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Project • By SIMPLIPrivate Houses

VP House

The architectural model of the house inspired us to make a small redevelopment to create a holistic, comfortable, multifunctional space filled with air and light. The combination of large windows, natural shades, and textures, natural materials make the house an integral part of the surrounding nature, fill it with energy and family comfort. Almost all the furniture in the interior is made by Ukrainian manufacturers according to our project. Andrey Bezuglov The architectural model of the house inspired us to make a small redevelopment to create a holistic, comfortable, multifunctional space filled with air and light. The combination of large windows, natural shades, and textures, natural materials make the house an integral part... More

Project • By Men BureauApartments

WS House

Project name: WS House Location: Kyiv (UA) Sector: Residential Area: 150 m2 Year: 2021   When a few years ago a married couple found their charming old house not far from Kyiv, they only ever intended it to be a country retreat, a place to escape to and from the city on the weekends. Then came the pandemic and our customers discovered something of a taste for country life. That’s why they spend most of their time at the house.  Caption The house is surrounded by the unique terrain and the colors of the house which blend with the environment. Being connected with nature again was what was the owners’ primary need, so it was also the primary purpose of the design. Each room takes natural light in a way to cre... More

Project • By Men BureauApartments

JP Residence

Project name: JP Residence Location: Kyiv (UA) Sector: Residential Area: 130 m2 Year: 2021   JP Residence is the first detached house for a family of two who has long been living in a rental apartment. “We would love to have quiet and a cozy feeling in our new home, fusing an international design sense with Japan’s unique aesthetic.” This was the wish list our client shared with us. Caption The homeowner adores a quiet, simple, natural, and unsophisticated atmosphere. Accordingly, we used a substantial amount of warm-colored wood and plaster, satisfying the homeowner’s needs in a space consisting of 1 bedroom, living room, home office, kitchen, and two bathrooms. We used a big number of circles and a... More

Project • By Vizdome SpaceShops

Scarb – network of boutiques with its own MMORPG

Scarb is an international network of shops where one can buy clothes and accessories created by Ukrainian designers. The word «scarb» means treasure trove. Another meaning of the world – household items that belong to somebody. Salesroom is decorated in the style of modernized traditional Ukrainian country house. The walls are covered with 3D plaster; the floor is covered with wood-like porcelain tile. The showcase is stylized as a window of traditional Ukrainian country house. Fitting rooms are designed like giant pysankas – Ukrainian Easter eggs, decorated with traditional folk designs using a wax-resist method. Key feature of the fitting rooms is using of virtual reality headset. A customer firstly tries on clo... More

Project • By AddLine GroupOffices

Interior design of the construction company office

The customer was the construction company "Vodogray", which has been operating for many years, and this was not the first office for them, the customer provided detailed information about the format of work, the order of relations between specialists, the company's development and expansion plan. The planning was approving for a long time, and changes have been made in the design process to best improve people's working conditions. The planning was developed with great care, taking into account the internal work technology and the specifics of the company.In deciding design, we were completely free and easily approved our vision of design. This project is characterized by the laconism of lines and shapes, restrained colors with bright text... More

Project • By Alive designOffices

Pollio Studio

Project of office for the company Pollio Studio. The  space of the office is located in the basement floor , so outside of the outer wall we have the basement wall . The height of the basement wall is 2 meters ,  fortunately it is not covering natural lighting.The budget for the project was small. We decided to keep the ceiling concrete and install ceiling lights to save the budget. The space of the office is not so big, so we tried to use rationally all areas . When we enter the office, we see a red wardrobe closet with hidden handles and a branded wall on the left. Under the branded wall there is a shelf for changing employees' shoes. We used glass partitions for zone separation, also some areas of the office we highlight b... More

Project • By Dmytro Aranchii ArchitectsOffices

Tween Coexistence

Tween Coexistence is a project of business park hall, absolutely white, that incorporates accurately defined functioning fluidity and provides form curvature expression by shadow transitions. The purpose of reception desk transforms into waiting zone, which, in turn, transmutes into the elevator hall.   NAME: Tween Coexistance WORK NAME: PRKLOCATION: Europassage Business Park, Prakhovykg Family str., Kyiv, UkraineAREA: 111 m2DATE: 2018PROGRAMME: Creation of expressive and functional image of the entrance hall denoting contemporary goals of the clientCLIENT: EurosouvenirCONTRACTOR: NeoconPHOTO: Alik Usik, Serhii NikiforovSTATUS: Implemented ARCHITECTURE:Dmytro Aranchii ArchitectsPROJECT TEAM: Dmytro Aranchii, Vadym Mylostiuk, Aliona... More

Project • By Dmytro Aranchii ArchitectsOffices

Black Coexistence

Black coexistence is the second project of the main hall in  Europassage Business Park designed by Dmytro Aranchii Architects. In contrast to the Tween Coexistence project, the second reception hall is designed in black, with coloured sofas and constructions in turquoise colour. The hall combines the functions of a waiting area, a reception, a cafe, a communication area, and a bathroom.   The task was to create a space that would welcome the employees and visitors of the business park and create an area for communication and meetings. Also, it was necessary to anticipate the area of the cafe and connect it to the common space.   The main motive of the concept is the dynamic lines that indicate the main transit path: from... More

Project • By Partner DesignOffices

Itera Offices

The Partner Design team has created a Hygge style office for Itera. This is a comfort, moderateness and environmental friendliness, as well as combination of loft and eco-style.   The Ukrainian office of the Norwegian IT company Itera, specializing in the development of modern digital solutions and famous for the high quality of service and projects execution, is placed in the Premium A-Class Business Center with superlative views of the Dnipro River at Podil, the heart of the historic part of the city. Business Center Astarta is the most advanced and progressive building for office space renting. It has a convenient business infrastructure, three conference halls, a bank branch, a lobby, cafes, restaurants, parking lot and undergrou... More