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NewsNews • 19 Nov 2021

Renzo Piano Building Workshop completes Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris Saclay

On the Paris Saclay campus Renzo Piano Building Workshop arranged a string of approximately twenty buildings around a central garden. Two buildings are offset towards the center to form the entrance to the university campus block. The 63,000 square meter building welcomes 3000 students. © Michel Denancé Renzo Piano Building Workshop designed the building with a holistic approach in which each element, each detail, each typology is part of a whole. A modular system was implemented where many of the parts are repeated over the different buildings. © Michel Denancé Design choices are based on the idea that structural appearance is secondary to functionality. The structure is made up out of large 16 meter wid... More

Project • By plano livrePrivate Houses

Estúdio Lapinha

The architectural design of Estúdio Lapinha was conceived to be executed in two stages. The first was the construction of a modular housing inside two containers, exhibited at CASACOR Minas 2021. The second will be completed after its disassembly and reassembly in Lapinha da Serra, where it will serve as accommodation. Henrique Queiroga The construction process guided the project. Two container modules were attached laterally, their industrialized components exposed without camouflage. The hydraulics are concentrated in one wall, creating the infrastructural module. This strategy, apart from reducing costs, frees the rest of the space. Therefore, the other container is a flexible, indeterminate module, a free plan, which, in th... More

Project • By Cristina Menezes ArquiteturaPrivate Houses

Casa Acqua

Casa Acqua was conceptualized in the same guidelines as the original Roman house!The original Roman house, discovered beneath the petrified lavas of Vesuvius volcano, had an “O”-shaped floor plan and had an inner courtyard with balconies surrounding the rooms, which allowed the visual integration of all spaces/people and a central fountain symbolizing prosperity! Caption This typology was suitable to our current times and, mainly, rethought for this real moment of pandemic, to Casa Acqua! The project has four modules, individualized by sectors (intimate, social, leisure and service), with an inner courtyard. This individualized deployment brings privacy when needed. These modules are surrounded by water mirrors, elements o... More

Project • By BIO-architectsPrivate Houses

DD16 - prototype of modular compact house

DD16 is a prototype of modular compact house that was made for installation in remote places and extreme conditions. The house consists of 2 modules that are made at the factory. Ivan Ovchinnikov The prototype was designed and made as a tourist equipment where the weight of every detail is taken into account so it can be used in very harsh conditions. All the constructive elements were subject to change as well as the interior finishing compared to the regular houses. The frame is made of laminated wood with a milled ports. The ports helped to decrease the weight and cold bridges and gaps. Polyurethane foam is used as an insulation, the rigidity of which helped to decrease the weight of inner finishing materials. The exterior finishin... More

Project • By BIO-architectsPrivate Houses

Modular house on the slope

The countryside residence for the young couple was designed in 2019. The plot on the slope suggested an unusual solution for the location of the house and the landscape design. Sergey Melnikov The idea of the project was to create a very open but still functional living space. The client’s family wanted to spend as much time as possible outdoors with children, creating the points of attraction for the unity with nature without losing comfort and functionality, those being such important elements nowadays.This is how the large terraces, pleasant to walk on barefoot, appeared around the house. The terraces were followed by a pergola creating a shade for the family meals on hot summer days, by a summer kitchen that perfectly suits... More

Project • By TDOPrivate Houses

Fab House

Fab House is a modular constructed house typology designed for joint venture developers Places for People and Urban Splash, and is one of the architect-designed house typologies in the House by Urban Splash portfolio. Peter Cook Peter Cook In Tyneside, a terrace of ten houses has been built on The Plateau of Smith’s Dock in North Shields, the former site of a thriving shipyard which has lay dormant for the past 30 years, and is now being transformed into a vibrant new neighbourhood by Urban Splash and Places for People. The terrace of ten Fab Houses sits in a masterplan alongside a crescent of 24 Town Houses and an 80-unit apartment, the Smokehouses, designed by SimpsonHaugh. Peter Cook As Fab House proves, design doe... More

Project • By Architects of InventionApartments


The proposed site is located within the newly designed masterplan of Rublyevo-Archangelskoe, a territory which occupies 461ha to the west of Moscow. It is a large-scale LEED ND certified project, with aspirations becoming a sustainable, high-tech and harmonious live-work city for business and families. Located on the greenbelt, adjacent to the Moskva river, it is an attractive location less than hour away from the city of Moscow.    The 640 residential unit building complex is comprised of a singular universal block, interconnected on two levels. It thereby suggests a permeable, notional, perimeter block. Each block is connected to the other as a bridge, which also produces a roof terrace on the free, upper surface of the block... More

