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Project • By Silpi ArchitectsMosques

The Salafi Mosque

A metamorphic departure in search of contemporary vocabulary, the Salafi Masjid is a soulful realization of tranquillity within the walls. Set amidst a busy regular street in Aluva, the mosque univocally transcends itself as a ‘pause’ and a ‘journey’ to ataraxy. Sprawling across 8.5 cents of land, the mosque embraces the thought-provoking Islamic philosophy from the holy Quran: “He created the skies with the light, without pillars you see it” – throughout the design. Thus, the light becomes the soul of the mosque, and the induced transparency becomes the heart of its design. The 3230 sq. ft structure spread out in two floors emerges itself as a landmark for the locals, pilgrims and wayfarers. Sit... More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignMosques

Memphis Masjid Interior Design

The Memphis Masjid Interior Design located in Memphis, USA, is actually the heart of an extensive family center that consists of recreational facilities, a gym, and more. Contemporary traditionality is the focal point of its interior design. With gorgeous geometry, backlighting, and lush furniture, it is a space that promotes interpersonal relationships within a homey but stylish ambiance. The sophisticated materials, elegant color scheme, and beautiful lighting are all testaments to holistic design. More

Project • By E.F.ARCHSTUDIOParks/Gardens


Abbas abad renovation company as part of a series of urban executive & urban planners in 2015 , in the form of a call to contest shrine in ports and maritime organization park located in Tehran . The issues of this project were as follows : -Designing the mosque as a religious symbol of the park. -Project as an icon. -Connection with surrounding nature. -including worship space and compulsory space of 200 square meters. The objective of design team were as fallow : -Attract the audience as the urban space (symbolism) -provide exquisite form and change the worship typology(Form) -Respond to the need if the project(Performance) Given the above objective the design procedure began with critical thinking for the concept of worship... More

Project • By AshariArchitectsCultural Centres

Hafezieh prayer room

Architect: Ashari ArchitectsLead Architects: Amirhosssein AshariDesign Team: Zahra Jafari, Niloofar AskariArea: 155 m2Project Year: 2015Hafezieh prayer room is designed in order to serve the prayers, visitors and passengers in Hafez Tomb. Due to the project site which has the history of hundred years, the design process is created in harmony with the Tomb’s environment form. Utilizing the brick material (in Fakhro modins configuration) at tomb complex, led the design to a brick cube with hollow surfaces. One of the important aspects of this concept was that, the of men and women entrances form to the prayer room were highly influenced and derived by Qibla direction and main axis of the Hafez tomb. By creating a modular hollow pattern for th... More

Project • By Manço ArchitectsMosques

Mosque in Mardin

The aim of the architectural design submitted to the Mosque Design Ideas Competition opened by the Ministry of Environment & Urbanism has been providing a “particular” solution to the place and functions chosen, rather than introducing an “original” form for mosque buildings. The location of the unspecified plot was assumed to be in a newly developing suburb of Mardin, a historic town in Southeastern Anatolia, and additional facilities that will turn the mosque into a public gathering place in such a setting were sought at the beginning of the design phase.In response to the relatively low education and income levels, housing shortages worsening with internal and external migration, as well as the lack of social spaces in the peripherie... More

Project • By Gydey Valery ArchitectMosques

Iconic Mosque Dubai

Competition proposal Dubai Creek Harbour.I present to the honorable colleagues my proposal for the design of the mosque. Proceeding from the task of the create design the mosque, a planning symmetrically concerning Creek Towers and accommodate more than 7,500 parishioners with infrastructure and services. I find it advisable to offer a building in the form of an inverted prism from structural trusses, as the most appropriate functional for a given mosque, as a compromise between the development of the building relative to Quibla and the symmetry to the axis of the dominant Creek Tower with a minimum built-up area. Priority is the prayer hall. The whole building as a base, of the praying society. The load-bearing V shaped structures forming... More

Project • By SELIM SENINParks/Gardens

Dubai Iconic Mosque

The plot and the qibla are in a diagonal position.The main place of worship has a capacity of 7500.Due to the forefront of acceptable in Islam, places of worship in the forefront is the longest side.As the worship increases the human spirit, the structure rises from the lowest to the minaret by the entrance. More
exterior view
entrance view
entrance to the roof as a public space

