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Project • By Himematsu Architecture Inc.Parks/Gardens


Taiwan Tower is the project which includes observatories, museum and park in Taichung, Taiwan.The positioning of the plan is to be a “Gateway City”. The theme of “four large centers and one feature” is adopted as a turning point for future urban development and encompasses a large park, large campus, large exhibition center, and the Taiwan Tower. Taiwan Tower will become a new landmark for both Taichung and Taiwan.It will be integrated with 21st-Century building technology to honor the local building traditions and symbolize the new Taiwan spirit. TOWER OF VEINThe Creation of TOWER OF VEIN is aim that Taichung becomes environmental city and declares world-leading existence against environmental problem.Human faces... More

Project • By AntirealityRestaurants


ANTIREALITY is a conceptual world built on the basis of abstract ideas about reality. It is a space that escapes realism and pragmatism and is dedicated to exploring ideas that oftentimes can be neither adapted to the existing reality nor implemented. Images are a record of my mental journey through the fictional world of Antireality. This journey is not only a search for nonstandard ideas, but also inspiring paths of visual expression. The alternative world of Antireality is characterised by the absence of limitations and standards, it is an experimental space that at times borders between dream and reality. Antireality is a diary of my architectural imaginations and non-materialised ideas aiming to stimulate recipients’ imagination.... More

Project • By Ateliereen ArchitectenPavilions

Viewing tower Herperduin

In nature and recreation area Herperduin, Ateliereen has designed a viewing tower. On top of the seven meters high dune there used to be a watchtower. Next to the foundation remains of this, a 25 meter high tower has now been realized. From the viewing platform you can see the forests, water, sand and parabolic dunes that characterize the area.The tower has a simple, straight shape with round corners. The curves provide a soft, friendly image that fits well in the natural environment. The steel structure has been given a wooden 'jacket' of poles. The round wood fits well in the area and with the elements from the nearby play forest. The posts are floor-high and suspended from steel profiles. This gives the tower a layered character that emp... More

Project • By Ateliereen ArchitectenWatch Towers

Viewing Tower in 'De Onlanden'

Nature area De Onlanden is located southwest of the city of Groningen. To enhance the experience of this valuable site, Natuurmonumenten built a viewing tower in this area. From the tower you have a beautiful view and you can follow the development of the new nature. The tower is a sober landmark in the open countryside; recognizable, but appropriate to the environment. Instead of focusing on the lookout point, the road to it is designed as an experience. During the walk to the top you do not have the feeling of being in a tower, but on a path between the trees. Visitor get in two places extra information about the view. At about 9 meters is the first view. On a platform overlooking the landscape "Het Beeld" is shown information. The... More

Project • By Piotr Hardecki ArchitectHeritages


Project of revitalization of Podzamcze Park in Leczna was executed in cooperation with the landscape architecture offices KANSKA Design and ARGO Atelier. Piotr Hardecki Architect is a co-author of the concept of the entire park and author of securing and making available to visitors the remains of 19th century manor farm buildings, including the adaptation of the former hop dryer to the observation tower.DESIGN PIOTR HARDECKI TOMASZ TRZUPEK FILIP TWARDOWSKILANDSCAPE KANSKA DESIGN OFFICE / BEATA KANSKA ARGO ATELIER / MILENA GAWAD More

Project • By Ateliereen ArchitectenRural

Viewing tower at Vecht riverbank in Dalfsen

For the municipality of Dalfsen, Ateliereen designed a twenty meters high viewing tower that provides a view over the river Vecht. Starting point for the design is a straight rectangular steel structure and staircase, which is covered with wooden slats. From a distance the tower appears to be closed, but from the inside visitors can see the landscape through the wood. On the lower part of the facade there is a bigger distance between the slats than on the upper part. The footprint is therefore modest and transparent, the tower blends perfectly in the forest. Going up, the view is more and more reduced. The density of the wood provokes the curiosity of the visitor. Peeking towards the landscape between the gaps of the wood!... More