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NewsSpecification • 23 Jan 2023

10 living rooms where white sofas take centre stage

In a conversation about living rooms, it is a safe bet that a sofa is the first thing that pops up in most minds. A good sofa is plush enough to plunge into while retaining a refreshing look.    White sofas offer a warm and clean look to your living area, giving the room a timeless appeal. Needless to say, they become the focal point of living rooms, dictating the style of the interiors.    From an all foam-cushion sofa creating cosy nooks to a completely recyclable iconic modular sofa, the following list showcases ten living rooms with characteristic white sofas.   1. An apartment to house art Mikhail Loskutov The Blockstudio architects have designed this flat with a lot of sunlight for a young family w... More

Project • By BezmirnoApartments


In the early fall of 2022, the team of Bezmirno architectural studio completed work on the design project implementation for the apartment in the Tetris Hall residential complex in Kyiv. Andrii Shurpenkov Our main aim was to create an elegant and cozy space by combining warm colors with natural materials. Andrii Shurpenkov The apartment, with a total area of about 100 square meters, has two bedrooms, two dressing rooms, a bathroom, a shower room, and a spacious living room combined with a kitchen. Andrii Shurpenkov The apartment planning from the developer was done properly, and only minor changes were made. For the convenience of owners, we only added a small dressing room near the master bedroom. Andrii Shurpenkov... More

Project • By Laura AbeltinaApartments

Apartment in Hamburg

This 80 m2 apartment is located in central Hamburg, it has 3 rooms and terrace. Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption More

Project • By BezmirnoHotels

Chalet Chamonix

Surrounded by the incredible mountains of the French Alps, in the town of Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, the Alpen Chalet became the first large foreign project of our studio.The interior design of the chalet took us more than six months to develop. And during this time the project had several changes. Inspired by the materials, colors and elements of the Alps nature, we have combined the traditional techniques, used in the construction of alpine houses for many centuries, with the new technologies. This allowed to create a traditional, but at the same time modern, unique and timeless style. Warm colors, elegant wooden surfaces, natural materials and expressive interior elements – all to create an atmosphere of comfort and relax after a long... More

Project • By AE ArchitectsApartments


The owner of this apartment didn’t want it to have motley interior or excessive furniture. That is how we came up with this minimalistic design for her 55-m2 apartment. We began by getting rid of partitions between the entrance hall and living room. As the result, you can see the majority of the apartment from the doorstep. Our customer wanted some sort of partitioning between the kitchen and living room – and that is how an opening with a built-in storage stand came to be. The owner also dreamed of the entire apartment bathing in the sunlight during the day. So, we suggested an inner window between the bathroom and kitchen and split the former into dry and wet areas. The wet area is cube-shaped, with a full-sized bathtub and... More

Project • By AE ArchitectsApartments


This apartment is located in the Gorod – Peredelkino Blizhnee Park Apartment Complex. The owners – a young married couple with a child – went for minimalistic interior design. When deciding on the concept for the interior design, we had to bear in mind the low 2.7-meter ceiling. So, from the moment you enter the apartment you start seeing vertical lines that continue throughout the entire apartment and into bedrooms. It did not help the building is a precast reinforced concrete one; virtually every wall is a load-bearing one; we were able to remove only one partition between the corridor and bedsit. It was replaced with vertical modules full of storage spaces. We also added a walk-in closet by putting up extra walls in the... More

Project • By BezmirnoApartments


The modern world is changing so quickly and unexpectedly that it is simply impossible to foresee the design trends of the future. The only thing that remains constant is the fundamental principles of design and their ability to turn any space into a comfortable place. That is why the Bezmirno team used three main rules of architecture in designing this apartment, including functionality, ergonomics and aesthetics.   This apartment consists of a master bedroom with a dressing room, two bedrooms for the kids, a spacious kitchen with a living room, a small office, two bathrooms, and a separate dressing room, which is designed as an island at the entrance to the apartment. Despite the fact that the apartment is divided into separate mul... More

