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Project • By Krownlab Inc.Offices

Krownlab Headquarters

Tucked into the industrial disctrict of Northwest Portland, OR, the Krownlab building exemplifies creative repurposing of a 1930's warehouse.  The board formed concrete structure was originally used for producing braided steel cable for the shipping industry.  Beams and joists were sand-blasted to reveal old growth Douglas Fir, balancing the predominance of concrete and glass.  An open office floor plan was achieved by using fixed and sliding glass panels and half-wall partitions.  Krownlab sliding door hardware was used for entryway, conference room, and private meeting rooms. A white paper is available on the Krownlab website (, detailing the creative use of office space. Caption Caption Cap... More

Project • By De VormOffices

Campus Founders

Interior design studio KAMI BLUSCH transformed a former library into an innovative start-up centre. Located on the premises of Dieter Schwarz Foundation, Campus Founders became a home for many young entrepreneurs in the region.    Forward-looking interiorThe brand-new interior reflects the entrepreneurial culture and sustainable mindset of the organisation. It offers many interlinking lounges, offices, event spaces and workshop areas to promote a frictionless working experience. All of them come together in the central area, made to connect different spaces and facilitate interactions among users.  It's all-inclusive - whether you want to hold an event, collaborate or work privately, the Campus Founders offers a perfect... More

Project • By LIKO-SOffices

Aimtec Headquarters | Pilsen

Modern offices of the 21st century work with a combination of spaces intended for various uses. Private offices and meeting rooms are complemented by open public spaces, relaxation rooms, various nooks for quick meetings and small acoustic booths for private calls. The software and technology company Aimtec from the Czech Republic is fully aware of this and their new headquarters does not lack any of the above. The individual divisions and employees were deployed in several older buildings and any cooperation between the teams was difficult. And it is absolutely necessary for the perfect output of work. The new headquarters in the Hamburg Business Center in Pilsen therefore not only has a representative purpose, but above all corresponds mo... More

Project • By Clayton KorteOffices

Design Office

Located on North Lamar Boulevard just north of downtown Austin, Clayton Korte’s office embodies the firm’s commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration and to fostering discourse in the design community. Officially named Design Office, the mid-century office space is home to two design practices, Clayton Korte and Word + Carr Design Group, a landscape architecture firm.   The 1963, steel-framed, brick-infill building needed a lot of work, but Clayton Korte recognized the untapped potential of its raw spaces. The 10,000-square-foot, two-story structure is set into the hillside abutting one of Austin’s principle thoroughfares. A severe slope and unstable soils meant the first order of business was stabilizing the stru... More

Product • By MuraflexZITTO


Designed to eliminate unwanted distractions in open-plan office environments, the freestanding pod Zitto is not only a soundproof private space but also a beautifully designed piece of interior architecture. With its glass panels and sleek frame, Zitto is visually unobtrusive in any workspace while spacious and welcoming for productive closed meetings. More

Product • By MuraflexARCO


Encourage collaboration and the exchange of ideas in an architecturally discreet space with a superior level of acoustic privacy. ARCO is a freestanding pod that offers great visual transparency and whose geometrical disposition helps to reduce the noise disturbance often found in the open floor plan workspace. ARCO is designed to be easily disassembled and repositioned to offer the most flexibility for the ever-changing, fast-paced work environment. More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignOffices

Saudi Awqaf HQ Office

The design of the Saudi Awqaf HQ office is skillfully and carefully made choices of furniture, accessories, and finishes which promote sophistication and luxury in this government office. The HQ office was designed to host dignitaries and VIPs. The design consists of the governor’s office, VIP lounge area, and an official meeting room. CAS implanted each space with practical yet luxurious furniture, proper lighting, and an efficient layout that maximized the use of the space. More

Project • By PORTOffices


The most valuable ideas are created not in the office desk, but far from it. They need inspiration, air and coincidence. The purpose of project was to make friendly space. Good quality of working space is one of the factors which cause that the life is well spend. If we are happy at work, then it’s effects would be better and more useful for everyone. We don’t want to use the term “free time” as that time after work as we do not agree that time spent at work is the one without freedom. We all should work with satisfaction and pleasure from what we are doing.   ProcessDiffernece of levels up to 4 m, heavy trafiic road nearby, parking lot of the biggest shopping mall in the city, cementary on the next parcel and... More

