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Project • By Gow Hastings ArchitectsUniversities

Université de l'Ontario français Campus

The Université de l'Ontario français (UOF) is Ontario’s first French-language university governed for and by Franco-Ontarians. Rooted in downtown Toronto’s East Bayfront, an emerging start-up and innovation neighbourhood, the 50,000 sf campus is home to the mobilization and creation of French-language education in Ontario. Occupying the entire second floor of a mixed-use building, Gow Hastings Architects designed the inaugural campus to retain existing industrial elements while introducing a new vision for academic design focussed on student-faculty interaction.  Tom Arban The design embraces the irregular shape of the building, its exposed concrete walls and structure to embody the spirit of the surroun... More

Product • By BEGAHigh-performance floodlights for high ambient temperatures

High-performance floodlights for high ambient temperatures

High-performance floodlight in different designs. With a luminaire luminous flux of more than 42,000 lumens, they set new standards in terms of economy and efficiency.This series continues our history of successful high-performance floodlights with all of the quality features.These floodlights are characterised by the extremely long service lives of their LED and power supply units and of their precise optical systems. Glass, silicone and aluminium are used to deflect the light and optimise efficiency. These materials are practically wear-free and virtually unaffected by ageing. BEGA does not use polymer lenses in view of their questionable ageing properties and thermal stability. Highly efficient reflectors create either very narrow beam,... More

Product • By Delta LightPartou


Partou? Oui oui! The Partou family has countless application possibilities, as it combines round and square shapes, fix and adjustable luminaires and offers an IP44 protection rate from below. Easy to fit in everywhere – partout in French -, from residential to hospitality, from dining room to bathroom. The clever design of Partou offers a multitude of finishing options on 1 and the same LED module. Complete your LED module with the cover you want: round or square, small or bigger, white, black or a black-dark chrome combination for an optimal visual comfort, the choice is up to you! More

Project • By Articolo LightingHotels

Quay West Hotel Lobby

Articolo's Double Ball Pendant and Double Ball Wall Sconce feature in the Quay West Hotel & Residential Tower refurbishment in Southbank. Nestled in the heart of Melbourne's arts precinct, the Quay West building refurbishment designed by CoLAB Studio draws cues from the iconic interiors of the neighbouring  Arts Centre and Hamer Hall. The interior juxtaposes purity of form and honesty of artisan craftsmanship to create a poignant design contribution to this special pocket of Melbourne's art and design soul. The Fizi collection is mesmerising with the explosion of bubbles suspended in champagne’sque effervescence. Breathtaking shadow play when Fizi is lit. Wall and ceiling jewellery for the home.  ​Photography... More

Product • By VONN LightingRUBIK LED Downlight Series

RUBIK LED Downlight Series

An elegant and cutting-edge LED downlight series that elevates the design of your space through versatile and functional lighting. Meticulously manufactured to provide multi-directional illumination, Rubik maximizes the impact of light in your space. Adjustable features make it easy to create a customized ambiance, catering to a variety of design goals. This light source, equipped with color-rendering accuracy, delivers focus to the room no mater the time of day.  More

NewsNews • 2 Apr 2021

Innovative metro line station design puts Shanghai in a ‘tube’

Opening before Chinese New Year 2021, Wutopia Lab was commissioned by Shentong Group to design the Shanghai Metro Line 15 Wuzhong Road Station. The station is conceived as more than a functional addition to the city’s infrastructure, as it has been envisioned as a social and symbolic reflection of Shanghai itself.   CreatAR Images The ground conditions of Shanghai make the city unsuitable for below-ground metro construction. Nevertheless, it is the city with the longest-running mileage of subway in the world, continuously running far into the outer lying areas of Shanghai. Given the ground-level nature of the station, the architects developed the concept of the station as Shanghai’s Huangpu River, flanked by scenes of... More

Project • By BEGAOffices

RIVA, Dortmund

One of Europe’s biggest structural change projects is currently taking place in the southern district of Dortmund city. What was once the home of glowing steel and smoking chimneys is now an area of recreation with the newly created Phoenixsee lake. Numerous linear-style buildings are settling along its shore.One of the most elegant buildings stands directly alongside the small harbour basin - the RIVA residential and commercial building. Constructed in 2013, the building is notable for its clear-cut lines which are emphasised by the successful use of glass and limestone among others.LED wall luminaires illuminate the nearby parking area. Spatial illumination of the parking area is promoted by the choice of asymmetrical light distribu... More

Product • By KLUSOPK-4


For creating serviceable straight- and broken-line fixtures, built into drywall, flush with their surface, without visible aluminum flanges More

Product • By AxolightU-light - suspension

U-light - suspension

Collection consisting of wall lamps, ceiling lamps and suspended lamps in aluminium. Available in several sizes and colours: anthracite grey and rust brown. Built-in dimmable LED light source. More

Product • By KLUSLARKO


Main lighting installation, especially in existing drywall structures. More

Product • By KLUSPDS-4-PLUS


Designed for the construction of indoor lighting fixtures with increased ingress protection. More

Product • By KLUS3035


Linear suspended or surface-mounted lighting fixtures.  More



Extrusion for construction of surface mounted fixtures with a focused beam of light. More

NewsNews • 18 Jan 2021

Boutique condominium development in Washington DC engages the street with playful façade design

In the Columbia Heights neighbourhood of Washington, DC, Kozo is a boutique condominium development that playfully blends nature with the built environment. Kuhn Architect An urban infill project by P.T. Blooms Development and Jonathan Kuhn Architect, the eight-unit development offers the opportunity to live in a walkable neighbourhood close to many city amenities. And with a mind to engaging the urban realm, the building’s distinctive façade features playfully staggered, black-framed balconies that project from a white masonry façade, resulting in a clean and modern look with contrast in both colour and depth. The interplay of balconies versus void further provides visual interest and a sense of engagement with th... More

Product • By KLUSGIZA


GIZA is an aluminum LED profile that can be suspended on steel wires or rods, or mounted to various types of surfaces. More