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Project • By WR-APOffices

Park Pivot

Park Pivot is a new 1000 Sqm mixed use building located at the heart of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and forms part of the developing residential district of East Wick and Sweetwater. The design solution required a sensitive urban approach given its close proximity to the prominent Copper Box Arena building and the emerging residential blocks of East Wick and Sweetwater phase I. Caption The new building is inspired by the Market Hall typology found in many historical towns across the UK. These relatively small structures sit confidently in their context defining public space and routes around them while providing active frontages and civic presence. Caption In a similar manner the new building aims to create a ‘new place&r... More

Project • By Benn + Penna ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Henley Clays

Conceptually the project is an intermediary between house and garden; binding qualities of both whilst creating a rich variety of domestic experiences that utilise the entire site. Tom Ferguson The design introduces a series of gently rising brick platforms to the rear of an existing brick bungalow. Varying spatial proportions and atmospheres emerge from the platforms; the horizontal living room, vertical stair tower and elevated master bedroom. Each of these spaces are robustly enclosed by brick walls and together form a compact cluster of earth like volumes that interlock inside and out. Tom Ferguson The living room forms the widest of spaces and is delicately framed by structure that surrounds the stair tower. From the garden... More

NewsNews • 4 Aug 2021

Banjar House in South Tangerang, Indonesia, finds form in its response to site orientation and sun

Located in the residential area of South Tangerang, Indonesia, Banjar House by Wiyoga Nurdiansyah is defined by site orientation and the sun. The layout of the building extends east to west with openings concentrated towards the north and the green areas that act as a privacy buffer. In response to the strong sun, the front eastern façade is a massive wall.  Jonathan Raditya Comprising two floors, the ground floor accommodates the home’s social and service areas including the living room, dining room, and pantry. Indoor to outdoor dividers are designed flexibly so that they can be folded back, allowing a space extension towards the terrace and the garden.  The upper floor consists of 2 bedrooms with attached ba... More

NewsNews • 31 Jul 2021

Federal House forms a compelling prospect and refuge relationship with its hinterland Australian site

Within the folding hills of its hinterland site in Federal, Australia, this house by Edition Office was designed as an elemental respite from high-pressure professional life. Through the prospect and refuge relationship to its site, the home provides intimate proximity to the hillside, forest and grassland to the rear of the site, while framing a panoramic gaze across the distant horizon from deep within the heavily inset living platform. Ben Hosking From a distance the building is recessive, a shadow within the vast landscape, clad on all four facades and the fifth façade - being the roof -  with a highly textural outer skin of thick timber battens.  Ben Hosking The tightly controlled envelope contains modestly... More

NewsNews • 1 Jul 2021

Kéré Architecture completes Kenyan startup campus fitted with ventilation chimneys

Inspired by termite mounds in the region, Kéré Architecture fitted the Startup Lions Campus with striking cooling chimneys. The ventilation towers create a stack effect to naturally cool the building by extracting wam air upwards. Fresh air is introduced through specially designed low openings. This low-tech system deals cleverly with the hot Kenyan climate and prevents dust from damaging the computers. The natural ventilation system -  © Kere Architecture The campus, located on the banks of Lake Turkana, is a response to the severe youth unemployment in the region. By offering high-level training and access to job opportunities, the startup campus offers young entrepreneurs a place to thrive without having to... More

NewsNews • 22 Jan 2021

Jod Schwefelbad bathhouse pays homage to the healing power of natural springs

Located in Bad Wiesse, a famous health resort on Lake Tegernsee in Southern Germany, Jod Schwefelbad by Matteo Thun & Partners is a new bathhouse that pays homage to the healing power of natural springs. Embedded in the landscape that surrounds, the design is informed by research indicating that people regenerate much faster and more sustainably in a pleasant environment with a connection to greenspace. Jens Weber The form of the building itself results from a carefully orchestrated progression of room sequences – from the most public to the very private. From the street to the forecourt, the entree, the atrium, the bathing cabin and finally the cabin’s private terrace. Jens Weber As one progresses through the bu... More

