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Project • By GenproPrimary Schools

Ostafyevo School & Kindergarten

The school and kindergarden in Ostafyevo are new social infrastructure facilities that will ensure the need for education of all young residents of the district. The school has a capacity for 30 classes (750 people) and a kindergarden for 240 children. The establishments are equipped with all necessary zones, areas and spaces for the comprehensive development of pre-school, junior and high school pupils. Caption The maximum possible amount of vacant land is reserved for planting. Improvement decided with maximum accessibility to all categories of small mobile population - on pedestrian paths. There are no obstacles (lampposts, benches, etc.) and the building is equipped with ramps and lifts. Caption The school will have wor... More

Project • By Dietrich | UntertrifallerCommunity Centres

Kindergarten & Rehearsal Room

The Kindergarten south of the village center defines the west side of the square. It opens itself to the play garden in the south, while a protecting wall shields the children from the heavy traffic of the parking lot. Two group rooms with dedicated coatrooms are situated along the central corridor of the ground floor. A robust framed construction shades the south-oriented glass façade. Creating a portal, it generously spans the access path and clearly links it to the kindergarten. Situated to the north are adjoining rooms, the office of the head of the kindergarten, a group room and an exercise room. The playrooms are paneled with birch plywood, which creates a warm-colored background for a lively and colorful crowd of children.... More

Project • By JDAP Design - Architecture - PlanningNurseries

School in Mumbai

A school for girls in suburban Mumbai needed an expanded space for the children in their kindergarten section. The administration owned a plot of land adjacent to the main school, however this was taken up by a residential building that they occupied. When structural drawings of the building revealed that it could take on an additional floor, it was decided to extend the existing structure, rather than take down the entire building and construct anew. Regulation demanded that an additional staircase was necessary to accommodate this public function. A delicate steel staircase was inserted within the court formed by the C-shaped building, and that became the primary path of entry to the school. The stair is finely detailed to have a sense o... More

Project • By PORTNurseries

Kindergarten in Opole / Malina

We aimed to create inspiring and stimulating kindergarten’s space, to foster kids growth and development. Building acts as a „vassel” for young human beings, where its form casts user’s behavior, sense of security and self-esteem. It offers incentives for joy and exploration. To be a window into their future, to understand the world and build their own identity. While working on the project we focused on maintaining existing buildings layout with a yard in between. That is to expose different building’s proportions and historical changes with its specific details. We introduce new functions that connect all, while keeping them autonomous. Following program requirements, the main existing block has been extend... More

Project • By KAOS ArchitectsNurseries

Kindergarten in Pärnu

One of the most modern kindergartens in Estonia can be found in the city of Pärnu, on Raja street. The common areas are accommodated in the centre of the building, encircled by an arc of group rooms – so as to minimise the corridors and footprint area of the building. The main entrance to the building faces north while group rooms with play areas are in the southern part. The layout of the rooms has been designed in view of the logistical considerations important to the kindergarten and feedback from the personnel, to ensure smooth daily movement when children are brought to the group rooms or taken to the play areas outside. Each group has its own access to the heart of the building and an exit to the outdoor play area. All room... More

Project • By Marin Binicki, Sinisa Blazenka and Marko SalopekNurseries

Vrbani II Kindergarten

Lead architects: Marin Binički, Siniša Blaženka & Marko Salopek Design team: Marin Binički, Siniša Blaženka, Marko Salopek and Vlasta Binički (KAT d.o.o.)  Client: City of Zagreb / Contractor: AB gradnja  Collaborators: Electrical engineering: Darko Žerjav - ELAG, Technology: Marko Bajič - Alarm automatika, Mechanical engineering: Nikola Zadravec - Eco Plan, Fire Protection/Life Safety: Martina Gajdek - FLAMIT, Landscape design: Ivanka Mlinarić, Road design: Robert Gojani - ROBUR, Land survey: Miroslav Sokolaj - GEO 88, Geotechnical report: Ivan Matković - IGH Project design start: 2005 / Project design completion: 2019   The Vrbani II kindergarten was built in 2020 in the Zagreb neighbo... More

NewsNews • 19 Nov 2020

MAD completes surreal sinuous roofscape kindergarten complex

When asked to design a kindergarten next to a senior citizens’ apartment in an old part of Beijing, MAD Architects envisioned a floating roof that twists its way around existing buildings, trees and an original 18th century Siheyuan courtyard, to connect them together all the while shaping a surreal dreamlike roofscape for children play freely. Hufton+Crow The client holds a "intergenerational integration" ethos that blends the mutually beneficial combination of elder care with pre-school education. Completed at the end of 2019, the kindergarten has a place for 390 kids that range from 1½ to 6. Hufton+Crow Three courtyards were carefully placed around old trees to avoid cutting them. Slides and stairs inside the cou... More

