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Project • By SupernormalUniversities

SolBe Learning Center

This early learning center design questions the traditional definition of the “classroom,” commonly interpreted from early education code as a room bounded by four walls with an area of 35 square feet of space per child. Instead, the classroom is re-imagined as distinct zones of activity with specific spatial characteristics that better match the quality and level of activity within them.   The bounded “dwelling” objects act as islands within the open floor plan to host focused, quiet learning and small group exploration for 90-100 children. The open  “yard” space between the dwellings engages children in active gross motor play, seed-to-table lunchtime curriculum, and larger group activities.... More

Project • By cachè atelierUniversities

ITCE Learning Center

The main idea of the refurbishment of the ITCE training centre is to create a homelike and cheerful feeling in the visitors. The general purpose is to avoid the boring environment of a typical learning centre and create a memorable overall feeling in the environment. The space already had its predisposed base as all the separate training rooms were named after big cities – Prague, Barcelona, Wien and Sydney. So we adopted the idea and just developed it in a more deep and noticeable way.   We incorporated the feeling of an overall journey through the world of learning with the symbols of the paper planes flying around the space, carrying the skills and achievements of the visitors. We place joyful and witty references in every s... More

Project • By iDA WorkplaceOffices

Daimler Offices

In Daimler’s Beijing-based learning center, iDA created a playful fusion of color and shape throughout the space. Contrary to traditional designs of corporate classrooms, this center was ultimately transformed into a multi-service space that serves purposes beyond learning.   To fully reflect Daimler’s automotive history and their continued status as an industry leader, iDA created a unified design by incorporating a streamlined shape that runs through the space.   A strategic goal of this project was to re-think learning. The many innovations and continued, fast-paced development of education forced iDA to think beyond the now to envision how learning will take place in the future. To this end, iDA created classro... More

Project • By Grout McTavish ArchitectsCultural Centres

The Green Planet

The Green Planet Dubai is an immersive Science Center attraction based on the Equatorial Rainforest’s of the world. The architecture reflects the geometry of a fragile Origami cube that shields and protects a living Biome within a glass cylinder. The exterior cube houses the support spaces required to sustain a living environment designed to accommodate over 3,000 species of tropical plants, mammals, insects and fish within the desert setting of Dubai. Its mandate is to provide the people of Dubai an opportunity to experience and gain a deeper understanding of the fragile ecosystem of the Equatorial regions and how these regions of the world need to be protected for our sustainable future.   The concept for the visitor experien... More

Project • By 100architectsParks/Gardens

Jamsil Hangang Park Natural Swimming Pools

A creative international collaboration between 100 Architects (Shanghai), Carve (Amsterdam) and Urien (Seoul), with the local coordination & support of the landscape architect Walter Ryu, has resulted in this proposal for a leisure facility in Seoul, South Korea.   With the purpose of improving the existing public facility of the Swimming Pool in Jamsil Hangang Park, the Municipality of Seoul launched a Competition for a design solution that would bring back the former glory of this 30-years-old facility on the banks of the Hang River. Not only by renovating the Swimming Pools themselves, but also seeking a solution that would reactivate the entire Park as a public destination within the City of Seoul.   Our mission transc... More

Project • By SRG PartnershipLibraries

Portland Community College

Innovative thinking informed both buildings' design with the priorities of student success, flexible learning, energy efficiency, and user comfort as the primary focus from beginning to end. The Student Commons consolidates a variety of student services and amenities in a central location. Traditional services are available, such as the Business Office, Financial Aid, Registrar, Admissions and Advising, along with other critical functions, including the Testing Center, Orientation Lab, Career Center, Bookstore, and student study spaces.   Creative programming established a library that contains traditional library services but also combines Computing Resource Center, Student Learning Center, Tutoring, Volunteer Literacy Services, gen... More

Project • By Studio 68/32Offices

Office V-V House

Implemented a project for the reconstruction of the premises of a historic building in the city center of Kyiv.The multifunctional office covers an area of 450m\2  and is located on 3 floors of the building. The office includes the workplaces of employees.Learning centers with classrooms. And also a conference room. More

Project • By CO ArchitectsHospitals

Palomar Medical Center

CO Architects conceptualized a functional and flexible vertical garden hospital set within a campus configuration.  The greenfield site—part of a 186-acre business park currently under development—is bounded by residential property to the west, light industrial development to the north, Citracado Parkway and a Sempra power plant to the east, and future business park development  to the south.  The plan positions the hospital at the north end of the site, where there is the greatest width to accommodate necessary access points and circulation.     The signature patient tower building—with its gently curving form—figuratively opens its arms to welcome patients.  A vertical garden at the... More

