Leaf awards 2013

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Project • By Lorenz AteliersShopping Centres


The topic: designing an MPreis as inspiration for a new rural-urban shopping street consisting of old and new enterprises on the south part of Söll.   A slightly folded roof hovers over an amorphous series of spaces, containing also existing trees and rough tree trunks. From every point in the building, views are created to the breathtaking surrounding environment: to the ski area in the south, the „Wilden Kaiser“ in the north and over a small hill in the west, to the baroque church- with its impressive size in comparison to the scale of the village. Peter Lorenz is willing to open a dialogue to this dominant church- one of the best Austrian artists - Franz Mölk – transfers this idea to the new design: mir... More

Project • By Oscar Tusquets BlancaTrain stations

Toledo metro station

1- Underground The leitmotiv of the project emerged when the works had barely started, making substantial structural modifications possible. The pit, more than 40 metres deep, beneath the crane that was extracting tonnes of volcanic sediments, was Piranesian in its grandeur. It was intended to cover this cavern when the crane had finished but I proposed not to do so entirely. Space was needed for machinery and ducting but it was possible to preserve a crater, and for travellers to sense how deep they were and to glimpse the sunlight above, while in the piazza strollers could lean over the parapet and see passengers moving around 37 metres below, something surprising and dizzying. The other driving idea arose because much of the station... More

Project • By Henning LarsenConcert Halls


Harpa Concert & Conference Centre in Reykjavik gathers inspiration from the northern lights and the dramatic Icelandic scenery. Situated on the boundary between land and sea, the centre stands out like a large, radiant sculpture reflecting both sky and harbour space as well as the vibrant life of the city. The spectacular facades have been designed in close collaboration between Henning Larsen Architects, the Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson and the engineering companies Rambøll and ArtEngineering GmbH from Germany. The Concert and Congress Centre of 29,000 m2 is situated in a solitary spot with a clear view of the enormous sea and the mountains surrounding Reykjavik. The Centre features an arrival- and foyer area in the... More

Project • By SKEW CollaborativeExhibition Centres

Chinese Academy of Sciences IOT Center & Labs

INTRODUCTION (LOCATION & SITE) The site for this new exhibition center and laboratories was the former 1962 Soviet-designed low-density office cluster sitting amongst a heavily wooded compound. The design sought to minimize the carbon footprint of new construction by retaining as much of the existing fabric, with selective demolition and reconstruction. The newly configured complex possesses a series of intimate courtyards by weaving new architecture through forty-five mature trees and existing building structures. New laboratories, offices and exhibition spaces are organized around courtyards and terraces on two to three levels, each having views and access to the natural environment. OPERATING ON THE CARCASS (CONSTRUCTION & MATERIALS)... More

Project • By Govaert & Vanhoutte architectsHotels


Extension and reconversion of an existing farm and mill site into a hotel. A formation of four concrete volumes gathers around a U-shaped farm building and a protected and renovated windmill. The old and new entities have no direct contact above the surface, though underground, there is a tunnel underneath the old farm, forming the base of the concept. Starting from the hotel reception to the south, the tunnel disappears under the inner square through a contemporary glass volume. To the north, three entirely new volumes are visually separated from the mill and farm. Only a tunnel connects these volumes with the reception zone. The zone in between both entities above ground level is defined by an old cobblestone road that lays aside... More

Project • By Govaert & Vanhoutte architectsExhibition Centres

Kazematten in Ypres

Restauration, reconversion & refurbishment of bombshelters “Kazematten” in Ypres Underneath a rampant of a fortified wall, lie the remnants of the once large complex of fortifications of Ypres, called “Kazematten”. Built in 1680 by a mythical French Marshal as part of a large fortification project of Ypres, the “Kazematten” are known for their rich history. Following the independence of Belgium the fortification complex was mostly demolished to allow de city to expand. The “Kazematten” were spared this fate due to lack of funds. In world war one the five vaults served mainly as a bakery. In the second world war they were mostly used as storage or bomb shelter, because the vaults formed an excellent shield against mortars. Even before... More

Project • By Farrow Partnership Architects Inc.Wellness Centres

E’Terra Samara

The design concept for the addition to a 5-star eco-resort, located in the Bruce Peninsula north west of Toronto, Canada, consists of twelve suspended, one-bedroom “Samara” tree house villas nestled into a forest which is part of the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. Consistent with the client’s philosophy of creating a restorative place in the forest that harmonizes with nature, the structure is designed to be suspended from the trees’ trunks, rather than following the common practice of nailing to the tree, thereby hugging the tree rather than piercing its flesh. The design, which made its debut in 2012, emerged from a desire to not only be “in the trees” but also “of the trees.” The dominant image is derived from the shape of a samara,... More

Project • By CM MimarlikOffices

Dogus Holding Headquarters

Dogus Holding Headquarters is the proposed renovation of an existing reinforced concrete building in Istanbul, Ayazaga Cendere. The scope of the proposal is exclusive of structural intervention and the revision of external mass, however the examination of program relationships, design of interior spaces and retention of the existing immediate ground relationship is included. The main concept that has determined a direction for this project has been the emphasis on an open plan office system that would encourage a transitional functionality and that social interaction could be instigated by the fluidity of spaces. The fact that this building is far from the facilities of the city centre and will remain for a while has caused such function... More

