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Project • By PisoterreoResidential Landscape

Penedo courtyard

The project's intention was to combine Arabic and Mediterranean inspirations in a tiny courtyard. Marta Malheiro Preserving the white walls as the Arabic influence, was the objective to bring indoors the characteristic Mediterranean vegetation. Marta Malheiro Some of the features in the garden can combine both styles. Marta Malheiro Marta Malheiro Marta Malheiro More

NewsNews • 22 Oct 2021

I.s.m.architecten breaks with adjacent Flemish village row houses by opting for a pentagonal shape

In a Belgian village, close to Antwerp, i.s.m.architecten intentionally broke with the adjacent row houses by opting for a pentagonal shape with its sharp edge to the street. This reduced the point of contact with the street to a bare minimum.  luis díaz díaz The angular shape gives the side wedges of the volume a distinct character. A concrete wall encloses an introverted patio next to the front entrance. One side opens to the patio and the other opens towards the surrounding landscape. luis díaz díaz The pentagonal floor plan is shaped like the icon for a house. A solitary concrete column and conversation pit organize the open plan. An open concrete staircase connects towards the upper level of... More

NewsNews • 1 Jun 2021

Inward looking La Cas del Canto uses materials and volume to connect with its surroundings

While looking inwards to its courtyards, this contemporary house in Foios, Spain by Piano Piano Studio connects with its surroundings with a use of local materials and repeating volumetric forms which can be found in adjacent houses. Milena Villalba The wishes of the clients focused on three main elements: a large terrace to enjoy the pleasant winters in Valencia, a more sheltered and fresh patio, and a large interior space where life in the house and daily chores take place. Milena Villalba Taking this program, the elongated shape of the corner plot and two existing party walls to be retained could have suggested the conventional typology of the area, that is two pieces separated by a patio. The highest part, accommodating the... More

Project • By zeropixel architectsPrivate Houses

The Feng Shui Stone House

In the area of ​​Apokoronas and more specifically at the village of Gavalochori, in an area outside the settlement with a slight slope, we designed and built a two-level house with a basement and a swimming pool. The house is 511m2 and the construction time is 2019-2020.  The central idea of ​​the house is based on the philosophy and principles of feng shui, as well as bioclimatic design. The central design is by four stone walls of different lengths which divide the house into three areas. Starting from the east ground floor, between the first two stone walls, we have the living room and the dining room and the office upstairs, looking at the double height of the living room. Three orthogonal frames of different shape and size made... More

NewsMaterialization • 23 Jul 2020

Unified spatial concept accented with Mexican craftsmanship at Santomate

In the city of Morelia, Mexico a 19th-century colonial-style construction that integrates 3 different properties via a central patio with a great variety of vegetation forms the basis of new restaurant concept Santomate by Daniela Bucio Sistos. Credit: Dane Alonso The three spaces that now form the restaurant are almost monochromatic both inside and outside to avoid the distraction that comes from a variety of textures and materials. The range of colours selected - right down to the bathrooms -  is inspired by shades of green, blue and yellow, which are found in the region's glazed pottery. Credit: Dane Alonso The restaurant is entered through a narrow street door, upon which visitors are greeted by a dark green foyer. From... More

Project • By Mayer & SeldersPrivate Houses

casa com patio

This house is built in a privileged location, within Funchal’s amphitheatre, a renovation of a small pre-existing stone house that was kept untouched except for an external thermal insulation. Two new elements were added: an annex and a pitched roof, replacing but keeping the footprint of unruly previously built add-on constructions.   A light steel frame construction system was used in the new bodies which facilitated their assembly. Predominately natural materials were used for their inherent quality and environmental awareness by reducing toxic waste on site and the use of plastics and resins. For a seamless thermal and energy efficiency, thermal insulation was used beneath the wood cladding and double glazed aluminium windo... More

Project • By TAAB Taller de Arquitectura del BajíoPrivate Houses

Rincón Del Pescador House

Rincón Del Pescador House develops around a central courtyard following the traditional houses of the region as a reference. Halls and passageways delimit the project: a horizontal perimetric that links the main floor areas, and a single point vertical that connects the different levels in the plan. The chosen materials (locally sourced volcanic stone) enhance the house's main lower level areas, providing fresh spaces to rest during the day.   The project is closed to the south, and open towards itself and the northern view of the valley. The fountain in the central courtyard draws inspiration from the local water wells, and the sound of flowing water accompanies all the other sounds in the house. The program consists of three... More

