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Project • By Philipp ArchitektenPrivate Houses

Villa Schatzlmayr

A gentle slope with open views of meadows, the Danube and a seemingly endless sky – and the property is a real gem. What a perfect place for a special home. The clients - a middle-aged couple - fulfilled their lifelong dream here. They wanted a spacious, ground-level home, where nature, views and seasons play the main role.   The Villa Schatzlmayr is a three-part ensemble with a total of 760 m2 of living and usable space, which opens to the landscape with an uninterrupted floor-to-ceiling glazing. Towards the street, the deliberately reduced purist façade ensures architectural contrast and privacy. The center is the lounge-like designed living area with open kitchen, dining and a subsequent fireplace room. From there, a... More

Project • By mado architectsPrivate Houses

Kelardasht Villa

Designed in a sharply inclined hillside in Kelardasht, a village in the north of Iran. One of the primary client's demands was the privacy issue, and due to the way the neighbors built, we decided to put the building on the upper part of the plot to preserve villa from surrounding predomination. this also provides more sustainable condition and reduces the cost of building. after that we justified the roof with the street level and you enter the villa from the roof. other design elements like the sloping roof and the chimney added in an abstract way in order not to interfere in the landscape, celebrate privacy, provide unique views from inside and also being generous and humble to the environment. Head Architect : Maziar DolatabadiLead... More

Project • By mado architectsPrivate Houses

Sisangan Villa

Si sangan villa is located on a site at the area of ​​Si-Sangan region ,a special location between the forest and the sea. The most important issue that client request , was the privacy. In addition to this issue, the design team has paid attention to the relationship between the villa and the site, geometry, structure and vernacular architecture. The initial design starts with a square with 4 divisions, then the square boundaries are distorted so that the walls are organized on smaller squares diagonal. In this way, the neighboring views are blocked and the north-south view opens, the site and the landscape are also penetrate the project. Subsequently, inspired by native architecture and morphological studies of sloping roof, the walls of... More

Project • By mado architectsPrivate Houses

Alanya Vertical Villa

The vertical villa project has been planned to be a residential complex in one of the most exquisite spots of Alanya.The site has a great scenery of a green mountain range around and a marvelous coastline at a distance. Although the site is surrounded by typical residential blocks, we thought about a different kind of combination of individual units, noticing social interaction and the atmosphere created by. Moreover, considering the pattern language of Alanya residential architecture, we apply sloping roof as a substantial item to our project.The very first drafts were to generate a coherent form, moving along the slope and turning toward various views around the site.As a result, the developing of the form is a combination of cu... More

Project • By mado architectsPrivate Houses

Zarafshan Villa

In this project, the client requested a neo-classic building with four separate sections.The design team decided to match the client’s need with his characteristic type and develop the classic structure with a new expression of the past architecture. By studying the past architecture, we attempted to establish a symbiosis between past and present through a representation of the Chahar-Bagh Arche-type.By emphasizing the main axis of the Chahar-Bagh, we created a void between the building that allowed light and landscape into it which connected the ground to the sky.The voids are defined from the roof to the lower part of the building continuously, connecting north to south, east to west and top to bottom of the project.The villa has two floo... More

Project • By AshariArchitectsHousing

Qasr dasht Villa

Architect: Ashari ArchitectsDesigner: Amir Hossein AshariDesign contributors: Zahra Jafari3D: Mostafa YektarzadehGhasre-dasht ( Dastani ) VillaThe project’s main challenge was to prevent any interference to the garden environment and creating adaptability to the existing site.The design response is: creating various perspectives through the garden such as lotus pond (utilizing an element from the garden character), bridges (human suspension on a transparent path in the garden) and circulation paths in between the garden spaces (Human movement between open and semi open garden spaces). All these features occur without moving or eliminating any existing condition such as trees.Creating seating areas with various qualities(sitting on water, si... More
Rock Villa - Bedroom
Rock Villa - Bathroom
Rock Villa - Bathroom
Rock Villa - Bedroom
Rock Villa - Kitchen

Project • By Pollentia RentalsHousing

Rock Villa

Hidden amongst the rock face you will find this exclusive villa located in the town of La Font. In 2017 the property was completely renovated and transformed into a chic oasis. It also sleeps 7 guests. This holiday villa is spread across three floors. On the ground floor you will find an ample parking area which fits several vehicles and also has a private swimming pool. The villa also has a lift which takes you from the ground floor up to the other levels which is ideal for guests with restricted mobility. More