Project • By Look CompositesSupermarkets


Manufacture of two pieces of design in GRP, prefabricated for incorporation into a modular construction installed on the Benicarló beach. One of the pieces has the function of a porch between the two modules, the other is an exterior wall, both provide a marked identity to the whole. The finish of the pieces is the same as the rest of the materials used, in this way there are no material changes. OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT- Three-dimensional shapes in two pieces made to measure.- Prefabricate the pieces for a quick installation adapted to the rest of the set.- Good behavior outdoors and near the sea.- Lightness and rigidity for the roof that must also withstand the rain.FINAL SCOREThe prefabricated pieces in GRP are the pieces that gi... More

Project • By SET IdeasPrivate Houses

Modulos Habitables Set

Based on our experience as architects over the years, we have identified a difficulty when it comes to accessing our own spaces and executing a construction (economic uncertainty, long times and tedious processes). In some way, traditional construction maintains its processes for thousands of years and it was there that we found an opportunity to enhance the way in which architecture in general is conceived. Gonzalo Viramonte "Everything simpler" is the motto of the studio and our main design premise for every decision about our design. The proposal from the studio is to industrialize architecture and all that concerns it. We approach each design from a preconceived base, but we are flexible in its design in order to personalize each... More

Project • By estudio AMATAMPrimary Schools

Study Rooms of the International School of Palmela

How can modular construction help complementing an International School program when you have little space and controlled costs? An orchard was changed and interconnected, helping to create the most conducive learning environment in these modular classrooms. The intervention at the International School of Palmela's orchard intended to complement the existing facilities throughout a new area of ​​support rooms (with controlled costs) implemented in an area of ​​the existing orchard. Given these constraints, the program was approached through modular construction, creating four modules with a contemporary interpretation, exploring the possibilities of modular wooden construction and its spatial versatility. Three different room modules and... More

Product • By LODESJIM


Immediate function, uncomplicated style, durable materials, modular at will. Inspired by the abat-jours of the ateliers of the early 1900s, JIM is a system of suspension lamps with distinctive shapes and a versatile composition that suits any interiors and living environment. JIM’s versatility is further enhanced by the versatile composition: the four different finishes for the shades can be combined with the three different suspension hook hues as desired. More

Project • By Casas inHAUS SLPrivate Houses

Modular custom house in Barcelona

Many architects have approched industrialization through the history of contemporary architecture. Nowadays, the technological advances of stronger and lighter materials finally make it possible for industrialized high-end architecture, with full creative freedom, to become a reality. This house in residential area on the outskirts of Barcelona (Spain), designed and manufactured by the spanish company Casas inHAUS, founded in Valencia (Spain) by architects, is an example of turnkey solutions, respectful of the environment and with an integral management that guarantees deadlines and closed prices. Homeowners and architects can truly demand a bespoke home with the convenience of modular build practices.   The main challenges of the pr... More

NewsSponsored Articles • 16 Apr 2021

The Flexform Indoor Collection forms a harmonious design ecosystem

Flexform continues their rich collaboration with Antonio Citterio, recently even celebrating the 20th anniversary of their 2001 signature Groundpiece sofa, to envision the Indoor Collection as a design ecosystem that is in harmonious dialogue with each other. The interior elements - sofas, armchairs, coffee tables, ottomans, tables and chairs - breathe an informal elegance and attention to even the smallest construction details. Asolo sofa Devoid of sharp corners, the Asolo sectional sofa sits on a subtle metal base with silver-grey painted finish. The design that carries Flexform’s unmistakable DNA is tailored with couture upholstery, a refined pleat and features cushions filled with blown polyester fiber and goose down. Tessa... More

Project • By HOH ArchitectenOffices

Open Ateliers

Open Ateliers is a modular building system inspired by the qualities of the studio houses from the early twentieth century with high spaces, lots of light and maximum freedom for the resident to live in and work in.   Ateliers 11 is the first small ensemble built with the system and is located in Utrecht, surrounded by an exit of a highway on one side and a beautiful recreational lake on the other side. These extreme contradictory conditions resulted in a mix of users and functions that would either benefit from the dynamics and visibility from the highway or enjoy the contemplating views over nature.   The mix of living and working happens both at the level of the unit, where working from home gets a natural place, and at the... More

Project • By 08023 ArchitectsHousing

Barcelona Container House

BARCELONA CONTAINERS HOUSE IS AN EXAMPLE OF SUSTAINABLE AND RECYCLABLE ARCHITECTURE  WITH A DIFFERENT AESTHETIC. A HOUSE OUT OF THE ORDINARY.   In the surroundings of Barcelona we have built a design house with containers, the Barcelona Containers House. A rational architecture design, recyclable and balanced with the environment. A family with new ideas and a desire to change the world proposed us the challenge of building a house with recycling. Much of the reused elements had to be used in the construction of the house. Its construction should be simple since they themselves wanted to be part of the house by building it step by step. More