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Project • By Euroart 93Offices

Digital marketing agency new office space

Euroart93, a digital agency focused on building web projects, mobile apps, social media experiences and visual identities, recently redesigned its office located in an old railway warehouse in Sisak, Croatia.   “We started with the main goals we want to achieve: keeping the historical heritage, open space concept, using the pre-existing materials, functionality. Original building was used as a railway warehouse, with a lot off industrial elements which we decided to keep and build upon them.   To achieve functionality we decided to section the open space into 3 sectors, design, development and managers. When it comes to interior design we opted for clean, Scandinavian look combined with mid-century modern look. A lot of... More

Project • By AMGArchitectsOffices

Clockwork Time

Clockwork Time (CWT) coworking space is located on the premises of former fermentation department ofStepan Razinbrewery in St. Petersburg, Russia. The red-brick building was constructed in 19th century. Interior design project was developed by AMGArchitects architecture bureau.   CWT provision of space varies toincludeseveral openspace areas,private offices for teams up to 13 people, conference rooms, and common areas of different types. There are also chill-out zones and meeting spaces to hold informal discussions in, coffee and tea spots, skype-rooms, a small lecture hall as well as a shared kitchen.   The main idea of the project is to adjust the traditional concept of office space interior to new requirements of today&rsqu... More

Project • By buck&simplePrivate Houses

A+C Residence

This beautiful example of mid-century modernism has been given a considered renovation to ensure it stands the test of time and stays true to its history.   The Seaforth Residence involved modest alterations and additions to an existing single-family home in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. The clients were enamoured with the existing mid-century modern style of the home and sought to update it in a way that further exemplifies this era. The response takes a restrained approach, improving the liveability, solar access, and environmental performance of the residence, while retaining its existing charm.   The design included dropping the original pitch roof to a flat profile roof with slender circular column supports, framed by... More

Project • By Black RabbitPrivate Houses

W. Mary Residences

These four garden courtyard houses embody the feel of south Austin’s eclectic and casual lifestyle. Taking cues from the local neighborhood, the 2-story primary units facing the street are styled in a traditional vernacular form while the rear 1-story accessory dwelling units (ADU’s) take on a low-slung mid-century modern form. Solid (insulated) stack-bonded architectural grade CMU (concrete masonry unit) walls define the ADU’s (accessory dwelling unit) exterior walls which carry through to the interior. Heavy mass gabion walls create privacy and natural garden planter walls. More

Project • By William / Kaven ArchitecturePrivate Houses


Extending seamlessly into Portland’s renowned Forest Park, William / Kaven Architecture’s Royal project is positioned at the coveted ecotone of forest and city. Located within minutes of downtown Portland, this airy, generously glazed modern dwelling cantilevers far above the forest floor among reaches of Douglas fir and vine maple. Royal is set into 0.65 forested acres less than 500 feet from the Balch Creek Forest and Forest Park, and boasts 735 square feet of exterior terraces and balconies overlooking a lush wooded expanse.   A dramatic 1.5-story foyer with clerestory windows leads into the main living area, which features white oak floors with dark walnut inlay borders, a substantial dual-fuel hearth, and a spacious... More

Project • By DesignAgencyHotels

The Dalmar

In Fort Lauderdale, The Dalmar, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel, offers guests a downtown alternative to the city’s beachside destinations. DesignAgency worked with the Wurzak Hotel Group to both conceptualize the brand, the interiors, and everything from the signage to the flip-flops that can be used throughout your stay to present a unified vision of the hotel as a topical urban oasis for where business and pleasure travelers can come together with local residents in The Dalmar’s laid back, open-air surroundings.   The design team recognized that the needs of both Fort Lauderdale travellers and local residents were evolving. The Dalmar offers a 209-room urban counterpart to conventional Fort Lauderdale beach hotels, and estab... More

Product • By Plywood ProjectSideboard Mid century FRISK 690 I

Sideboard Mid century FRISK 690 I

Subtle and elegant Sideboard FRISK 690 balances functionality and aesthetics. It will display photos, books or favorite coffee set in your living room, bedroom and office space while hiding cutlery and documents in cabinets. Sideboard Frisk is a modern look at the classic, mid century modern Scandinavian style. Depending on the color of the finish, it will work in different spaces, from minimalist to loft vintage. The body of the Sideboard FRISK 690 consists of 4 drawers, equipped with high quality guide ways with a silent closing. The sideboard has black powder coated handles. Sideboard FRISK in the presented version is made of birch plywood. The side legs/ladders are not only a decorative element, but also serve as a support for books.... More