Project • By saffarstudioCultural Centres

Golshahr Mosque And Plaza

Location : Golshahr, Alborz, IranArchitect in charge : Ahmad SaffarDesign Team : Marzieh Estedadi, Navid Shokravi, Bahar Mesbah,Niloofar Oji, Ghazaleh Eydi, Niloofar Zaker Vafaei, Elaheh AzarakhshDate of design: 2018Site area: 22,160 sqmBuilding Type : Public, culturalAwards : 3rd place in Golshahr Mosque & plaza competitionMaterial : Brick, concreteClient : Hajitarkhani FoundationThis masque is for the human and culture that have roots in the history and through the time their need can change and now they need some spaces that fit into their needs.Is it possible for a contemporary Architecture to pay attention to the culture and history and the landscape of the area?Can we ignore the history and the culture of that area to reach t... More

Project • By Building OfficeMosques

Dubai Mosque

In order to meet the capacity of the mosque asked in the brief, we maximized the footprint of the building to provide full use of site and rotated only the facade of the building towards Mecca instead of the building itself. By doing this, we have realized the building itself had an ornament value as a whole. Instead of introducing a separate minaret and dome, we have aimed to morph the whole building into one single object while keeping the spatial qualities and silhouette of a traditional mosque. More

Project • By Alumil S.ACities

Durrat Al Bahrain

Bahrain’s most inspiring development, Durrat Al Bahrain is deemed as a hallmark resort island city of the 21st century. Located on the south coast of Bahrain, this 21 Km² master development has been created across a cluster of 15 spectacular islands. It will host, among its many kaleidoscopic offerings, over 2000 beautiful beachfront villas, 3600 executive apartments and offices, luxury hotels and spa resorts, parks and entertainment precincts, mosques and international schools, premier retail malls and restaurants, a 400-berth marina, and an Ernie Els designed 18-hole championship golf course. Named after the ‘most perfect pearl’ in the Arabian Gulf, Durrat Al Bahrain is a US$ 6 billion joint development owned by the Government of Bahrain... More

Project • By WAM architectenMosques

Essalam Mosque, Rotterdam

The building is composed of three stacked, interlocking spaces: the prominent entrance portal on the west side, the main space in the middle and the semicircular mihrab (a niche which indicates the direction of Mecca) on the southeast side. The three spaces are crowned with domes. Because the site available was 800 m2 and the programme of requirements amounted to 2,600 m2, it was decided to organise the building vertically. The mosque therefore counts four levels. The ground floor has mainly a non-religious function. The prayer halls for men are situated in the central square space extending over the first and second floors with an internal balcony; on the third floor there are prayer halls for women. A library, the imam’s chamber, offic... More

Project • By GKD Metal FabricsMosques

Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin Mosque

Woven mesh windows for the Iron Mosque in PutrajayaWicked tongues compare Putrajaya, the ultra-modern administrative centre in the southwest of Malaysia, to a Disneyland for civil servants. The planned city for 90,000 inhabitants was created in 1995 about 30 km south of the capital Kuala Lumpur. The sprawling satellite city, named after the first Prime Minister of the country, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra, forges nature and technology into great forms of architectural expression. It is no coincidence that the last word jaya means perfection. The approach in Putrajaya is reflected in prime examples of Malaysian Islamic prestigious buildings, scenic parks, artificial lakes and waterways. Following an unspoken master plan the city combines both hi... More

Project • By BIG - Bjarke Ingels GroupMosques

The Battery - Mosque

Construction of the first purpose built mosque in Denmark is about to commence. The building, designed by BIG, is a combination of Scandinavian and Islamic architecture. Construction is expected to start within a year, according to the architecture office. The mosque, to be built in Denmark’s capital Copenhagen, looks like a ziggurat, consisting of a continuous wall engraved with verses from the Koran. Although it seems to be a closed structure on the outside, the skylights allow the worshippers to bathe in the light. The construction of the mosque, ordered by Denmark’s largest Islamic organisation, is intended to contribute to the integration between Muslims and other Danes. As a result, the building will be a multifunctional compl... More