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Project • By Estudio CavernasVisitor Center

Koh Kong Mangrove Lodging

Koh Kong, a peninsula in the Gulf of Thailand and part of Cambodia’s 450-kilometre coastline, features a number of closely interrelated ecosystems. Expansive mangrove forests carve out small islands, waterways, and ecologically diverse estuaries along the coast, creating a vital and fragile ecosystem which local communities rely on for their livelihoods. In recent decades, economic development in the country, characterized by widespread natural resource exploitation, has devastated Koh Kong’s wildlife and has marginalized local communities from the forests, fisheries, and arable areas which they need to live and thrive. Koh Kong Mangrove Lodging provides an alternative model of development, one that is rooted in the preservatio... More

Project • By Black RabbitPrivate Houses

Johnson City Residence

This minimalist home was originally designed for a retiring couple moving from an urban lifestyle to live out their golden years in solitude. After the project was abandoned, we recreated the design concept to adapt to more of an urban or suburban context to create a literal oasis for anyone seeking refuge from rugged external conditions. More

Project • By Black RabbitPrivate Houses

W. Mary Residences

These four garden courtyard houses embody the feel of south Austin’s eclectic and casual lifestyle. Taking cues from the local neighborhood, the 2-story primary units facing the street are styled in a traditional vernacular form while the rear 1-story accessory dwelling units (ADU’s) take on a low-slung mid-century modern form. Solid (insulated) stack-bonded architectural grade CMU (concrete masonry unit) walls define the ADU’s (accessory dwelling unit) exterior walls which carry through to the interior. Heavy mass gabion walls create privacy and natural garden planter walls. More

Project • By Black RabbitPrivate Houses

Yaupon Valley Residence

This cliffside luxury home was designed to take advantage of the city of Austin skyline views and the surrounding valley and pool spaces. We separated this house design into 2 programs; the level 2 private space and the level 1 social space. The level 1 social space consists of the kitchen, living, dining, and library/ lounge areas all connected to the outdoor pool and outdoor deck. The level 2 private spaces consists of 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, a master suite, and an office space, each with its own unique view. More

Project • By Black RabbitPrivate Houses

Lakeview Residence

We were inspired to create our first authentic living space to reflect our client’s desire to live and work in his painting studio. The design emulates his painting style and personal lifestyle by using natural materials, minimalist values, and bridging social context within a live-work environment. The overall form takes on an ethos of monumental simplicity which inherently captures panoramic lake views from the steep mountainside terrain. ​ As part of authentic living, this studio is entirely devoid of added paints or stains. The exterior walls are made of exposed rammed earth construction set atop a giant plinth of exposed concrete. The interior features natural plywood finishes and exposed structural beams. We focused all of our... More

Project • By G2lab - Giannis & Giorgos EfthymiadisHotels

Rezi Hotel

Rezi Hotel & Studios is located in a beautiful coastal area in Parga. The project is about the creation of 6 new rooms in the attic of the existing hotel. The main goal was the harmonization among the architectural design, functionality and aesthetic. Serving the principles of modern design combined with the customers’ satisfaction, a minimal place was created in a boho-chic frame with emphasis on details.   The natural materials together with the earthy and warm grey and beige shades, reflect harmonically the blue of the sea and the sky creating the setting for this amazing internal place.   The white tones selected for the walls and the ceilings make the place seem more spacious and brighter. The clear, sharp roof... More


HEALTHCARE Senso SafeScape ER® / OC®

Biologically inert, bacteriostatic flooring system. Seamless and easy to clean. Approved for clinics, hospitals and operation rooms.  A state-of-the art system for emergency rooms (ER) and operation chambers (OC), fulfilling the highest hygiene requirements. Both SafeScape systems are entirely seamless and bacteriostatic, leaving bacteria no room for growth. The systems are chemically resistant to disinfectants and cleaning agents. Both systems are anti-static ensuring non-interference with highly sensitive electronic equipment. More