NewsNews • 20 Jan 2021

Oslo cabin takes a sensitive position on steep terrain

Approximately one hour away from Oslo and on the Oslo fjord, this cabin for use all year is carefully placed on naturally occurring ledges in the steep terrain that surrounds. Designed by Jon Danielsen Aarhus, the cabin appears low and hidden from the arrival side and then opens up towards views on the sea. The driving force behind this sensitive approach was the client's desire to retain the site's existing bedrock and not alter the landscape with dynamite or any levelling.  Øystein Aspelund Further inspiration was drawn from a small existing cabin on the site. The small  building influenced not only how to situate the new cabin in the landscape but also its building colour, roof angle and overall form. The old cabin... More

NewsNews • 18 Dec 2020

U House: A contemporary, vernacular, holistic, office/home solution for our times

This house in Turkey by URA Studio could variously be described as contemporary, vernacular, holistic, a home/office solution for our times. Called the U house, it comprises two concrete shells that accommodate an array of spaces. The larger shell houses the main living area, kitchen and a mezzanine workspace. The small shell contains two identical bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms. A connecting space between the two shells opens to both the front and back of the house, creating a covered courtyard with open counter bar. İbrahim Özbunar Arching over the earth, the concrete shells create a sense of lightness and are scaled and crafted to be sensitive to human scale. A total of three materials are used: concrete, local stone and oak.... More

Project • By CospicoRestaurants

Outdoor restaurant -reception area

Creating of a restaurant -reception area of ​​480 square meters in Rhodes in order to be used all year round. The customer wanted the space to be watertight in winter and to keep warm and in summer to open on the roof and perimeter. During the day to have shading and at night customers can see the starry sky. The most important thing was to make a combination so that static and urban planning is a stable construction with mobile - temporary housing. Also important from the 2 months that the space operated to operate all 12 months. The most suitable systems were judged to be the COSPIBIO Bioclimatic Pergola for roofing and the COSPI EPAL movable glass wall for the side cover. The COSPIBIO mobile roof is a unique shading system with controlle... More

Project • By Timur Designs LLPPrivate Houses

Siglap Avenue House 1

The difference in levels between the front and back of the site created opportunities for a basement with entry directly from the main road, an elevated guest suite with a private garden and separate access from the rear and a first storey living space that has visual privacy from the main road. There are two entries to the main level: a homecoming one through the basement hallway, and the contemplative access via a series of garden steps flanked by ponds and planters. The L-shape form of the house provides a natural enclosure to a courtyard-like garden enclosed by high retaining walls at the side and rear. The L-shape form also means that every room and corridor has openings to the external. The living, dining and kitchen spaces form an... More

Project • By Timur Designs LLPPrivate Houses

Lotus Avenue House

Incorporating elements of the tropical house in an intermediate terrace house is a totally different challenge from other landed housing types because it has to depend on only the short front and rear facades for natural light and ventilation.  In many intermediate terrace houses, including the conservation shophouse, the airwell is often introduced to bring in daylight and air near the middle section of the house. This house at Lotus Avenue, however, is too long for the front and rear windows to provide sufficient natural light and effective natural ventilation, and also, not long enough to introduce an airwell or courtyard at the centre, without losing too much usable floor area. Our solution was to “pull away” parts of... More

Project • By Timur Designs LLPPrivate Houses

Jalan Kembangan House

The site for this house posed several challenges to overcome. Firstly, it is located right at the junction of two busy 4-lane roads. And in addition to that, the overhead MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) viaduct for the East-West cross-island train is located just beyond one of these roads. There is constant noise coming from cars and the passing train. The front of the site, where the main gate is located, faces almost West. To keep out heat and glare from the low angle western sun, the 2 most visible facades cannot have too many see-through openings. Thus, in trying to shield the interior spaces from the traffic noise and the Western sun, the semi-detached house is “flipped” inwards by carving out large voids between the house and... More