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NewsNews • 9 Feb 2022

New Moët Hennessy workspace in Paris integrates company values with a contemporary working environment

Covering a floor space of over 10,000 m² in the heart of Paris, Moët Hennessy’s new offices by the Barbarito Bancel practice offer a contemporary model of today’s workspace as informed by the Moët Hennessy teams themselves.   Alessandra Chemollo The design approach of Barbarito Bancel was based on listening. As such, embodying the company’s group values into the architecture was the first step in the project. These values include enhancing the site’s Art Deco heritage, ensuring build sustainability, and initiating a cultural transformation of operations by providing contemporary workspaces that take into consideration different working styles as well as remote work.   ... More

NewsNews • 8 Oct 2021

Mosque of the Late Mohamed Abdulkhaliq Gargash masterfully employs form, materiality and controlled natural light

The Mosque of the Late Mohamed Abdulkhaliq Gargash (Dubai, UAE) is a contemporary place of worship that quietly and masterfully employs form, materiality and controlled natural light to evoke a sense of calm and spiritual connection as the worshipper transitions from the outer material world to an inner sense of being. The Mosque is one of the first in the UAE to be designed by a female architect – Principal Architect and Founder Sumaya Dabbagh of Dabbagh Architects. Gerry O'Leary Simplifying the traditional typology of Islamic form and stripping it away to its essence, Dabbagh Architects sought to avoid multiple blocks in the building’s overall form. In the process of design development, the main building volume was separ... More

Project • By WR-APHousing

Dainton Cottage

An extension by Richmond based architects practice WR-AP revitalises an early 20th century ‘Arts and Crafts’ style cottage, marrying traditional design with sleek modern architecture to create a light filled living space that remains sympathetic to the charm of the property’s original features.  Caption Caption The intention was to renovate the existing cottage to a high standard, whilst retaining its character and the best of the original attributes, along with the addition of a new double storey living space. The extension strives to compliment the cottage through the use of traditional building techniques along with “The deliberate use of exposed raw materials such as concrete, brick, timber and co... More

NewsNews • 28 Aug 2021

Snøhetta’s new extension and landscape for the Ordrupgaard Museum in Denmark inspired by the Impressionist masterpieces it houses

North of Copenhagen in Charlottenlund, Denmark, the Ordrupgaard Museum houses a comprehensive collection of French and Danish art from the 19th and early 20th-century. The original museum building is a three-winged, neoclassical style mansion dating back to World War I. Laura Stamer In 2005, a modern 1,150m2 black and lava concrete extension designed by Zaha Hadid was added. Largely subterranean and partly excavated from the landscape, Snøhetta’s latest addition of a new extension and landscape offers additional exhibition space while forming a critical link between Hadid’s extension for special exhibitions and the museum’s original building and permanent collection. Laura Stamer Taking on the exterior a... More
Light shape
Riverside face
Entrance gap
Vertical rhythm

Project • By studio mojo architecturePavilions

hidden face

The cabin echoes our early construction experiences. Here, we are developing the shelter around a unique material: wood. The material allows integration and discretion in the landscape. The rhythm is mimetic. The composition is enough to shelter from the wind, looks, or rain. This simple gesture creates a limit, an invitation and a panorama. The trees and the shelter don’t touch each other but interact and create vertical and horizontal limits. Caption The gap in between the two walls invites the walker to enter the shelter. Inside, the atmosphere is warm, you can stand, sit, lie down, rest. The trees foliage filters the sun rays. Our imagination is summoned, reminds us of childhood memories. Sitting, leaning against the wall, o... More

NewsNews • 10 Jun 2021

Two wooden blocks gently harmonize with their lakeside surroundings

On a rocky outcrop overlooking Lake Memphremagog, Quebec, two blocks of wood gently harmonize with their surroundings. The two rectangular volumes, positioned one atop the other, form the volume of the house by YH2_Yiacouvakis Hamelin Architectes. Maxime Brouillet The lower volume acts as a plateau, straddling a natural gully that accommodates runoff from heavy rains. The upper volume, which appears to float above, is a solid looking white cedar clad volume with pierced vertical openings that contrast with the expansive windows of the lower ground level volume.   Maxime Brouillet The upper block rest on the lower, but it is offset, hovering the lower volume on two side and thus enabling the provision of sheltered outdoor sp... More

Project • By AshariArchitectsApartments

Shimigiah Residential Apartment (Double Side)

“Double Side”-Shimigiah Residential Apartment was a building with no residents for years. At first, the new owner had decided to make some minor alterations in terms of improving the building’s elevations; but under the discussion between our team and the client, we could convince him to renovate all the interior and outdoor spaces.  Caption Caption The northern and southern access to the apartment was completely different. Considering the variety of effective factors on the elevations and also the inconsistency of two facades, each side is determined to have a unique but consistent design. Regardless of all differences, some specific elements, materials and a unique color were shared on both sides, in orde... More