Project • By Prashant Parmar ArchitectPrivate Houses

Stepped Cube House

This residential Bungalow is a unique design of space designed for client with challenging requirements. The client had selected this site as its location is one of the affluent places in Ahmedabad. The site area being 2600 Sq.ft. with one common wall between two bungalows was itself just a challenging job for designing it, along with client’s demand on having open and interesting spaces making the house grand in its own way. Brief of client was having a 4 bhk bungalow along with every room and common spaces getting balconies with it. Also client had a requirement of an elevator with staircase so that all age groups could access every floor of bungalow which was very rare to see in this scale of bungalow. Looking at these factors, the... More

Project • By IONS DESIGNPrivate Houses

Living Room Interiors in Neutral Color Theme

A family living room interior in homely and relaxing transitional interior designing concept.    Neutral & calm color theme dominates the home interior design mainly in the ceiling, walls of simple molding and luxurious contemporary furniture while a Mondrian inspired feature wall takes the center of affection.    Forms and functions harmoniously worked together in this sophisticated villa design as reflected in the open layout of segmented zones ‐ accommodating simultaneously a seating, entertainment and kitchen island area.     by IONS DESIGN – Interior Designer  for Luxurious Residential Interior Design | | Tel.: +971 4 4542675 | Dubai, UAE More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignPrivate Houses

Classical House Interior Design

The gorgeous and iconic interpretation of this Classic House Interior Design in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, features a harmony of Art Deco, Victorian, and modern-style themes. The design is elegance personified, evoking a sense of inherent luxury. There are gorgeous details and timeless design elements that take the space to a whole new level. The understated color palette, traditional-style furniture, and beautiful accents all work to deliver the best blend of modern and traditional design. More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignPrivate Houses

Simple Modern Villa Interior Design

The simplicity and clean design of this Simple Modern Villa Interior Design located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, exudes a sense of inherent warmth and comfort. Its neutral color/material palette is complemented with gilded accents, lush textures, and fresh plants. The overall design is a study in minimal luxury without sacrificing homeliness. The open floor plan evokes spaciousness, and the picture windows deliver awesome views of the outside. It's a classic modern home with an intimate twist! More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignPrivate Houses

Luxury Neoclassical Palace Interior Design

This Luxury Neoclassical Palace Interior Design located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is the pinnacle of understated opulence. The iconic combination of classical and modern design elements is stunningly executed. All the small details—including the geometric floor pattern, the intricate wall carvings, and the gilded modern light fixtures—have been carefully chosen to exemplify the sumptuous aesthetic. The subtle undertones of modernity provide gorgeous contrast and make this interior design truly grand! More

Project • By Marina Rechter - ReMa architectsOffices

PwC Israel offices in Tel Aviv

A general renovation project of the public floor with the creation of a large spice and a renovated cafeteria adapted to the current needs of the company. Special emphasis has been placed on the design of a young and elegant lounge area, creating a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, a place to rest, work conversations and personal meetings. The use of delicate colors, respectable furniture, young and minimalist, with emphasis on every detail created a pleasant atmosphere with inviting design that speaks in itself without the movement of people in space. The meticulous minority that transmits elegance, light color winks and a smile into space create an environment that conveys the values ​​of the company and serves the workers and visitors wel... More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignPrivate Houses

Modern Classic House Interior Design

The Modern Classic House Interior Design located in Dammam, Saudi Arabia features a dynamic & eye-catching variation of a modern canvas embellished with classical design elements. While the core of the design respects the cultural & social expectations of Saudi society, the overall ambiance is inherently artistic. With large windows that let in ample sunlight, gold accents & a mostly neutral palette articulated in lush materials like velvet and marble, this home feels is positively royal. More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignPrivate Houses

Neoclassical Palace Design

Modern palaces are few and far between, but CAS handled the aesthetic and superior visuals of this Neoclassical Palace Design located in Al Doha, Qatar, with so much grace and refinement. With perfectly proportioned symmetry and classical design elements like barrel arches, beige marble cladding, and Corinthian columns, the facade also pays an ode to modernity with wrought-iron railings, stunning black contemporary window frames, and tasteful exterior nightscape lighting. More