Project • By PORTNurseries

"Little explorers" kindergarten

Children have a drive to be independent and do things on their own. This is a healthy part of normal child development. As children grow, they are able to do more and more tasks. Kids use their 5 senses to discover the world and shape their personality. They absorb surrounding, which affects concentration and harmonious development. Surrounding creates children’s reality, affect knowledge and encourage to develop certain skills. And through all of above makes them happy.   Orange roomUse colors of the earth for the youngest children. Inviting to discover through sense of touch, balance and weight. Help to understand the matter. Green roomReflect the natural environment for the older group. Openings to the garden provides conta... More

Project • By Uygur ArchitectsPrimary Schools

TED Ankara College Campus

Ted Ankara College, giving education to 6000 students per year for 70 years, used to have a strong relation with the city thanks to its location, though with a lack of open spaces. The project aims to increase the amount of open spaces while intensifying the social life-education relation. As a significant design principle, contemporary education is adopted by composing various indoor and outdoor common spaces. The main theme is interpretation and projection of city simulation in a campus plan. City life is considered as the main educational framework by providing numerous common places where education comes into the practice.The classrooms are defined as “ateliers” instead of being compartmented rooms, while the surrounding env... More

Project • By Roland Baldi ArchitectsNurseries


Child-friendly and sustainable: with Sluderno Kindergarten, Roland Baldi Architects has created a wooden building with a pitched roof, plastered façade and significant windows of different sizes that, with their staggered layout and dimensions, are reminiscent of an child's drawings. Inside, all the rooms can be accessed through the spacious foyer, which is also a welcome, recreation and play area. The group rooms face south towards the recreation areas in the garden. The custom-made wooden furniture, such as stools, tables and wardrobes, together with deliberately chosen colours convey a sense of security. More

Project • By HIBINOSEKKEI + Youji no ShiroNurseries

KO Kindergarten

A rebuild kindergarten project in Matsuyama, Ehime.Recently cars are daily necessities in provincial city and it gets more commonchildren go to kindergarten by bus or car. So they have less chances to take exercises in daily life. An increasing number of children play with video games inside so that they also have less chances to find plays in variegated nature environment by themselves. In these situations, KO Kindergarten is rebuilt with the concept “Make Health from Playing” By shifting each rooms such as staff’s office and nursery rooms horizontally and vertically to create free spaces, 14 kinds of unique play spaces are made which look like street, a local scenery for children to play in the past. Kazuhiko Nakamura, a professor of... More

Project • By LWK + PARTNERSExhibition Centres

Chongqing Vanke Forest Park

Scenery is beauty; nature is grandeur. Abandon screams and self-expression, and embrace silence and tranquillity… ‘Retreat’ is a design attitude.   Sitting next to the third largest public urban park in the world, Chongqing Vanke Forest Park Sales Gallery is a retreat between the city and nature. Designed by LWK + PARTNERS, the gallery is a magical house hidden in nature, and a wood cabin among fir trees. At its initial opening, the building is the sales gallery of the residential project, but it will turn into a kindergarten for the community in the future.   In terms of design, the architecture satisfies both the initial commercial sales function and the later educational function, as well as portrays the... More

Project • By Challenge DesignShowrooms

Park Legend Kindergarten

Before DesignGestalt psychology states that the most mature and perfect shapes are complex yet united, exhibiting Fragmant’s principle. Kindergartens are stereotypically multi-colored, yet our designers have broken existing conventions and presented a pure, simple and interesting building in light of the theory that children’s brains simplify complex shapes automatically in their minds.  Designing in the Light of the Landform The project is located in Chengdu’s Tianfu New Area, which features a sound ecosystem and is close to Luxelakes Eco-City, Xinglong Lake and Tianfu Central Park. The site is surrounded by a one hundred meter-long green belt to the north and a dramatic urban landscape. The layout of the buil... More

Project • By archgridNurseries

YY TERRACE SCHOOL - Ningbo IDEA KIDS International

YY TERRACE SCHOOLNingbo IDEA KIDS International KindergartenIDEA kindergarten is located in the west of Ningbo Jishigang CBD center. The west side current is farmland. The east side has excellent environmental conditions and dense high-grade residential areas. The building area is 14920㎡, design for 18 standard classes kindergarten.According to IDEA's educational philosophy, the new kindergarten aims to build a source of love, happy and learning, to provide a good environment for the effective development of kindergarten multi-intelligence talent education, respect the differences of each child, and support each child's talent. Terrace KindergartenThe Places for carrying good memoriesFar away      &nb... More

Project • By Manço ArchitectsPrimary Schools

K Educational Campus

The architectural studies of the campus, to be built by Akdaglar Construction and to be leased by a foreign related educational institution, have been ongoing at preliminary design stage. Kindergarten, elementary, secondary and high school classrooms, libraries, laboratories and workshops, as well as common management offices, covered and open sports fields, indoor pool, conference and dining halls are included within the scope of the project. The project site is located parallel to the motorway, on a plot with 13m level difference that is neighboring woodland. The layout plan and section of the functions of the program were solved in response to the natural lighting needs. Accordingly, dining hall, indoor sports facility, pool an... More