Project • By Raimondo GuidacciPrivate Houses

Casa d'angolo

San Severo is a small town near Foggia. The historic city centre is chacterized by two-storey and three-storey buildings. There are also tall edifices and depositories. This architectures have facades realized with bricks or white plaster. Many of this buildings are covered  with Apricena’s stone in the low part. Usually they are closed by a flat roof or by a pitched roof, not very sloped. The part that comes out of the roof  is always restricted according to the mediterranean house tipology.“Casa d’angolo” was born in this contest. A building based on a rectangular plan and realized starting from an old storage. The idea of this  introverted house starts from the necessity of blocking the view of the interior space... More

Project • By FIVE OH FIVEPrivate Houses

The Park House

A plot with a privileged location on the greenest edge of the historic center of La Laguna but with a very narrow proportion is the starting point for a project tailored to the client, a couple with two children and a labrador dog. The existing construction lacked interest but the original hydraulic tiles were recovered before demolition.The ground floor is diaphanous and extends, diluting its boundaries, connecting the back garden, facing south with the park to the north. A skylight on a double height in the center of the house gives light, amplitude to the routes and allows the visual connection of all the spaces of common use of the house in different heights. The parents' bedroom opens onto a terrace with views while the children's bedr... More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignPrivate Houses

Modern Luxury Indoor Garden Design

Enjoining the best of outdoors within the indoors, CAS has designed a gorgeous landscape within the Modern Luxury Indoor Garden Design project. Located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, this lavish indoor hardscape is an extension of the actual living room and features classy design elements like accordion-style glass doors in addition to all the nature-inspired surfaces in the garden itself. It complements the opulent vibe of the living area with an organicity that's rarely found in modern homes now. More

Project • By Marc Melissen, ArchitectPrivate Houses

Patio House

The local Government has given out nine plots on one of the last vacant lots in Vinex-location Reeshof. The plots measure approximately 14 x 14 metres and benefit from a communal garden maintained by the municipality. A solution for the outdoor space had to be found within the plot boundaries. On the other hand, the houses are detached with quite a bit of space between them.As a result of the open setting, a lot of attention has been paid to privacy. Most of the windows in the external walls are narrow, allowing light to enter but making it difficult for those outside to look in. Moreover, the windows in the bathrooms and bedrooms are located in high positions. In addition, the living room has a low horizontal window with a view of the comm... More

Project • By OB Architecture LtdPrivate Houses

The Beaconsfield House

A three-storey chalet-style family home in Beaconsfield featuring- Iroko timber louvres,- Grey aluminium fascias,- Composite decking,- Dark grey aluminium framed windows and- Frameless glass balustrades. More

Project • By GAFPAPrivate Houses

G1508 Reconversion Warehouse Ghent

The old ground floor warehouse of a terraced house in Ledeberg is replaced by a new wooden roof. The largest possible rectangle, cut through the main building, is fitted. Where the rectangle meets the fragmented plot boundary, patios emerge. Two wooden girders in a T-figure carry the roof, supported at their intersection by a new concrete column. The direction of the structure dictated by the main beams. Light walls made of insulating stones make rooms and insulate the partywall. More

Product • By AMViSIn-ground LED light, Spot Red

In-ground LED light, Spot Red

Spot is a recessed LED paver light, manufactured from borosilicate glass, featuring a cylindric shaped body, with slightly rounded edges. The external surface of the glass is sandblasted, to create a moderately frosted, white appearance. The light’s body is dust- and waterproof, completely sealed with no serviceable parts inside (the LED module can not be replaced). More

Product • By AMViSIn-ground LED light, Spot WW

In-ground LED light, Spot WW

Spot is a recessed LED paver light, manufactured from borosilicate glass, featuring a cylindric shaped body, with slightly rounded edges. The external surface of the glass is sandblasted, to create a moderately frosted, white appearance. The light’s body is dust- and waterproof, completely sealed with no serviceable parts inside (the LED module can not be replaced). More