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NewsNews • 31 May 2023

Wooden lattice and monochromatic colours dictate this beauty clinic by In Out Studio in Spain

Spanish design firm, In Out Studio, create an aesthetic clinic in Gran Canaria, Spain. The beauty clinic pays homage to textures, details and self-care in the best hands. In Out Studio In Out Studio The clinic comprises a reception, waiting area, commercial office, treatment cabins, treatment rooms, toilets and staff area. Monochromatic colours induce a relaxing and sublime atmosphere while reflecting the brand identity. The program is divided into four parts based on materiality and functionality. The entrance area is flooded with natural light and predominantly showcases wooden and smoke nude textures. In Out Studio A bespoke marble counter with a corporeal and backlit logo frames the entrance and welcomes th... More

Project • By STIPFOLDApartments


A minimalist design concept was chosen for this interior design project, with a focus on a monochromatic color palette and a limited range of textures. Calacatta marble was the dominant material used, with other materials chosen to complement its tones. In the common room, a natural stone wall with vertical linear carving serves to highlight the organic character of the material. Giorgi Mamasakhlisi Giorgi Mamasakhlisi The common room is bordered on two sides by stained glass windows and offers a view of Vake Park. Within the monochromatic interior, the rays of the sun entering at different times add a distinct atmosphere to the space. To provide protection from the sun's glare, gray blinds have been installed. Giorgi Mamasakh... More
Photographer: 	Suryan-Dang
Photographer: 	Suryan-Dang
Photographer: 	Suryan-Dang
Photographer: 	Suryan-Dang
Photographer: 	Suryan-Dang

Project • By EnvisageApartments

Jazz Billet

Today, there is no dearth of aesthetically pleasing properties in the market, with many designers creating expertly crafted spaces for prospective homeowners to ponder over for inspiration. However these beautiful homes often don’t present an appropriate reflection of their occupants, with their homes serving the basic functions but glancing over the personalities and secondary requirements of their inhabitants. Many individuals don’t just see their residential spaces as a place to live, but also a place to invite conversations and make memories. In these regards, 1101, a residence designed by Envisage, stands out as a space that is crafted to reflect the warmth and hospitality of the homeowners. The design brief for this proje... More

Project • By SHROFFLEóNFactories


Size - 2000 sq.ft. For this pharmaceutical factory, located in Karamsad, Baroda, the brief given by the clients involved redesigning the entrance to the main factory plant. The redesigning, a result of the property line being pushed back 20 ft due to road widening, involved the addition of a large waiting room at the entrance. 2 openings; one wide opening for the numerous vehicles and trucks, along with a smaller 2.5 m opening for the pedestrians and two-wheelers, were created along the facade. A security cabin was placed between the 2 gates, such that it caters to both thepedestrians and vehicles effectively. The cabin, designed with large window openings on 3 sides, sits rotated on site, allowing the guards multidirectional views of bot... More

NewsInnovations • 23 Jul 2020

Unified spatial concept accented with Mexican craftsmanship at Santomate

In the city of Morelia, Mexico a 19th-century colonial-style construction that integrates 3 different properties via a central patio with a great variety of vegetation forms the basis of new restaurant concept Santomate by Daniela Bucio Sistos. Credit: Dane Alonso The three spaces that now form the restaurant are almost monochromatic both inside and outside to avoid the distraction that comes from a variety of textures and materials. The range of colours selected - right down to the bathrooms -  is inspired by shades of green, blue and yellow, which are found in the region's glazed pottery. Credit: Dane Alonso The restaurant is entered through a narrow street door, upon which visitors are greeted by a dark green foyer. From... More

Project • By Atelier Victoria MiglioreRestaurants


Design for Pharrell Williams’ and Jean Imbert’s new restaurant, in Saint Tropez - France. In an iconic hotel of the Place des Lices, Saint-Tropez (France), a contemporary café is created around the pop and colorful world of Pharrell Williams. Color bears the project highlighting strong materialities. Faded shades face the warm ones of a bright yellow glazed lava and dichroic glass. This iridescent glass creates a color and light game while the user moves around the space. The mat aspect of terrazzo flirts with the shine of the glazed lava. Those raw materiality get along with an avant-garde material giving a rebirth to a monochromatic place. Lemon trees, banana trees, farfugium and cactus are added to lush jasmines, creat... More

Project • By Daniela Bucio SistosBars


Located in the city of Morelia, Michoacán in La Loma, the original construction of the project dates from the middle of the last century, with previous remodeling and interventions since the 90's. The project integrates 3 properties, which 2 of them were already connected by a central patio with a great variety of vegetation and materiality, maintaining a colonial style.   The first approach and idea conceived for the restaurant is to generate a relationship and connection both spatially and visually of the 3 properties, making this patio the axis and starting point.   Almost monochromatic spaces are created inside and outside to avoid the variety of materials and textures that would distract the user and that would als... More

