the Office Towers, we prioritized functionality, productivity,... More

Project • By COOOP.Transports

Northern Ring Road, Dubai. Roads & Tunnels, UAE

COOOP leads the design and implementation of the Northern Ring Road project in Al Ain, UAE, commissioned by the Al Ain Municipality. With a project cost of AED 35 million, this vital infrastructure initiative aims to enhance transportation efficiency and connectivity in the region. The Northern Ring Road, also known as Masoudi Ring Road, spans 19 kilometers and features a three-lane dual carriageway with a spacious median ranging from 4 to 5 meters wide, accompanied by sidewalks on both sides. Northern Ring Road | COOOP™ | Design for Behaviour™ COOOP's comprehensive services encompass a range of critical tasks, including topographic and traffic surveys, deep soil and material investigations, structural and geometric design... More

Project • By COOOP.Transports

Signal Free Corridors, Lahore. Bridges & Interchanges, Pakistan

COOOP takes pride in its role as the designer of the Signal Free Corridors project in Lahore, Pakistan, commissioned by the Lahore Development Authority. With a project cost of PKR 2,100 Million, this transformative initiative aims to alleviate traffic congestion and enhance connectivity along Jail Road and Main Boulevard Gulberg. The project entails the construction of signal-free corridors, featuring a flyover, pedestrian overheads, and underpasses, strategically designed to optimize traffic flow and ensure pedestrian safety. COOOP's comprehensive services include structural, highway, electrical, and drainage design, ensuring the efficiency and sustainability of the infrastructure. Signal Free Corridors | COOOP™ | Design for Beh... More

Project • By COOOP.Transports

Signal Free Corridors, Karachi. Bridges & Interchanges, Pakistan

COOOP proudly presents its contribution to the development of Signal Free Corridors in Karachi, Pakistan, as part of the Tameer-e-Karachi Program, commissioned by the City District Government. With a project cost of PKR 3,500 Million, our comprehensive services encompassed topographic surveys, traffic studies, feasibility assessments, and deep soil and material investigations. Signal Free Corridors | COOOP™ | Design for Behaviour™ These signal-free corridors play a crucial role in enhancing the city's transportation infrastructure, facilitating smoother traffic flow and reducing congestion. COOOP's expertise in geometric, structural, drainage, and electrical design ensured the optimal functionality and safety of the corrid... More

Project • By COOOP.Transports

Sheikh Zayed Bridge, Abu Dhabi. Bridges & Interchanges​​​​​​​, UAE

The Sheikh Zayed Bridge stands as a symbol of architectural and engineering excellence in Abu Dhabi, UAE. With a total cost of AED 800 million and completion in 2015, this landmark structure was meticulously designed and executed under the leadership of Rendel, Palmer, and Tritton UK, with COOOP playing a pivotal role in the engineering design process. Sheikh Zayed Bridge | COOOP™ | Design for Behaviour™ This bridge, part of the Third Bridge Crossing Contract III, serves as a vital transportation link, featuring two independent carriageways, each accommodating four lanes of traffic, along with two shoulders and a 1.5-meter-wide sidewalk for emergency use. Spanning an impressive 912 meters between abutments and boasting a w... More

Project • By COOOP.Transports

Gwadar Fishing Jetties, Gwadar. Ports & Harbours, Pakistan

COOOP takes pride in its collaboration with the Gwadar Development Authority on the design of the Gwadar Fishing Jetties project in Gwadar, Pakistan. With a project cost of PKR 2.1 billion, this initiative is driven by the Balochistan Government's aim to enhance fish handling capabilities in the region. Located in Surbandar and Pishukan villages along the East bay and West bay of Gwadar respectively, these jetties are vital for bolstering the local fishing industry and supporting economic development. COOOP's comprehensive services for this project include topographic survey and hydrographical data collection, subsoil investigation, planning, designing, and preparation of construction drawings, as well as tender and PC1 documentation. Addi... More

Project • By COOOP.Masterplans

Gwadar's Waterfront, Gwadar. Ports & Harbours, Pakistan

COOOP is honoured to collaborate with the Baluchistan Development Authority and Consultants Group (CG) on the design of the Gwadar Waterfront project in Gwadar, Pakistan. This ambitious endeavour involves master planning for a 150-kilometer coastline from Gwadar west bay to Jiwani, with a project cost of PKR 12,000 million. The primary objective of the master plan is to uplift the socio-economic status of coastal settlements by providing local facilities and infrastructure, creating job opportunities, and fostering tourism development. The Gwadar district, situated in the western coastal belt of Balochistan, is renowned for its natural beauty and strategic significance, particularly due to the Gwadar port. As the third deep-sea port in Pak... More

Project • By COOOP.Universities

SMIU, Karachi. Educational, Pakistan

COOOP takes pride in its collaboration with Sindh Madressatul Islam University (SMIU) for the design of its campus in Karachi, Pakistan. With a rich history dating back to 1885, SMIU has evolved from a school to a college and finally to a chartered university recognized by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan in February 2012. Spanning 270,000 square feet, the campus represents a significant milestone in SMIU's journey towards academic excellence and innovation. COOOP's design approach for the SMIU campus integrates principles of behavior design, ensuring that the environment fosters collaboration, creativity, and academic growth. By creating functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces, the campus aims to inspire students, faculty,... More

Project • By COOOP.Secondary Schools

Karachi Grammar School - Kindergarten and Junior section, Karachi. Educational, Pakistan

COOOP is delighted to collaborate with Karachi Grammar School on the design of its Kindergarten and Junior Section in Clifton, Karachi. This project, executed in partnership with Ghani Ansari Partnership and directly overseen by Mr. M. Afzal Mughal, aims to create a state-of-the-art educational facility meeting international standards. The school building boasts modern teaching and sporting facilities, including an auditorium, library, and swimming pool, integrated seamlessly with classrooms. Recognized for its excellence, the school project was nominated for the prestigious Aga Khan Architecture Award. COOOP's scope of work encompasses civil, electrical, and mechanical aspects, ensuring a comprehensive and integrated design approach. Our... More

Project • By COOOP.Universities

Faculty of Education Complex, Lahore. Educational, Pakistan

COOOP is proud to be entrusted with the design of the Faculty of Education Complex in Lahore, as part of USAID's initiative to enhance education quality across Pakistan. With a budget of PKR 3,200 million (approximately $47.5 million), this project encompasses the construction and rehabilitation of 17 buildings nationwide, supporting over 5,000 student teachers and 200 faculty members annually. These efforts align with USAID's broader "Improving Education Quality" project, aimed at elevating basic education standards throughout the country. Faculty of Education Complex | COOOP™ | Design for Behaviour™ The Faculty of Education Complex in Lahore stands out for its state-of-the-art, energy-efficient architecture and support s... More

Project • By COOOP.Universities

Education Complex, Karachi. Educational, Pakistan

COOOP is honored to collaborate with the Government of Sindh's Education & Literacy Department for the design of an innovative Education Complex in Karachi, Pakistan. Spanning 250,000 square feet, this project signifies a commitment to providing state-of-the-art educational facilities for the region. Situated in Karachi, Pakistan's bustling metropolis, the Education Complex aims to become a beacon of learning and knowledge dissemination. The design of the Education Complex prioritizes functionality, sustainability, and user experience. COOOP's approach integrates principles of behavior design to create an environment that fosters collaboration, creativity, and lifelong learning. Through thoughtful planning and architectural innovation,... More