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Modern Luxury House Interior Design

The exterior and interior design of the Modern Luxury House Interior Design in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is the epitome of classy sophistication. It is minimalistic but respects the context of the Saudi culture. With separate spaces and entrances for men and women, the modern theme is socially relevant. There are even small Arabic influences in the form of gilding. Coupled with natural tones and contemporary furniture, the strict modernistic setting also emulates a warm and welcoming aura. More

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Fusion Penthouse Design

The Fusion Penthouse Design is part of the fully serviced residential tower of Orsyat located in Khobar, Saudi Arabia. Featuring stunning views of its beachfront ocean, this suite has been done in rich classical style accents fused with a modern backdrop. The use of plush furniture, art-deco style light fixtures, ornate artwork, & expensive materials create an ambiance brimming with unfettered grandeur & polished elegance. It's a home that is effused with a classic royal vibe - fit for a queen. More

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Modern Minimal Interior Design

This Modern Minimal Interior Design located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia is a study in simplicity and grace. The clean lines and plain furniture add sophistication to its overall ambiance. Much of the distinctness that's part of this home is thanks to the stark contrast of its white and navy color scheme. The rest comes from the use of appropriate fixtures, an abundance of natural light, masculine furniture, and a sleek cleanliness that shows up inherently within the space. More

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Modern Contemporary Apartment Interior Design

This Modern Contemporary Apartment Interior Design in Byblos, Lebanon has been inspired by the works of British craftsman, Timothy Oulton. The result is a creative blend of vintage-chic and stylishly modern aesthetics that propagate the best of functionality and visuals. The visually dynamic design is littered with trendy accessories, colorful statement artwork, and a dynamic decorative panel. With the help of fashionable furniture and accessories, the whole ambiance has been uplifted two-fold. More

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Collage Condo

This condominium renovation in Washington DC is theculmination of a multi-phase project that spanned a 2-yearperiod. The firm partners passed the project back andforth, each designing a new space, but working off theprevious one. This process resulted in an “architecturalcollage” - similar materials were utilized, while new oneswere introduced in eachphase. The spaces overlap andflow from one to the next, while also retaining their own character.   Three design strategies were employed:   1 - Layering: A limited palette of materials were set intodifferent spatial planes to operate as a series of distinctlayers.   2 - Framing: Materials and elements in the foreground frameothers in the distance, to create an... More

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Modern Luxury Indoor Garden Design

Enjoining the best of outdoors within the indoors, CAS has designed a gorgeous landscape within the Modern Luxury Indoor Garden Design project. Located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, this lavish indoor hardscape is an extension of the actual living room and features classy design elements like accordion-style glass doors in addition to all the nature-inspired surfaces in the garden itself. It complements the opulent vibe of the living area with an organicity that's rarely found in modern homes now. More

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Karr Pad

Renovated Washington, D.C. row house. More

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Cache House

The main level of this three story residence was completely remodeled, in order to unify the living spaces and open the interior to views of the park with new floor to ceiling doors and windows. Decks were re-configured to become outdoor rooms. The home's exterior received a facelift, which included all new cladding and roofing. Materials used inside and out are Viroc, Hardie panel, polygal canopies, steel railings, NANA wall, mdf panels and LED strip lighting. More

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Smoky Quartz

The goal for this existing suburban home was to “break open the box” to allow views of the surrounding wooded landscape. Interconnected spaces where created where previously there were walls dividing them. The kitchen and den are now opened up to the new family room, and the entry offers a view directly through the space to the trees beyond. The rear roof was raised in order to maximize views and light with large picture windows. Custom stained ash panels unify the various areas of the home. The family room’s vertical Macassar Ebony storage unit and Viroc clad chimney add warmth and texture to the double height space. The exterior received a facelift which included new cladding (Viroc and Hardi panel) and windows. More

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Casa Abierta

The Owners are from Costa Rica. After the second meeting, their second child was born. At the third meeting, their house was filled with family and friends, a common occurrence in their home. The suburban box did not at all fit their lifestyle. It was closed, dark, and divided into very small rooms. They said that there was not one space in which they felt comfortable. They wanted a house of openness and light, where their children could be free to explore and play independently, still within view of their parents. The solution was to create a courtyard house, with large sliding glass doors to bring the inside out and outside in. The existing house was completely opened up, and a cathedral ceiling created in the living room. Programmaticall... More