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This apartment is located in the Gorod – Peredelkino Blizhnee Park Apartment Complex. The owners – a young married couple with a child – went for minimalistic interior design. When deciding on the concept for the interior design, we had to bear in mind the low 2.7-meter ceiling. So, from the moment you enter the apartment you start seeing vertical lines that continue throughout the entire apartment and into bedrooms. It did not help the building is a precast reinforced concrete one; virtually every wall is a load-bearing one; we were able to remove only one partition between the corridor and bedsit. It was replaced with vertical modules full of storage spaces. We also added a walk-in closet by putting up extra walls in the master bedroom.

The owners really wanted us to use warm colors and natural materials. For walls, we chose a light brown color and sprinkled them with wooden parts and grayish textures. For the floors, we used composite wood in bedsits and poured concrete in the entrance hall and kitchen. For the bathroom and restroom walls and floors, we decided on porcelain tile. The materials used for the interior design seamlessly merge into one another between rooms; it gives the apartment a sense of consistency and makes it appear more spacious.
The warm colors make the overall design more vibrant and tone down the minimalistic aspect of it.

One of the main requirements for the apartment was to create smart storage in every room. In front of the bathroom, it is a closet for household items where a built-in washing machine and home server could be placed. Near the entrance door, it is a wardrobe. In the master bedroom, it is a walk-in closet. In the child’s room, it is a large closet. In the living room, it is a book storage stand and TV stand. In the bathroom and restroom, it is build-in cabinets with access to plumbing.

As usual, we implemented three lightning patterns in this project – main, task, and decorative. The owners did not want there to be any chandeliers in the apartment; the main lightning is provided by spotlights and LED tubes. For the task lighting, we used track lighting systems and sconces, as well as hanging lights above the dinner table and master bedroom  bedside cabinets. As for the decorative lighting, we installed various accent lights.

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