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Project • By MUN ArchitectsOffices

Baksters Office

MUN Architects transforms a 4 story shophouse into a tech office.Located in the middle of the hectic city of Bangkok, Thailand. The typical low ceiling shophouse building has been reprogrammed and refurbished for Baksters. Started by emptying the building, removing some unwanted floor slabs, and keeping the original reinforced concrete post and beam structure. The timber walls are introduced as a buffer from the brick walls being used in the whole alley to create a sense of being enclosed by natural material. Soopakorn Srisakul The sequence of going into the building has been reorganized.The first floor is the main dining area for staff. It can also be used for parties or events. at the mezzanine floor, a meeting room and desks are li... More

NewsNews • 7 Sep 2021

RSAAW restore the headquarters of the Architecture Institute of British Columbia (AIBC) in Vancouver, BC

When Rafael Santa Ana Architecture Workshop (RSAAW) began the project of restoring the interior of the headquarters of the Architecture Institute of British Columbia (AIBC)  in Vancouver, Canada, they knew it would be a complicated process. Renovations, particularly in designated heritage buildings such as the AIBC, are daunting, typically involving a diverse group of stakeholders, significant red tape, and challenging fiscal and temporal constraints.   Michael Elkan The original building is a 1911 vintage steel and concrete build by A.A Cox. Since then it has undergone two renovations, one a full restoration to create a showcase 'green' building by sustainability pioneers Busby + Associates Architects and an additional... More

Project • By van der ArchitectsOffices

WoC Tokyo

This is a corporate interior project in a space that is not a typical office space. In a former gym the owner had inserted a second floor which was subdivided into long and narrow spaces. As the client took the whole floor we removed all these dividing walls and created one large connected, open space.  The design intend was to create a space that went beyond the purely functional requirements. Instead we focussed on the creation of a narrative in which the users of the space, the employees as well as visitors, would get a unique experience of this space. Removing the dividing walls allowed daylight to flow more uniform through the space. The larger space also provided for a wider variety of viewpoints. To keep this feeling of opennes... More

Project • By De VormOffices

De Vorm Office & Showroom

De Vorm's new headquarters celebrates the brand values in an ultimately functional and inviting destination for both employees and visitors. Workplace and showroom under one roofThe newly renovated location combines a showroom and an office in one building, emphasizing how De Vorm collection can blend into practically any context. On one side, it offers a comfortable and spacious workplace for the team. On another side, it's where architects and designers come for inspiration, and are able to explore the design possibilities of products to the fullest. Given that De Vorm offers furniture for both contexts, the design team decided to blur the lines between their workplace and showroom. As a result, many workplace areas received a welcoming... More

Project • By JansenOffices


Brügge Haus in Hamburg has completed its transformation from traditional Kontorhaus to in-demand office location. And it is not only popular because of its prominent position in the heart of the old town. According to the architects, the narrow profile faces, which result in only slightly different face widths even between fixed glazing and mullion formations, were crucial here. “We have also added a steel bar to further break up the face widths from the outside,” says Christoph Kruse from GRS Reimer Architekten, explaining the special construction made using the Janisol Arte 2.0 steel profile system. “This makes the window seem even more slender.” The profiles were powder-coated in anthracite at the request of... More

Project • By ShaarOfficeOffices

Yasha Electronic Office

The employer has owned property to gather all their branches which due to the circumstances has been located all around the city. Therefore, four different functions (showroom, research and development space, workshop, restroom) should be designed with the least changes in the existing building in a way that can be used as soon as possible.  In accordance with the current situation, salon and middle hall and one of the bedrooms with access to the hall allocated to the showroom. And another bedroom has been considered as the research and development room. With a slight change and the conversion of the building’s patio into an access corridor, the other three bedrooms were connected so that a suitable workshop space was created wi... More

Project • By Number TEN Architectural GroupOffices

Number TEN Architectural Group Office Renovation

This renovation set out with the goal to improve the client and employee experience while enhancing the internal team processes to serve clients better. The design team set out to create a new open work environment where all staff can better work together, collaborate, and support each other.                     Workstations are streamlined and internal teams are grouped together by expertise to promote knowledge sharing and teamwork. The new space is warm, inviting, and stimulating for enhancing creativity. Staff can present ideas more effectively and impactfully, while offering clients and guests better insights into our creative process and c... More

Project • By McIntosh Poris AssociatesOffices

The Factory at Corktown

McIntosh Poris Associates was responsible for the renovation and restoration of an existing 19th-Century wood timber and masonry building into a modern office for Ford Motor Company’s self-driving business unit.  Originally planned for Buhl Sport Detroit, the building was purchased by Ford during construction to house Ford’s self-driving business unit and attract fresh talent as part of the company’s commitment to enhancing Detroit’s Corktown neighborhood.  McIntosh Poris Associate’s design concept was to bring back the building’s original form and retain as much of the historic character as possible while meeting Ford’s requirements.    The extensive renovation involved shorin... More