Project • By GKD Metal FabricsCommunity Centres

Liverpool Catholic Club

This multifunctional sports complex includes an ice rink, restaurants, hotel and other buildings. In a recent renovation, priority was given to allowing natural lighting but mitigating the hot Australian sun. A GKD solar management system encapsulates the building and displays custom screen-printed logos. More

NewsNews • 27 Jan 2021

Pure and simple geometry defines the House of Jabuticabeiras

With its pure and simple geometry, natural materials such as concrete, wood and stone, House of Jabuticabeiras offers a warm and welcoming environment.   Felipe Araújo Designed by mf+arquitetos, the composition of the house comprises two parallel volumes on the ground floor and then another transverse volume above these two. The volumes result in an internal patio.   Felipe Araújo The lot itself has an exit to two streets, with the house then divided into two sectors with two entrances: being social and service. The layout of the house was established according to the family’s day-to-day living needs with an emphasis placed on the importance of the kitchen. Another important aspect wa... More

Project • By brg3sSecondary Schools

Youth Villages

Youth Villages is an organization which originated in Memphis, TN with a mission to provide rehabilitative and educational services for children with behavioural health challenges. In the early 2000’s the firm, then under the title of TRO Jung Brannen, designed and constructed two other residential treatment centers and an educational facility. This is the third, 72-bed, residential building on the campus designed by the firm, now under the name of brg3s. It was named 'Bill's Place' for the CEO's late father who made his own way through the foster care system.  This 105,000 SF, single story addition provides living and treatment space for adolescents who have been placed at Youth Villages because of social and behavioral concern... More

NewsNews • 19 Jan 2021

E2211 demonstrates the potential of architect-led design

In Austin, Texas, this house is a project by Ravel Architecture - who also acted as client and developer. An example of architect-led development, the designers explain the house shows the potential of otherwise overlooked sites. Here, the site is 50% smaller than the average Austin site and additionally fronts onto Austin's Lightrail track.  Chase Daniel In response to the site conditions, the building is pushed to the rear of the lot while a concrete wall is positioned at the front. The massive concrete wall not only serves to maximize privacy but also operates as an effective sound barrier. The architects note their delight at seeing the train pass by from the second-floor loft.  Chase Daniel A large glazed double-s... More

Project • By Timur Designs LLPPrivate Houses

Lotus Avenue House

Incorporating elements of the tropical house in an intermediate terrace house is a totally different challenge from other landed housing types because it has to depend on only the short front and rear facades for natural light and ventilation.  In many intermediate terrace houses, including the conservation shophouse, the airwell is often introduced to bring in daylight and air near the middle section of the house. This house at Lotus Avenue, however, is too long for the front and rear windows to provide sufficient natural light and effective natural ventilation, and also, not long enough to introduce an airwell or courtyard at the centre, without losing too much usable floor area. Our solution was to “pull away” parts of... More

Project • By Mathews + Associates ArchitectsOffices

Oaktree Studio

Located in an area that has recently been densified by new town planning proclamations, the project is situated in a fast-changing neighbourhood with all adjacent properties being rezoned. The project consists of additions and alterations to create a mixed-use typology. 40 Oaktree functions as a studio and residential space where the client can live, work and play. An old non-descript house was transformed by adding a first floor and three courtyards to the original house. The aim of the project was to make the building adaptable and versatile for multiple future possibilities. The design needs to be able to easily transform in the future without much intervention to make adaptive re-use possible. The existing ground floor plan was retain... More

Project • By WE ArchitectsApartments


An apt. in Giva'atain which went under a makeover and turned into a magazine worthy flat with a unique Nordic vibe.The flat had an excellent structure, permanent carpentry items and most importantly amazing natural light.It was hard not to fall in love :)The lovely client, Lihi, has a great eye for details and an exquisite taste. She wanted a fresh start which we achieved by replacing all of the furniture, textile, light fixtures and accessories. One unique challenge we needed to resolve was the location and setting of the TV. We wanted the living room to stay in its previous location and layout but also wanted the TV to be seen from the kitchen and dinning area and from the workspace. The creative solution was found in a product we sp... More

Project • By FAKROHousing

Cosy place full of natural light

The attic in private house from the ‘80’s gained modern look and extra space with an abundance of natural light thanks to the FAKRO EDT dormer. Nowadays, the inhabitants can enjoy a beautiful view of the polder of Amsterdam. The house is situated in a row of similar houses in the city of Zaandam (near Amsterdam). Beautiful view of Amsterdam ‘Last year we bought a house erected in the 80’s. We both love to do odd jobs and thought it was a good challenge to make this house more contemporary. When our son was born, we decided to make the attic a real ‘mom and dad’ paradise. The first thing we did, was replacing the old dormer with a modern one so we could finally enjoy the view of the polder of Amsterdam.'... More