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Project • By MIXDOffices


The Codelab and umlaut companies, in their Szczecin office, work primarily with clients from the automotive industry. The software they create makes the automotive technology work perfectly, allowing you to enjoy the best while driving: speed, a sense of freedom and readiness to explore new places. While designing their office, MIXD made sure that the experience of the work space is as pleasant as a journey in a comfortable car. "The very location of the Posejdon building suggested the use of the travel theme in the project - after all, the Port Gate is the heart of Szczecin, and at the same time the place from which you set off into the world! What was most important for us, however, was to set out on this journey together. The decisive f... More

Project • By Paralelo Zero ArchitectureOffices

Seedrs Office Lisbon

Located in the centre of Lisbon, the Seedrs offices translate the values and culture of the biggest crowdfunding platform in Europe, aimed at start-up and tech companies. We set three objectives when designing this project: maximising office flexibility; harmonising the design of an originally-disorderly space; and creating a strong image capable of representing the company’s young and dynamic culture. The concept came from the idea of creating a central multifunctional block which combines various spaces, from meeting points, brainstorming spaces, a Skype room or showers. The air-conditioning infrastructures are visible due to the low ceilings. This creates an industrial environment where these devices, usually hidden, take up a pr... More