Project • By Adam Knibb ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Bluebell Pool House

Bluebell Cottage is a large detached private home that is situated in Crawley, near Winchester. The house, occupying the last development at the end of a track, faces north with a large ‘front’ garden as the main usable space. The garden receives sunlight throughout the day and is overlooked only by the surrounding tree and fields. The active site is an old tennis court that requires replacement or a change of use. The proposal seeks to create a pool-house that is of a discrete nature, does not block views to the fields, is of minimal impact and provides fun/enjoyment for the family. Sited with its ‘back’ to woodland, the folded rectangular form frames views across the garden/fields and integrates with the landscape to provide a u... More

Project • By Wilson AssociatesHotels

Four Seasons Hotel Pudong

Charged with power, high energy and confidence, Shanghai’s Pudong area is where commerce and style meet in a constantly changing, extraordinarily exciting city. Located east of the Huangpu River, Four Seasons Hotel Pudong forms part of the new 55-story Century Tower in district’s Lujiazui business hub. Already known locally as the “jewel box,” the Gensler-designed building is both modern and timeless, with contemporary interiors by Wilson Associates inspired by Shanghai’s golden age of international trade and culture in the 1920s and 1930s Art Deco period. The rich color palette of Shanghai red, black and grey plays across smoked glass, Makassar ebony wood, stingray leather, mirror finishes and exceptionally high grade marble, with floor... More

Project • By Steven Holl ArchitectsExhibition Centres

Sliced Porosity Block - CapitaLand Raffles City Chengdu

In the center of Chengdu, China, at the intersection of the first Ring Road and Ren Ming Nam Road, the Sliced Porosity Block forms large public plazas with a hybrid of different functions. Creating a metropolitan public space instead of object-icon skyscrapers, this three million squar foot project takes its shape from its distribution of natural light. The required minimum sunlight exposures to the surrounding urban fabric prescribe precise geometric angles that slice the exoskeletal concrete frame of the structure. The building structure is white concrete organized in six foot high openings with earthquake diagonals as required while the "sliced" sections are glass. The large public space framed in the center of the block is formed int... More

Project • By andrea dragoni architettoArt Galleries

Extension of Gubbio Cemetery

The enlargement of the Gubbio cemetery is the result of studies of a new model of public building. On the one hand, it has developed the latest phase of growth of the monumental cemetery in Gubbio, one of Italy’s most important medieval cities. On the other hand, it intends to redefine its meaning and centrality within the structure of the city. The plan is in an urban structure consisting of linear stereometric blocks arranged in such a way as to reflect the rural layouts that characterize the surrounding landscape and the historic city. This concept of urban settlement is emphasized by the inclusion of large square enclosures designed to be open spaces that provide the structure with spatial rhythm. These spaces were inspired b... More

Project • By Sanjay Puri ArchitectsHotels

D Hotel

A sculpted series of spaces create a seamless integration of built form with landscape in this 120 room hotel. Sitting on a site of 13394.10 sq m the building rises in varied inclines on different sides creating separate outdoor spaces for each of its functions. Entered through a 30' high elevated lobby, the hotel looks out towards the north into a large landscaped garden with each of the restaurants opening into terraces or gardens. At the lower level a large conferencing facility with a separate entrance also opens onto a large garden. Separate garden areas for the conferencing facilities and the coffee shop at the ground level, north facing terraces for the restaurant, bar and pool levels create outdoor usable areas at the m... More

Project • By SCAPEMuseums

MEIS - National Museum of Italian Judaism and the Shoah

“…every monument, in order to stay alive, must suffer damage, often irreparable, from the surrounding environment …” Giorgio Bassani   MEIS’s project has presented us with a place or landscape that is understood in the broadest sense of the terms as both complex and heterogeneous. It is a museum, but also a place of memory, part of the city, of conscience and of the collective consciousness: a historical monument. It is also a project of multifarious landscapes and assorted natures, such as the urban scenario around the harbour and the area stretching from there to the south west of Estense Castle, the ex-prison, now a suspended and interrupted place, and the inescapable relationship between the city o... More

Project • By Rockwell GroupPrivate Houses


Background: The new MiMA luxury residence is part of Related Company’s $800 million, 1.2 million square foot, 60 story LEED-Silver complex, which also includes the Yotel Times Square West and a Frank Gehry designed Signature Theatre. MiMA is named for its central location in Midtown Manhattan. It is a LEED silver building with 663 rental units, 151 condo units, separate rental and condo lobbies, and a shared amenities floor and field house – providing all the services young professionals would ever need all in their place of residence. Design Concept: Rental Lobby and Units Rockwell Group designed a series of playful and fun ‘mixing’ spaces for the rental portion of the building. The main lobby is a social 'loft' with highly-detail... More