Project • By AP Design HousePrivate Houses

Ashgrove House

A genuine sense of energy and connectivity sees the overhaul of this early 1900’s Queenslander come to life. While charm and character were never lacking, the redesign of the kitchen, dining and alfresco areas are now connected by a gallery-like foundation, allowing the vibrant colours of the featured art to pop against a carefully considered monochromatic palette of materials – timber, clay and concrete. Bright and breezy, with an open-plan layout ideal for the social lifestyles of its owners, the Ashgrove House is the definition of dynamic living.   Outdoor room – Banquetteseat pad in an olive and beige raffia fabric from Westbury Textiles. Scatter cushions in a Donghia outdoor fabric from South Pacific Fabrics. K... More

Project • By Quirk Studio - Interior Design FirmPrivate Houses

House No.12

Nestled in the suburb of Khar in suburban Mumbai, House no. 12 is an idyllic space amidst the chaos and energy that surrounds Mumbai.  The design brief from the client was to create a home that is suited for a young couple in their early 30’s with a toddler. The aim was to create a space that had a classic, contemporary and modern aesthetic, but at the same time, exude fun, color & eclectic elements through art, accessories, accent furniture and lights. Keeping in mind the design brief as well as the personality, the designers decided to keep the shell of the home neutral and monochromatic in terms of floor and wall finishes, to add an element of layering to the space. Grey ceramic tiles have been used through the living, din... More

Project • By CarrPrivate Houses

Red Hill Farm House

Project SummaryA strong connectivity to the local rural vernacular and the equine business that operates from its stables was key. Full height glazed openings punctuate corridors perfectly framing a constant unexpected unfolding of farm life as horses and their foals appear randomly at windows-inquisitive and majestic-framed like a renaissance artwork.   Project DescriptionIn a celebration of the surrounding architectural and design vernacular but with a modern, contemporary interpretation, this home exudes a rural character but with an appropriateness to function imbedded deep in its design. A strong connectivity between house and rural landscape is ever present.   The design approach is deeply considered contributing to the... More

Project • By Squire & PartnersOffices

Rolling Stock Yard

Squire & Partners has completed Rolling Stock Yard, a new development in King's Cross designed as a contemporary response to its industrial setting providing 57,500 sq ft of workspace for creative small to medium sized businesses. The design concept draws on the area north of King's Cross St Pancras, historically characterized by the machinations of transport, freight and industry, and now an emerging creative quarter. Converging railway lines and shipping containers are referenced in the nine storey building, expressed as a series of stacked elements with a black profiled steel structure emulating parallel railway tracks running horizontally across the facades.   Within this horizontal grid, full height glazing is softened by... More

Project • By Rabih Geha Architects (RG/ARCHITECTS)Bars

BAU rooftop lounge bar

Rabih Geha Architects ‘paints the town red’ with the opening of new rooftop lounge bar BAU in Beirut, Lebanon. Inspired by the Mesopotamian goddess of healing Bau, Rabih Geha Architects have created a rooftop in waterfront Beirut, Lebanon, based upon Asian temples and their monumental presence and hierarchy, framing the city’s spectacular skyline. Characterised by high walls, repetition, symmetry and rhythm, Rabih Geha Architects have used many different textures, vivacious colours and a continuity between the indoor and outdoor spaces typical to their innovative design process.   Drawing from a colour palette of natural greens and strong vermillion reds, signifying happiness and joy, these colours are aligned with... More

Project • By francesca perani enterprisePavilions

URBAN CABIN: Mini living with a Persian twist

Situated at the centre of the town of Albino in Valle Seriana, (Bergamo/Italy) the micro-apartment of just 25 sqm has been designed for a local couple, of Italian and Persian origin. It consists of the complete restoration of an open porch, once used as a storage area, contiguous to a private garden.   Francesca Perani’s attitude towards design is ironic and playful, de-dramatising architecture with a forced use of poor but strongly characterised materials, bold colours and a deliberate use of diagonal lines. With the intent of extending seasonal uses and allowing new ones, the cabin was conceived to give a sense of quiet and intimacy at one with the surrounding nature, as well as to provide privacy from the high-density urban... More

Project • By Faye and Walker ArchitecturePavilions

Color Trail

The inspiration for Color Trail originates from the inherent order in nature. Though seemingly organic, wildflowers exhibit an ordered structure, from their precise petal number and pattern to their seemingly organized propagation across grassy fields. This is often the scene of the Texas Hill Country, where clusters of colorful wildflowers are found amid otherwise plain sceneries. Color Trail emulates this idea by having a monochromatic exterior shell that envelops highly contrasting planes that intersect each other. The intersecting planes are dyed blue and red after the Texas bluebonnet and the Texas Indian paintbrush, two of Lady Bird Johnson's favorite flowers. We wanted participants to enjoy the mystery of seeing a semi-solid structur... More

Project • By Studio del CastilloPrivate Houses

Bachelor Pad

A Port Melbourne townhouse with city views was the new home of our young single male client. Our long-term brief was to convert this bachelor pad into a home more suitable for his ‘future wife & family”. Our short-term brief was to introduce a more contemporary ambience to reflect the owners’ personal style. We suggested a new front door and entry hall floor finishes, full gut and refurbishment of the kitchen and bathrooms including additional robe area to the master bedroom and reconfiguring the linen & broom closet as stage one.   Who doesn’t love a man who can cook! This bachelors’ life really does revolve around his kitchen, particularly at the moment, as he doesn’t own a dining table y... More