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Project • By heimat studioShops

Physiotherapy Clinic in Seville

The Dual physiotherapy clinic is located in the Triana district of Seville. The space, of small dimensions and a single façade front, required a very compact project to solve the uses efficiently.The clinic is structured around a server core, which condenses the entire auxiliary programme, from which the two treatment rooms emerge, linked by a waiting room that also serves as a reception area. Fernando Alda Fernando Alda Natural materials such as wood or the vegetation itself bring warmth and quality to the space, helping the target of the clients, which was to create a relaxing and peaceful environment for the patients who come for treatment, turning even the waiting time into a pleasant and calm experience that prepares... More

Product • By LZFOh!Line


Imagine sitting beneath a halo of light. This is the effect created by Oh!Line, a svelte circle of light. Designed by Marivi Calvo & Burkhard Dämmer, Oh!Line is available in two sizes: medium and large suspension. With its slim form, wood veneer, dimmable LED, and light-filtering diffuser, Oh!Line radiates warmth and elegance. Light from the ring-shaped Oh!Line provides a relaxed ambience and a focused glow. More

Product • By LZFI-Line


I-Line is a smooth and sleek lamp, with a clean, architectural line. Designed by long-time LZF collaborator Burkhard Dämmer, I-Line is available in two sizes: medium and large suspension. I-Line’s unfussy design is perfect in places and spaces that call for a practical, yet elegant, luminaire: above a countertop or a work table, for example. I-Line’s wood veneer, dimmable LED, and light-filtering diffuser, provide both direct and ambient light. In I-Line, Burkhard Dämmer has created a lamp that is simple, symmetrical and serene. More

Project • By Jump & FlyHotels

Dolce Sitges

The brief comprised converting three contiguous rooms into a single room so that it could be used for large office meeting events or weddings while maintaining the option of using them separately. The fixed partitions that separated the central room from the adjacent rooms needed to be replaced by mobile phones that could allow their movement, while maintaining the current capacity if the Hotel required it.  Jump & Fly The appearance of the rooms is simple as the design do not want to distract the users of the event that going to take place. The aim was to design a naked box that the companies or wedding couples could dress up according to their needs, spicing the room up with their branding and display.  Jump & F... More



We create experiences which go beyond personal care and hygiene. A world around water and its benefits, through therapy which stimulates the senses, such as chromotherapy, aromatherapy and hydrotherapy materialised in the shower and the bathtub. Relaxation through cutting-edge designs inspired by the flow of water and the power of transformation. More

Project • By Linea Light GroupResidential Landscape

Residence Civico 3.9

Sparkling, dynamic, elegant. A historic, yet modern town. Castelfranco Veneto boasts several features that sets it apart from other towns in Italy and the Veneto region. Firstly, its name which derives from Castrum Francum referring to the exemptions granted to its inhabitants in exchange for the defence afforded by the castle against attacks from the city of Padua. Secondly, the red-brick town wall, one of the most distinctive in the country and lastly, the piazza (one of the oldest squares in the town with buildings dating back to the 1500 and 1600s), named after the artist, Giorgione, the symbol of Castelfranco, also featuring a statue of him.And right alongside the piazza is a modern residential area featuring the new Residence Civico 3... More

Project • By ICA StudioBars


Coming right out of the most colorful dream or better say yellowest dream, “ Yellow Mood’ is a series of bar & restaurants based in Tirana, Albania and designed by ICA that will make you feel like you’re part of a movie. Proving one more time that design in film and architecture are indeed elements that will always co-exist, the interior was inspired by the action movie “Atomic Blonde”. The whole space is a mix of materials, volumes and styles. Walking through the space various elements such as the way how technology is part of the identity of the inner space, the geometrical pattern of the ceramic tiles on the floor, the 50mm MDF 3D pyramidal panel at the bar together with “the cloud” ( as we l... More

Project • By Linea Light GroupIndividual Buildings

Krujë castle

Krujë is the ancient capital city of Albania, the symbol of the resistance against Ottoman invasions and birth place of the national hero, Giorgio Castriota Skanderbeg. Its name appears to derive from the word krua which means spring, due to the numerous sources of fresh water which descend from the surrounding mountains.From a geographical point of view, Krujë is located in central Albania and extends to the foot of the western slope of the mountain with the same name. This strategic position, a crossroads for the routes connecting the entire country, led to the development of trade and determined its dominant role towards the surrounding districts. The castle is the symbol of the city, perched atop a rocky ridge on the eastern s... More