Project • By flamingo architectsCommunity Centres

Shala, School of Movements

Shala, School of movement located 2.3-acre plot in the heart of Jaipur surrounded by residential buildings. It is a corner plot with two adjoining streets in the beautiful locality of Bapu Nagar, Jaipur. Client for this project is Mr. Dillep Baid Founder of Dileep industries. He commissioned flamingo architects to design a facility which can be temporarily inbuilt and can be shifted if needed. He wanted to this setup for social welfare and public service and his love for yoga and meditation. Shala is fueled by the professional members of K.V.Fitness studio led by Mr. Kapil & Mr. Vikram.   The concept for this project is to make a facility close to nature by using locally available construction material cutting the carbon footprin... More

Project • By Sustainable Materials, LLCOffices

Google Office

Yet another Google office in Austin, Texas with Muratto.wall # cork installed. Google demands high standards of their building products and our #cork products deliver! More

Project • By dep studioParks/Gardens

casa gel - private garden

The meeting with a master builder interested in research and meticulous in the use of materials has made it possible to realize a redevelopment project of the external spaces of a house located in the small town of Bianzano.Before the intervention the space surrounding the house was devoid of design even if the signs deriving from its use appeared clear: passages, planted areas, historic plants and panoramic points. However, a unitary project was not recognizable. The space has been so designed in every part: the use of a simple but rigid geometric scheme has allowed to establish alignments, heights and depths according to place each element.The materials used give homogeneity to the intervention: the mixture of concrete with selected grave... More

Project • By Viereck ArchitektenBanks

Raiffeisenbank Private Banking

The clients came to us with a preassigned, accurately defined workflow for the staff.About 200m² on the first floor was reorganized and a new arrangement of rooms was created. Communication and information always had priority.Our mission was to guide the customer through the building in a self-explanatory manner and to make the high values of the company, especially in the private customer area, appreciable through architecture.Interior glass walls make allow light into the internal foyer but also ensure a sense of privacy.The partition of the working areas is made with wooden louvers which are horizontally and vertically arranged, but still allow visual connections to the customers. Therefore, the space seems closed yet open.It was very im... More

Project • By ATG DesignPrivate Houses

Malinova dolina house

The one-family residential building is situated at the foot of Vitosha Mountain.The pursuit is the closest to nature, precisely because of the natural materials and especially of the tree. Large windows allow natural light to penetrate. The characteristic deep bay windows create a sense of coziness and protect from the whims of time. The building is designed in the spirit of modern trends - a smart and energy-efficient house. The project also provides energy-saving panels.Status: work in progress More

Project • By Zooi interior studioBars

Papa cake

Papa cake is the brand new design project created by Maxim Doschinsky and Pavel Voitov, head designers of ZOOI interior studio.A refined, compact and innovative design for a bakery equipped with every comfort to give customers a satisfactory service in a welcoming, bright and clean place.For the realization of the interior design, and in the attempt to give this place the maximum simplicity and naturalness, the designers of ZOOI have used different purely natural materials.The first is wood, with a light look and an intense fragrance, which, in addition to the floor and the decorative ribs in the ceiling, also composes the outer part of the showcases and the various shelves containing decorative plants and fresh products from the store.The... More
Dinning and Living room
Dinning and Living room
Dinning and Living room

Project • By Razvan Barsan + PartnersIndividual Buildings

Natural Elements

For this design, the architects make use of the natural environment to create a unitary concept for the inside and the outside of the home. An abundance of plants, natural wood furnishings and green motifs combine with light colours and tones, to create a warm and welcoming space. The interior also features decorative metal structures that give a modern feel. More

Product • By TEM"PURE" exclusive design line from natural material

"PURE" exclusive design line from natural material

For most demanding users TEM developed exclusive and astonishing design line PURE, made completely from natural materials.Its unique design gives it a special touch. It is striking yet unobtrusive. It radiates sensuality, sophistication, high standards and cleanliness. With glass, metal and wooden decorative cover plates users can further enrich and enliven their living and working spaces. More