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Project • By INT2 architectureApartments

Interior MFN

The main task of the project was to preserve the original space of the main room of the apartment with large windows, therefore, all the main areas (living room, kitchen and bedrooms) are located along the windows and utility rooms and bathrooms are located along the blank wall. We wanted to preserve the light and volume of the room as much as possible, so the living room/kitchen was given the central part of the apartment with two windows, and the main bedroom with a third window is separated from the common area by a glass partition, which helps to preserve the feeling of a common space. The interior is a mixture of minimalism with classic elements. In the spacious living room an elegant metal library adjoins classic double doors with c... More

Project • By TremendHotels

Crowne Plaza the Warsaw HUB

In the heart of Warsaw, quite recently, was opened the first in Poland Crowne Plaza hotel – The Warsaw HUB. It is a modern structure which reflects a vibrant city. Interiors were designed by architects of Tremend studio. Modern, multifunctional HUB located in Wola, Warsaw is a place which cannot be ignored. Two glass skyscrapers, connected by a bridge, hide conference and office spaces, relax zones and hotels. One of them, called Crowne Plaza, was opened there recently. Architectural studio Tremend was responsible for architectural design of the hotel, interior design and multi-branch project.  The main motif of Crowne Plaza’s interiors is Vistula River – its wild nature, sun and sand of beaches located alon... More

Project • By Tsutsumi and AssociatesRestaurants

Ryoutei Matsuko

Three stories old house on the Xihu lakeside was renovated to 2 types of Japanese Restaurant. We planned traditional Japanese restaurant on the second and third floor which has calm atmosphere.   The entrance of restaurant is planned on the second floor where it has low ceiling height, so it is very important to design the walls as eye-catching ones. For the entrance wall, we disassembled the traditional ASANOHA pattern to two different geometric layers, one layer has diamond pattern and the another has the equilateral triangle pattern. In front of the wall we can recognize it as ASANOHA, but it gradually shifts toward the periphery. On the shoe box panels, they were carved by Japanese traditional technique called as NAGURI, and it h... More

Project • By T-COD Mimarlik Ltd.Community Centres


Bahçe kentsel dönüşüm More
Ipreo - by dhk thinkspace
Ipreo - by dhk thinkspace
Ipreo - by dhk thinkspace
Ipreo - by dhk thinkspace
Ipreo - by dhk thinkspace

Project • By thinkspaceOffices


This renowned multi-national American fintech company, has been our client since 2014, when we completed their first office as part of a relocation from Rondebosch, Cape Town to their current office in Claremont, Cape Town. When their growth saw them expanding onto another floor in the building, dhk thinkspace was tasked with bringing modern activity-based working and design solutions to their new workplace. Our goal was to create a dynamic and fun environment that would attract and retain top IT talent, through incorporating various agile workplace elements. Meeting pods, standing meeting areas, and collaboration hubs were introduced to create an engaging environment, while also catering for the more introverted and private amongst the... More

Project • By Nathalie Eldan ArchitectureApartments

Chaptal Residence

Chaptal Residence is located in a historical building in the 9th district of Paris, in the heart of Nouvelle Athènes neighborhood.   The late 19th century apartment which remained untouched for more than six decades is a 150m² property composed of a spacious living room, an open kitchen, two bathrooms, a laundry room, a walk-in wardrobe, two bedrooms and an office space.   The apartment was renovated and restored as a contemporary residence while maintaining its authentic features and fabric as the wall and ceiling moldings, the main structural division and its generous height.   The apartment owner is a young couple that recently moved to Paris from London. Chaptal Residence was renovated in a way to meet t... More

Project • By Elips Tasarim Mimarlik (Elips Design Architecture)Wellness Centres

Nevzat Demir Facility

BJK Nevzat Demir Facility was re-designed by Istanbul based Elips Design Architecture as an indoor pool and a spacious spa area for the football players of Besiktas Sports Club, which is one of the leading sports clubs in Turkey.Nevzat Demir Facility of Besiktas Sports Club (Turkey’s one of the biggest sports clubs) is located in Çekmeköy, Istanbul. The three-storey main building was not used efficiently before the renovation. There was also a need for an indoor pool and a spa area for the football players. Design process was started in order to transform this area according to these basic needs.A pool section that contains indoor pool, jacuzzi, swimming pool, in water running, shock pool was planned for the players to use in training and t... More