Product • By Plywood ProjectMid century bookcase FRISK Maxi with drawers

Mid century bookcase FRISK Maxi with drawers

Bookcase FRISK Maxi with drawers lets you arrange every space smartly and functionally. This versatile piece of plywood furniture will fit perfectly in the office, living room or even the kitchen or corridor. In the office, Bookcase FRISK Maxi will help you organize documents, work materials, books; in the living room it will display rich collections of books, vinyls, decorative elements such as vases, candles and picture frames; in the kitchen, its shelves can be used to store cookbooks or coffee cups. In addition, its legs also serve as a support for books, which is especially important on the top shelf. Bookcase Frisk Maxi can be combined with Bookcases Frisk Mini and Midi and a desk within the Frisk Furniture system. Other modules: dr... More

Project • By CTA Design BuildersHousing

Kirkland Mid Century Modern

This vintage rambler sits in a 1960’s builder’s subdivision, and had not been touched. Over the years, nearby homes had been torn down and replaced with big box houses, but our owners are mid-century aficionados and wanted to upgrade the mid-century elements to really ramp up the modernism in this modest house! We rebuilt a good portion of the roof, allowing for a soaring ceiling inside the main living spaces. We also opened up lots of walls for more open living, including a big folding wall opening the rear of the house to outdoor rooms – both covered and open patio areas. Guiding the design were classic modernist principals espoused by Mid-Century greats like Richard Neutra and Joseph Eichler. Eichler’s influence... More

Project • By Regional Design ServicePrivate Houses

Wahgunyah House

Our client approached us with a love of mid-century modern homes and a dream of living in one of their own on their semi-rural property in Wahgunyah, Victoria.    From the outset we worked with our client to explore the themes and context of mid-century Modernism with regards to style, but more importantly, materiality and construction techniques.   A four-bedroom ‘forever home’, this project became an extremely personal project for us, as the first residence our studio has completed, and also owing to the amazing relationship we have forged with the clients.   More

Project • By Atelier PECLAT+CHOWApartments

ISS Apartment

The client, a single 40 years-old Greek who’s deeply involved in the artsy world, has lived in Brazil for almost 8 years and requested the Atelier PECLAT+CHOW to completely renovate a 1960's apartment located in the trendy neighborhood of Jardins, in São Paulo. The apartment hasn’t been restored in over 50 years, in that way we proposed a completely different layout.   As one enters the apartment one sees itself surrounded by walls and doors wrapped in brushed walnut paneling, as one walks towards the living space you perceive at its heart a floating wooden monolith which seems to have been detached from the entrance hall. This volume embodies the space with a sense of permanence and also acts as an invisible separ... More

Project • By Roman PlyusPrivate Houses


Cameo is the latest privet villalocated in the heart of Moscow. The unique architecture of Cameo Moscow Villas is an oasis of country life in the center of one of the most densely populated cities in the world. High 4 meter ceilings and impressive gold arched windows combined with collectible items of legendary designers XX century allowed us to create a dream space.   LivingroomThe interior is made in the style of mid-century modern filled with light and calm. The white and beige palette visually enlarges and fills a large space with air. The idea of arches borrowed from architecture, I decided to repeat many times in the interior. This technique allows you to achieve a powerful relationship between all the interior items.  ... More

Project • By Studio Dwell ArchitectsPrivate Houses

House Etch

House Etch is a private home for a professional couple with children located in the Lakeview neighborhood in Chicago.  The couple was drawn to the mid-century modern aesthetic of Latin American architecture where ornament made way for interest in volumes and planes and exterior materials were expressed and celebrated. Drawing on the visionary work of that time from architects such as Niemeyer, Villanueva and Le Corbusier, the owners looked to explore those past innovative forms and materials with a fresh interpretation.   In response to their vision and the materials used in early Latin American modern architecture, the exterior was comprised of two materials to ensure a strong composition; board formed concrete and stained ceda... More

Project • By Studio Daskal LaperrePrivate Houses

DD Residence

Clean, classic lines and a graciously achieved balance of 90-deree angles create a timeless harmony that we just cannot resist. When you add a predominantly white colour scheme and understated, mid-century modernist interiors, we are sold.   This stunning residence – both the architecture and interiors – was created by the Brussels, Belgium-based Daskal-Laperre. The two associates, Daphne Daskal and Stephanie Laperre, have a beautiful style that shows in most of their high-end residential projects. White colour, unobtrusive form, low profile. Their work provides an exquisite container for the inhabitants to express their own style which, form the projects we have seen, tends to be mid-century modernist or otherwise minima... More

Project • By Austin Patterson Disston ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Mid-Century Modern Revived

Set on the tallest dune in Quogue and overlooking both the Atlantic Ocean and Quantuck Bay,this restored mid-century modern house was originally designed in the early 1960s by architect Abraham Geller. Rooted in abstract expressionism, the 3,830 square-foot house evokes artist Piet Mondrian’s grid of black lines and primary colors as well as architect Le Corbusier’s exuberant butterfly roof design. Each section of the double-diamond façade includes a triangular portion pointing down which creates a central butterfly roof effect on the exterior and high ceilings and large water view windows on the inside. The large windows and vaulted ceiling let in natural light, creating an expansive central living room/dining room. &nb... More