Project • By Basics ArchitectsPrimary Schools

DCM Sriram

After construction of Phases A and B, Phase C of the masterplan called for an extension of the school to accommodate up to 1200 students divided into junior, middle and senior schools as well as a kindergarten and a special needs learning center. The new construction will also include a multi purpose hall, a cultural center with dance and music studios and an academic center with computer, language and science labs.The existing buildings informed the design and placement of new blocks. The design of the open spaces was the driving force behind the design of the building. Two new classroom blocks were added, creating a large,enclosed open area. At the building level,axes were defined splitting the large openarea into three smaller courtyards... More

Project • By Areazero 2.0Offices

Exin Holdings Offices

The main idea that the client conveyed us was focused on escaping from a too conventional office with the intention of impressing the client with an attractive and updated image as well as to give an elegant perception. Thus, we designed some spacious offices, equipped with open workspaces, and several formal and informal meeting points, as well as elements of carpentry which will mark a clear continuity throughout the floor.   The kitchen has been established as the principal area, with different kinds of tables, movable sofas and puffs with varying heights, thus creating a multi-purpose meeting area. The videowalls showing business information frame, in turn, the phonebooths for private calls, which are acoustically isola... More

Project • By OnionWorkshops

Samyan Co-op

A property developer Golden Land contacted Onion when they were planning to build a new commercial mall, partially opened 24 hours a day, called Samyan Mitrtown on Rama IV Road next to Chulalongkorn University. Golden Land also wished to give something back to the society in terms of space for working and reading, free of charge and open 24 hours a day. This space would be located on the second floor of Samyan Mitrtown commercial mall. The brief that we created is to design a 500-seat reading and working space that opened 24-hour a day, free of charge, for the general public. Samyan Co-op (co-operative) is a non-profit organization for education that exists in a commercial mall. Onion started the project by studying existing places that h... More

Project • By kister scheithauer grossUniversities

Learning Center Mechanical Engineering (LZM)

Hovering Mass It is more than a modular, flexible and clearly zoned hall. Natural lighting with two light sources and the suspended ceiling beams create a "interplay between structural mass, lightness and mobility of the structural elements" in the hall’s large volume, says the originator of the design, Professor Susanne Gross from kister scheithauer gross architekten und stadtplaner.   The new Learning Center Mechanical Engineering (LZM) of Technische Universität Darmstadt is a three-storey building with an effective floor area of 2,750 square metres. It accommodates four computer pool rooms for 320 students as well as machine halls for about 20 different test benches for the Departments of Structural Dynamics, Mechatron... More

Project • By HassellOffices

Shiseido Singapore Office Hub

Shiseido’s new office hub in Singapore, designed by HASSELL, is home to Shiseido Asia Pacific (SAPAC), Shiseido Singapore (SS) and Shiseido Travel Retail (STR), and it heralds a new chapter in the development of one of the world’s oldest and most successful beauty brands.As part of a corporate transformation, Shiseido is shifting authority and responsibility to their regional bases around the world – and HASSELL was tapped to develop the workplace design strategy and interior design for their new home in Singapore.A welcoming sanctuary of calm for staffInspired by Shiseido’s DNA, the workplace design is clean and minimalist, with a modern twist.A core value of Japanese culture, omotenashi – the art of hospitality – is reflected in the workp... More

Project • By YKK AP America Inc.Workshops

Sea Scout Base Galveston

On the shores of Offatts Bayou in Galveston, Texas, a five-story, 60,000-square-foot-building rises above the neighboring structures. The building, Sea Scout Base Galveston, is a state-of-the-art learning center designed to cultivate youth interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) topics, as well as sailing. Starting as modest design in 2007, the $40 million complex was transformed into a high-tech reality thanks to a partnership with Charles Doolin, an avid donor and supporter of the Sea Scouts, a venturing program offered by the Boy Scouts of America.The complex features enough facilities to house 200 to 300 Sea Scouts who attend the programs. Additionally, the complex has many classrooms and offices, as well as an outd... More

Project • By nook architectsApartments


Situated next to the Port, the Barceloneta District has a privileged position within the city of Barcelona.  As part of the urban renewal motivated by the Barcelona‘92 Olympic Games, several and intensive urban interventions were made to revitalize the district and open it towards the sea, making it one of the most heterogeneous, touristic, and culturally rich areas of the city.During the last few years, most of the renovation efforts have been concentrated in the construction of new public buildings, the reduction of traffic, and transforming streets into pedestrian pathways, improving the quality of living.  The amount of quality housing that meets the current living standards and accessibility codes, however, is still scarce.Ou... More