Project • By Michan ArchitecturePrivate Houses

AL Apartment

Michan Architecture has completed a residential interior in the northeast of Mexico City, placing a massive wooden structure within a 360 metres apartment. This element divides the space creating separated areas for public and private rooms. Living, dining and study are concave, while the private areas convex. Service spaces such as kitchen, laundry and service bedroom are separated, and placed on the perimeter of the apartment. The wall changes from one side to other, providing a variety of nooks and recesses for bathrooms and storage spaces. This arrangement allows service areas to be embedded into the wall, leaving spaces uncluttered. Within the wooden element there are three bedrooms, walking closets and bathrooms. A stee... More

Project • By DZAPOffices


Intrum, a merger of Intrum Justitia and Lindorff, opted for a new office where both companies, from The Hague and Amersfoort, can be one. The new Dutch headquarters had to offer both companies and their employees a pleasant, contemporary and attractive workplace where they all will feel at home. During the pre-lease phase we supported Intrum with the selection of the building that would fit them the best. They finally choose the representative, high-end office building ‘One20’ in Amsterdam Sloterdijk.On the 4th and 5th floor we have created a completely new office interior using cool materials such as concrete, wood, brick, glass and leather. Combined with an acoustic spraying ceiling it gives the interior a sturdy look and feel. More
An industrial office interior for the Goud Uberconnected team.
An industrial office interior for the Goud Uberconnected team.
An industrial office interior for the Goud Uberconnected team.
An industrial office interior for the Goud Uberconnected team.
An industrial office interior for the Goud Uberconnected team.

Project • By DZAPOffices

Goud Uberconnected

Goud Uberconnected was located in the Olympic Stadium. Because of their need for more square meters and convenient accessibility they moved to a former police station at the Surinameplein in Amsterdam. This characteristic and completely renovated building is now the new home of the Goud Uberconnected team.The interior we have designed for Goud Uberconnected fits seamlessly with the appearance of the building. The industrial character continues in the poured floor, the steel beams and frames and the concrete details. The layout is spatial and transparent. The open workspace has been created to optimize communication within Goud Uberconnected. Even the meeting rooms have glass walls to create more openness in the office.The middle core, where... More

Project • By AntiStatics ArchitectureNurseries

Umi-Play Children’s Dramatic Arts Center

A place filled with drama and imaginationsThe UMI-play Children’s Dramatic Arts Center is a playful and imaginative educational space for children to explore and grow within the performing arts. This 550sqm interior is composed of two distinct spaces and geometries, derivative of psychological studies and research, the dual areas are designed to encourage and support different behaviors and processes of learning and development. The primary space is comprised of a fluid and natural geometry, adaptable to various performance, expressive and improvisational activities. The second space, a series of 4 adaptable classrooms are driven towards focus and concentration. These spaces have a more orthogonal organization with gentle expressive moments... More

Product • By Egem Mozaik DizaynHandmade Ceramic Splash


Handmade ceramic splash is that dimension 21x14cm. It can be used in bathroom,cafe,restaurant and bar. Available in 25 colors. More

Product • By Egem Mozaik DizaynHandmade ceramic Nozzle

Handmade Ceramic Ns Nozzle

Handmade ceramic size is 20x20 cm. It can be used in wet and dry places. It can be produced in special colour for Project. We have 25 colour varieties as standart. More

Project • By CHA:COLApartments

Writer's Block

The Writer's Block is an award-winning 1,500 square foot live-work loft designed as a creative production nook within a historic warehouse building. The space was purchased by a couple, one a New York Times bestselling author and the other a game designer. The unit was not intended to be their primary place of dwelling, and they approached CHA:COL for it as a compact urban getaway. Their work involved writing, drawing, music and game design within this getaway. They also needed it a place of respite between extensive book tours and travels. The loft was zoned Live-Work in downtown Los Angeles, a use set upspecifically to address this kind of dual-use by artists.Our design focus therefore centered on the creation of a compact but fluid artis... More

Project • By fssmgn arquitectos lda FernandoSanchezSalvador MargaridaGrácioNunesBars


The Lux building is an ancient port warehouse, one of the first buildings in reinforced concrete structure of the waterfront, an engineer project with a structural concept for the 20's.Converting this space into a theater, dance, art events and rendezvous points, it was the point of departure for a project whose program also asked for a sufficient neutrality in the final project, allowing to constitute as the ideal place for all kinds of plastic and artistic intervention, from exhibitions to chromatic intervention, from facilities to the sounds, from lighting intervention to video projections. A white screen that has its own personality, but doesn't enter in conflict with the several interventions that is prepared to receive.The program als... More