Project • By Kevan Hoertdoerfer ArchitectsPrivate Houses


The residence built above 301 King St. is more strikingly contemporary than most anything built in downtown Charleston in recent memory. The steel, wood and glass home is designed to maximize views of the surrounding historic district and provide a mix of quality indoor and outdoor spaces that help define the urban home.   The air rights for the project, above an existing 2 two story 19th century building, is over the Apple Store and Blue Ion-- a digital marketing agency. The new structure is perched atop the rear of the building and minimally visible from the historic shopping district of King Street. Split in two volumes, the residence rests on 18 slender steel columns, plus a central I-beam through the spaces below placed during i... More

Project • By Ghafari AssociatesOffices

Ford's Conversion of Unused Mall to Offices

In recent years, Ghafari has worked closely with Ford Motor Company on a series of office renovation projects throughout the Dearborn area, an effort that aligns with the automaker's commitment to "shaping the future" by enhancing work environments for their team members. Collaborating closely with Ford stakeholders, we have designed spaces that foster teamwork, drive innovation, and support the latest technology. As a part of their strategic plan, Ford decided to lease and renovate a retail space (a former Lord and Taylor department store and shopping mall wing totaling 237,500 SF) and convert it into a commercial office accommodating 1,200 engineering and development employees. We were tasked with providing comprehensive architecture, en... More

Project • By Solomon Cordwell Buenz (SCB) Architecture | PlanningOffices


IMC, an international technology-driven trading firm, selected SCB to design their 60,000- square-foot office renovation and expansion at Willis Tower in Chicago. SCB’s design approach focused on creating a new workplace to motivate employees and promote IMC’s forward-thinking culture, which emphasizes collaboration and innovation. SCB’s design supports these principles with a variety of informal meeting spaces for group work with ample writeable surfaces, such as conference room walls, for idea sharing and problem solving.   The design team also found innovative ways to embrace the structural challenges of the building. The exposed ceilings, columns, and large trusses are now attractive elements and intentional asp... More

Project • By Progetto CMROffices

Air France – KLM New Headquarters

Neutral shades and natural materials alternate with accents of green – chromatic (chrome) and vegetable - in the new Milanese headquarters of the French-Dutch group AIR France - KLM. Created by Progetto Design & Build based on the design concept of Progetto CMR, the new space welcomes visitors in a reception area with a particular structure made of wooden slats that wants to recall an idea of lightness and freedom connected to the concept of flight. The office spaces are distributed in a bright and comfortable open space where operating islands alternate with meeting rooms and closed offices consisting of full-height glass walls. Office renovation between comfort &biofilic designThe workspace, characterized by the war... More

Project • By daipu architectsOffices

CCTV Office Renovation

This office renovation is located in west of Ba Gua field, Hangzhou, China. The site possesses excellent landscape; however, it was dark and gloomy in the old building. The existing structure had a floor-height of 3.3 m for the ground floor, and the clear height below the beam is only 2.6m, which is comparatively depressing for open office. The height of the second floor was ok, however it did not have enough connection with the ground floor. The old structure layout could hardly exhibit advantage of a double-deck. So the first consideration was to build up a connection between 2 floors, the connection not only on physical space aspect, but also on psychological perception of people who will work here. People who will be working downsta... More

Project • By dpai architecture incOffices

Real Properties Offices

This office renovation provides a new home for the property managers of Jackson Square, located in Hamilton, ON. The 40-year-old Jackson Square Mall is an indoor shopping mall and commercial complex located in the city core. Built throughout the 1970’s, Yale Properties have been rebranding the mall to rid it of its outdated image, to better integrate it with the surrounding urban fabric, and give it a new distinct identity. Similarly, the Jackson Square Management’s offices were outdated and incongruent with the mall’s new branding. This project is one of 15 separate construction initiatives that form the overall rejuvenation of this property. The existing space was a raw concrete space, initially designed to be a restaurant, but was never... More
Entry Plaza and Parking Structure
Bloch Building
Bloch Building
Bloch Building
Entry Plaza and Parking Structure

Project • By BNIMMuseums

Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Bloch Building BNIM was selected to serve as Architect of Record with Design Architect Steven Holl of New York City on a major expansion to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. As Architect of Record, BNIM was responsible for all aspects of design support, project management and construction administration. The expansion comprises the first major addition to the Beaux-Arts style structure since it opened in 1933. The new addition provides 150,000 sf of new galleries and public facilities including an entry lobby, art library, cafe and sculpture court devoted to the works of Isamu Noguchi. Holl’s design features five striking glass “lenses” rising from the rolling terrain on the east side of the Museum. These lenses house new gallery space u... More