Project • By Alive designOffices

Pollio Studio

Project of office for the company Pollio Studio. The  space of the office is located in the basement floor , so outside of the outer wall we have the basement wall . The height of the basement wall is 2 meters ,  fortunately it is not covering natural lighting.The budget for the project was small. We decided to keep the ceiling concrete and install ceiling lights to save the budget. The space of the office is not so big, so we tried to use rationally all areas . When we enter the office, we see a red wardrobe closet with hidden handles and a branded wall on the left. Under the branded wall there is a shelf for changing employees' shoes. We used glass partitions for zone separation, also some areas of the office we highlight b... More

Project • By dhk ArchitectsBanks

Capitec Bank Headquarters

Capitec Bank, one of the largest and most progressive banks in Africa, has unveiled its innovative new headquarters, iKhaya, meaning ‘home’ in Xhosa. Designed by multidisciplinary studio, dhk Architects, the three-storey curvilinear building is defined by its dynamic interior architecture, which embodies the company’s progressive outlook and embraces the concept of agile working. Striking and otherworldly, dhk’s holistic architectural approach considers both the exterior and interior to optimise corporate expenditure, internal flow and sustainability - demonstrating that commercial offices can be innovative and cost-effective while driving operational efficiencies.   Capitec’s success and growth over tim... More

Project • By Space MatrixOffices


Walk into any high-end gym today, and you’ll see that they are more than just a collection of intimidating machines. They are likely to have a retail store selling sports gear and a nutrition booth selling post-workout smoothies. They may even partner with local health food stores to save you a grocery run while helping you stay on track with your diet. In other words, they cater to every aspect of your fitness goals.   Gone are the days when businesses just provided singular products and services. With consumer needs and lifestyles evolving fast, companies now have to identify customers’ pain points and offer comprehensive solutions. Businesses that provide combined services thus, are fast becoming popular. Today, we see... More

Project • By Echo: Design + Architecture, P.COffices

Alley Powered by Verizon, Chelsea

Alley Powered by Verizon is a joint venture to blend the community of Alley’s workplaces with the amenities to support some of the tech industry’s most innovative groups in one collaborative space. In order to keep up with the demands of technology’s dynamic evolution the workspace is able to adapt accordingly, this flexibility is present throughout the design in the form of multi-functional areas and novel construction.Right in the center of the workplace is the Maker Space that features two sliding walls. Carrying white boards and TV displays, the sliding walls can be positioned to accommodate different scales of meetings and presentation from brainstorming sessions and workshops to product demonstrations and lectures. One corner of the M... More

Project • By Echo: Design + Architecture, P.COffices

Broadway Technology HQ

Broadway Technology provides industry leading financial software tailored to the clients needs demanding that workflow between every division is fluid and efficient. Their new Headquarters not only provides the flexibility for all divisions to work cohesively but provide numerous meeting and gathering spaces to suit every projects needs. The inclusion of phone booths, expanding meeting rooms, a game room, and town hall ensures that everyone can work effectively whether it is a single person on a conference call, a causal brainstorm, or a global company-wide meeting. Elemental materials such as; living green walls, rough concrete, reclaimed wood and live-edge furniture bring nature and warmth into the workplace to inspire and rejuvenate offi... More

Project • By AshariArchitectsOffices

HonarShahre Aftab Cineplex / Office

Located in Shiraz, Iran, 180 sqm. the limited office space of Honarshahre Aftab Cineplex Office was the challenge for our team to make the office management space a place to be experienced. The project is seeking to create a space to increase the interaction between the clients and office staff and also between the staff working. Creating intimate and dynamic environment leads to the point that staff feels they belong to the place and create a more efficient environment. In order to achieve the above-mentioned goals these items are considered:1) Fading the boundary between inside and outside (office space and complex lobby) in order to have more connection with the complex management: Continuing movement of the outside form to inside and c... More

Project • By GenslerOffices

Davis Wright Tremaine Headquarters

Davis Wright Tremaine LLP, recognized as one of the most innovative law firms in the world, sought Gensler’s expertise in the site selection and design of its new headquarters in downtown Seattle. The firm sought a new space that would support its commitment to openness, collaboration, and excellence while allowing for the flexibility and efficiency that modern legal practice demands. A lease of eight floors in an iconic new tower was the perfect fit.Our team worked with Davis Wright Tremaine to explore the latest advances in legal workplace design and leveraged Gensler research to inform thoughtful, data-driven decisions. Together we created a space that is welcoming for clients and inspiring for the firm’s lawyers and staff. Office sizes... More