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Project • By KODD BUREAUApartments


The location and the resulting image of the project at the initial stage set the basis for the idea. All elements of the interior are brought into the exact balance of volumes and colors, textures and materials, as well as in the fullness of decor items. The house is surrounded by a pine forest, with a low floor the windows are at the level of the tree crowns. The surroundings bring natural colors and materials to the interior, while the interior is shaped by a structure that unites the living areas. Everything is as flexible as possible to erase the framing contour of the apartment. Technical issues are minimized or visually hidden to give the space as natural as possible. There is the required number of lamps, electricians, ventilation is... More



RAK and REA were both designed for the gourmet restaurant "Baldon", which is part of star architect Arno Brandlhuber´s Lobe Block Studio.  The unequal twins RAK and REA share the same DNA: Elegant lines, handcrafted with love for natureinspired details. More

Project • By MakeSpace ArchitectsOffices

A Contemporary Cube With a Parametric paradigm

Being a young enterprise, Rajat and I wanted a small studio, to step our identity in India after moving back from London. A studio that matched our taste of minimalism and that enabled us to explore new imaginative ideas. we decided to choose  a 1150 sq.ft contemporary studio which is truly experimental in its materiality, Porosity and Style. We have played with the cube shell, through a Minimalistic approach, and believing that “Less is more”. Through use of simplified visual compositions, the ambience of the office is ecstatic, Collective and collaborative. The space inherits the subtlety of contemporary interiors using shades of grey and retaining natural materiality . The studio follows a strict principle of lines and... More
Living Area
Living Area
Dining Area
Floor Plan
Elevator Vestibule

Project • By Axis MundiApartments

Tower Power Chicago

A new work in progress More



SMARTIA PG160P Santorini, a system for outstanding bioclimatic pergolas, is characterized by the high durability and the innovations it incorporates, offering ideal shading solutions for outdoor applications. It is probably the only pergola system that can cover in free-standing typologies (without wall mounting) a surface of up to 50 m2 with only four columns. The possible covered surface can be even doubled by adding just two more columns (i.e. 100 m2 with only 6 columns), without affecting the elegant and minimal design of the pergola.The rotating louvers for adjustable shading and protection from bad weather conditions, as well as the plethora of the available equipment, reflect the system’s bioclimatic philosophy and guarantee excellen... More

Project • By flamingo architectsIndividual Buildings

202 Radiant Casa

  category :- Interior designer (residential aparment) Project name :-  Cedar 202 Location :- Radiant Casa, Nr. Hotel Lalit, Akhil Nagar,                 Chainpura, Jagatpura, Jaipur, Rajasthan                                                            302017 Date of completion:- 14th march 2019 Photography credits: Tej   client brief Client for the project is a... More

Project • By Takeru Shoji Architects .Co.,LtdPrivate Houses

M house

Located in the mountain basin of Uonuma, Japan; the city does a complete turnaround from warm humid summers to snow covered winters. Here the temperature can reach up to 30 degree celcius in summers with over 80% humidity, while in winter the city might receive snowfall reaching up to 3 meters in height. Thus, a house built in this region needs to not only face the adversities of the land but also create an environment where the residents can thrive within their surroundings.   The conventional design approach to counter this snow is to elevate the living spaces, use mechanical means to melt rooftop snow using ground water and have thick walls with additional insulation. But all these measures create an isolation between the inside a... More

Product • By Alumil S.ASMARTIA M630 PHOS


The sliding system SMARTIA M630 PHOS offers a minimal touch in contemporary residences combining minimal design with high thermal performance. Following the “less is more” philosophy, all aluminium profiles can be hidden into the wall providing a total sense of comfort with top functionality and enhanced safety. More

Project • By Alumil S.AShops

180 Broadway Avenue

On a bustling New York boulevard, the architectural design of the building seeks to embrace the historical building elements of the area but with a contemporary approach. The typical earthly colored brick is placed in all the columns of the building interrupted by tilting windows which provide the interior space with plenty of natural light. The design of the building retains a minimal character and at the same time, its rectangular shape underlines the direction of the vertical axis. In such a big city that hosts some of the most popular brands, the ground floor with the visible - almost industrial style - aluminum profiles, highlight the commercial character and indirectly advertise their products, since the integration of the internal wi... More

