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Project • By earthscape studioIndividual Buildings

The Infinite Rise

The site is located in the midst of the mountain ranges. It has a 180 degree view of the beautiful mountains with a deep valley in front. The site has natural rock bed and we as architects, do not want to disturb the natural landform present. Also, The site already had a 6m deep land cut when we visited for the first time. We used that landform to bring out the structure with view towards the valley. Also the site has more rocks with a slope difference on an average of 2 to 4 m deep throughout the site. Studio IKSHA Studio IKSHA Studio IKSHA Studio IKSHA Studio IKSHA The spaces are focused towards the valley with an open courtyard in the middle which helps in natural lighting and ventilation inside the building. Th... More

Product • By Solatube InternationalSolatube Brighten Up Series Bringing New Light to Dark Spaces

Solatube Brighten Up Series Bringing New Light to Dark Spaces

Smaller commercial spaces—corridors, restrooms, nooks, and others—often suffer from a lack of natural light because light from windows can’t reach them. Solatube’s Brighten Up Series is the perfect solution for bringing daylight to unexpected, hard-to-reach areas. Solatube International Caption Caption Caption More

Project • By WR-APHousing

Dainton Cottage

An extension by Richmond based architects practice WR-AP revitalises an early 20th century ‘Arts and Crafts’ style cottage, marrying traditional design with sleek modern architecture to create a light filled living space that remains sympathetic to the charm of the property’s original features.  Caption Caption The intention was to renovate the existing cottage to a high standard, whilst retaining its character and the best of the original attributes, along with the addition of a new double storey living space. The extension strives to compliment the cottage through the use of traditional building techniques along with “The deliberate use of exposed raw materials such as concrete, brick, timber and co... More

NewsNews • 16 Feb 2021

Children’s centre in the Netherlands integrates old and new with thoughtful materials, detailing and spatial design

In Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, a primary school and children’s daycare centre are integrated under one roof in a way that preserves existing architectural qualities while expanding and providing spaces in line with the provider’s progressive teaching and learning principles.   Jordi Huisman Designed by Studio Nauta to accommodate over 200 children throughout the day, the existing school is reorganized around learning cluster with an emphasis on providing engaging spaces for play, cooperation and concentration. Elements such as stairs, which merge in placed into bleachers, are used strategically throughout to give a variety of heights, create and interest and provide platforms and spaces for use. And thanks to a centr... More

Project • By brg3sCommunity Centres

Youth Villages - Bower Activity Center

The Bower Activities Center (BAC) introduces a light-filled hub of activity and care programs to the pastoral campus of Youth Villages in the city of Bartlett, an outlying suburb of Memphis, TN.  Youth Villages, “a nationally recognized leader in the field of childrens' mental and behavioral health,” provides residential, academic, and developmental services for children and teens with “emotional, mental, and behavioral problems.”  Initially designed to house only the Food With Class program –  an educational class where teens learn to develop teamwork and professional skills in a commercial kitchen setting – and a few other support services, the scope of the design quickly grew as Youth Vi... More

Project • By UA Lab (Urban Architectural Collaborative)Offices

Delusion - An office Interior

The office space to be designed was a typical rectangular box sandwiched between two shared walls. It was a tight linear space measured about 27 sq m with a single source of light at the end towards the east side. The idea is to create an ambience through delusions to perceive the space to be much larger than its actual size. Delusions created through the effect of reflections and refractions of light within the space. This effect created a dynamic space.   The space layout is compactly designed to achieve all the requirement of the client without losing the concept of open plan.  The layout out comfortably accommodates Reception area with waiting longue; One small office cabin space; Three working staff table spaces; One large... More

Project • By Architectural Studio Ivana LukovicShops

Milk Boutique in Athens

The project was commissioned by a traditional dairy products factory from the Attica region. Beside the milk as a basic product, the place is designed  to provide the customer with the whole new range of chef’s freshly made dairy products that could be observed, tasted and bought, thus transferring the everyday commodity to another level of experience. Due to complex sanitary conditions required for the “in situ” production of the ice cream and milk-based sweets, the rear part of the space accommodated a double-height, separated transparent glass box, protected from the direct view of the clients by the full-height, intriguing, screen-like multiplicated metal pipe that resembles the industrial facility. By painting i... More

NewsNews • 2 Sep 2020

Natural light illuminates one of Charlottesville’s oldest downtown buildings

What was once a dark commercial space within the oldest building on the downtown pedestrian mall in Charlottesville, Virginia is now a spacious open floor apartment with sleeping loft. Multiple modes of direct and indirect natural lighting animate the space. Credit: Virginia Hamrick Photography At the heart of the design by Bushman Dreyfus Architects is a cabinet ‘box’ with hidden hardware, secret doors and rooms (containing kitchen, bathroom and storage areas) runs the length of the interior. The box is clad with rough sawn white oak with a light stain. The floor planks are also white oak, keeping the colour and material palette to a minimum. Credit: Virginia Hamrick Photography A window-like opening through the oak... More