Qasr dasht  Villa

Qasr dasht Villa

Shiraz, Fars Province, Iran | View Map
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Qasr dasht Villa

AshariArchitects as Architects

Architect: Ashari Architects

Designer: Amir Hossein Ashari

Design contributors: Zahra Jafari

3D: Mostafa Yektarzadeh

Ghasre-dasht ( Dastani ) Villa

The project’s main challenge was to prevent any interference to the garden environment and creating adaptability to the existing site.The design response is: creating various perspectives through the garden such as lotus pond (utilizing an element from the garden character), bridges (human suspension on a transparent path in the garden) and circulation paths in between the garden spaces (Human movement between open and semi open garden spaces). All these features occur without moving or eliminating any existing condition such as trees.Creating seating areas with various qualities(sitting on water, sitting in the ground, under the water, under the sky and beside the tress) was the effort made to eliminate the borders between human and nature and interconnection of inside and outside.

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