Project • By Alumil S.AOffices

Regnum Sky Tower

Focusing essentially on the individual, functionality and usability, this building combines them to offer an architectural creation which stands out among so many others in one of the fastest growing business areas of Ankara. The primary design lines have been uniformly applied on the entire building of 150 meters. The curtain walls were used as an empty canvas on which a unique image was formed. Horizontal and vertical design lines meet the slopes leading to the top through "dancing" like moves. Minimal design highlights the building's character, as for the companies that are located into it, there is a strong demand on a clear and serious image. The natural light, which enters unobstructed inside the building, helps and enhances the effic... More

Project • By Alumil S.AHotels

Akti Imperial Deluxe Resort & Spa

Overlooking the Aegean blue, the architectural canvas allows the synthetic choices to develop freely a synthesis that can create a special, kind of futuristic, hotel complex in Ialysos, Rhodes. Nine luxurious storeys are raised in absolute symmetry. The Greek elements appear in every single aspect, from the smooth curved moves that strive to sculpt the enormous volume of the building, to the combination of intense and vibrant colors of the natural flora and the earth elements. On the east side, one of the largest conference venues in Europe, whose image resemble a small stadium and also express its gathering capacity. Keeping Greek elements as its main architectural language, the intense white color provides plenty of natural light into the... More

Project • By Alumil S.AApartments

Emerald Terraces

As a continuous source of inspiration, the sea constitutes the focus point of the southern suburbs of Athens. A visually sophisticated contemporary architectural complex in Glyfada is oriented towards the skyline with unobstructed view of the Saronic Gulf. Linear design, geometric philosophy and the adaptation of the principles of the modern movement, compose a tectonic landscape which combines contradictory uses. Office and living place, pressure and leisure, activity and tranquility, through the architectural prism. The bright white color emphasizes the sense of luxury as well as the strict style of the building. The greatest possible interconnection between the modern human and the natural environment is achieved thanks to the large open... More

Project • By Alumil S.APrivate Houses

Private Residence at Alimos

The natural landscape in the slopes of Alimos, dominated by blue and green shades, meets the austere design lines of white volumes. The intense color contrast provides this residential composition with its distinct character. The house is developed in two levels orientating itself along the north-south axis in order to absorb the slope, allowing at the same time, the view to enter unobstructed inside the interior of the residence due to the large openings overlooking the sea. By covering them with glass surfaces encased by minimum visible aluminum profiles, a smooth unification of the internal and external environment is achieved, emphasizing, this way, the austere design character of the house. Bedrooms and bathrooms are located at th... More

Project • By Human w/ DesignApartments

Private Residence UFH

Private Residence is a minimalist home located in Hong Kong, designed by Human w/ Design. A Hong Kong based studio Human w/ Design was asked by client to redesign their 19 years apartment, into a minimal and practical space. For this 45 square-metre apartment, 3 bedroom is needed to fulfill the family members requirement. Due to the structural restriction of the building, the most appropriate way to achieve it is adding the new bedroom at the window side area of the original living room. A reeded glass block partition is constructed to separate the new bedroom and living area to maximize natural daylight penetration while preserving certain degree of privacy. It also acts as a feature wall for living room providing a sense of... More

Project • By Human w/ DesignApartments

42 Broadway

42 Broadway is a minimal space located in Hong Kong, designed by Human w/ Design. A large wooden wall at the back of living and dining area providing plenty of concealed storage including a maid room, letting the rest of space to be more open and airy. Materials and color palette of wood veneer, stone and beige tone expressing a natural touch and feel. The study rooms double sliding doors can be fully open to create a large share space with dining room for friends gathering. The selection of clean and simple form of furniture and ironmongeries to match with the minimal approach for the space. Kitchen with large piece of glass partition help to extend the space visually and allow daylight pen... More