Project • By mckimmPrivate Houses

The Sussex House

A bold contemporary form and celebration of materiality, showcasing bricks, bluestone and porcelain - embodying the mass of a boulder, delicately floating within the shallows of a deep blue body of pool water, the weighted walls are softened by warm timbers and curves, all perceived through a biophilic line-of-sight.   - For a family of 6, and large extended family, zones and spaces were designed around interactive family life, large gatherings and entertaining.   - Bold contemporary form and materiality, bricks and bluestone softened by curves. - Seamless flow and Biophilic line of sight connecting Indoor to outdoor garden spaces. - Water movement with surrounding shallows and pool, integrating fluid connection of spaces.... More

Project • By Linea Light GroupIndividual Buildings

Castello di Rozafa

Shkodër is the most important city in northern Albania. Being on the border, the city has been subject to Venetian, Slavic and Ottoman influence and domination. This intertwining of cultures is still clearly visible in the traces of Islamic and Catholic, Italian and Turkish architecture found in the monuments, buildings and even in the Rozafa Castle, as the symbol of Shkodër and the best observation point, looking over the city and its surroundings. Perched atop a promontory and wedged between three rivers, the fortress (once) controlled entry into the city. It was built by the Illyrians before being expanded throughout the years by the Venetians and then by the Ottomans, with works that can still be seen today. Its name is linked... More

Project • By Articolo LightingPrivate Houses

The Crescent

'For a sophisticated bespoke interior clearly influenced by its marine location overlooking Sydney Harbour, this luxury boutique three storey residential building is all about curves, rich architectural detailing and quality craftsmanship. Stand-out lighting features include a statement pendant over the marble-themed kitchen island, several unique wall lights and LED strips in the spacious basement car park.' -Words via Est Lighting   This elegant home overlooking Sydney's harbour features the Articolo Float Hover Wall Sconce and Float Pendant, the Fizi Single and Triple Ball Wall Sconce and the Scandal Long Pendant. The Float is a signature Articolo collection which evokes opulence and grace. It is refined lighting inform... More

Project • By Linea Light GroupCommercial Landscape

H-Farm - Tenuta Ca’ Tron

A unique place where students, professionals and entrepreneurs guided by innovation can meet to interact and collaborate. This is the new H-FARM Campus, the revolutionary platform of one of the main companies in the European digital economy landscape.Thanks to the expansion project, the technological and educational hub of H-FARM Campus is now sustainable and self-sufficient from an energy point of view, able to accommodate more than 3,000 people (2,000 of whom are students), spread over a total area of 51 hectares equipped with sports facilities, event spaces, buildings dedicated to teaching and catering, a large library and a conference hall open to the public. A privileged observation post with a view of the future, new trends and the te... More
Portsea House by Austin Design Associates
Portsea House by Austin Design Associates
Portsea House by Austin Design Associates
Portsea House by Austin Design Associates
Portsea House by Austin Design Associates

Project • By Articolo LightingPrivate Houses

Portsea House

'A previously dated but solidly built 90’s style house with ‘good bones’ has been renovated with minimal structural changes but with a comprehensive interior design program. Our clients purchased a large, solidly built and well-located beach house. However, the kitchen was impractical, the large bar unnecessary and the finishes were colourful – the house had the sensibility of a 90’s office interior rather than a home near the beach. Our repeat clients trusted we would give the house a more relaxed and warm feel as well as creating practical spaces for a family that likes to cook and entertain.  As the house was quite large we had sufficient space to enlarge the kitchen and include the client’s sele... More

Project • By Articolo LightingPrivate Houses

Huntingtower Road

Completed by architectural developer Orchard Piper, Huntingtower Road offers this beautifully proportioned home in the heart of Armadale. In collaboration with esteemed architects Jolson and landscape architects Myles Baldwin Design, this rare property comprises ten finely detailed homes immersed in greenery. Purposefully-designed to encourage and cultivate an indoor-outdoor lifestyle, this premiere residence offers ample amenity and comfortable living spaces. Designed for secure and convenient living, residents may enjoy the freedom of a ‘lock up and leave’ lifestyle.This elegant garden residential project features the Articolo Fizi Pendant, the Scandal Long Pendant and both Slim and Fizi Wall Sconces. The Fizi collection... More

Project • By Articolo LightingPrivate Houses

Apartment 06

Situated on the third floor of a classic Grade-II Listed building in West London, this apartment is set across what was once four separate houses. The expansive lateral layout emphasises the extraordinary sense of space.  The living areas communicate through sets of large double doors, so the space can feel private when necessary, but also has a sociable, open flow to it.  The rooms are punctuated with charismatic pockets of colour: a rich brown in the sitting room and subtle peach emerging in the dining room.  Marble and touches of burnished brass are combined with rich fabrics including bouclé, velvet and wool to enhance the sense of feminine elegance and comfort.    For this residential project an Artico... More