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Project • By Atomik ArchitecturePavilions

Art Point Pavilion

Artbatfest is an international festival of contemporary public art partnered by the British Council, the 2015 edition of which occupied a number of previously empty venues across the city of Almaty in Kazakhstan. We were invited to create a central f... More

Project • By Schoyerer Architekten_SYRATransports

Bike pavilion – prototype located in Mainz

With its well-structured network of bike stations, the city of Mainz provides numerous rental bikes. However, up until now, there has been a lack of infrastructure for privately owned bikes, such as suitable parking places. All too often, you encount... More

Project • By Mask ArchitectsExhibitions

Leaf and Bean Coffee Co Pavilion

Named Leaf and Bean Co Pavilion use innovative, sustainable, and contemporary approaches to integrate nature with architecture. Through the utilization of local wood, the structure’s material pallette percolates with its background, and impleme... More

Project • By Mask ArchitectsArt Galleries

Hole Zero + Timeless Kinetic Art Sculpture

Mask Architects developed a proposal for a public artwork to be located in Nuevo Polanco, Mexico City " Hole Zero + Timeless Kinetic Art Sculpture" has been selected one of 5 finalists among  340 international projects and Artist for MassivArt a... More

Project • By Castanheira & BastaiPrivate Houses


Being an Architect brings along this kind of thing. To find a client looking for something that’s not the usual.What luck! Something that’s built with the passing of time.   It had to be isolated. Music with no restrictions. Books,... More


Jackalope Pavilion

The Jackalope Pavilion is a temporary gallery space for Random International’s Australian edition of ‘Rain Room.’ Situated above the Prince of Wales car park in St Kilda, the pavilion is designed entirely around the requirements of... More

NewsNews • 10 Jul 2020

MVRDV revisits their iconic Hannover Expo 2000 pavilion with co-working office transformation

The redesign of MVRDV’s Hannover Expo 2000 pavilion will retain the qualities of the original design and reinterpret the ‘stacked landscape’ concept for two new buildings that will be added. One will contain 370 student apartments a... More

Project • By OakBridge Timber FramingHousing

The Fumich Pavilion

The Fumich family is ready to enjoy their outdoor living space whether rain or shine. This large timber frame pavilion has ample room for guests to enjoy the outdoor kitchen, gather around the fireplace, watch the game, or take a swim. Or on a good d... More

Project • By Mathews + Associates ArchitectsPavilions

Braak Pavilion

Die Braak is the historic heart of Stellenbosch. The word "braak" means fallow land, which, in our context, is an unsettling reference to the probable future of our planet. To avoid our planet becoming "braak", we need to significantly change the way... More

Project • By Cheng Tsung FENG Design StudioSculptures

Reading, a bridge (for Eslite)

Taiwanese artist Cheng Tsung FENG always focuses on traditional handcrafted culture. For the large-scale installation art for Eslite Bookstore 30th Anniversary, his subject is “Chinese Stitched Binding”, which is a kind of book binding me... More

Project • By Cheng Tsung FENG Design StudioSculptures

Nesting Plan I Gray-Cheeked Fulvetta

The Gray-Cheeked Fulvetta is an endemic bird species in Taiwan named from its grey head with a white eye ring and long black eye stripe running from the bill down the sides of the neck. In traditional Taiwanese aborigines, Thao, in Sun Moon Lake, it... More

Project • By One WorksPavilions


Concept design for the Expo 2020 Dubai - Algeria Pavilion, which aims to provide a neat, simplified representation of this large and extremely fascinating country. This two-storey building has been designed to illustrate the country communal identit... More

Project • By Armani ArchitectsPavilions

Sandy-Darak Pavilion

This space is intended to be a pavilion for resting and community gatherings of both villagers and tourists. The village of Darak is 170 kilometers far from Chabahar. As you travel through this area of Iran, you reach a point where the sea surrounds... More

Project • By One WorksPavilions

Dubai EXPO 2020: Italy Pavilion Proposal

Italy can be considered an excellent example of cultural and creative biodiversity, which bases itself on dialogue and identity exchange, instead of one dominant cultural identity, suggesting a living workshop of sustainable evolution. The beauty of... More

Project • By OakBridge Timber FramingHousing

The Wirrig Pavilion

The Wirrig outdoor living space is an absolute masterpiece. Large timbers, a massive hearth, and wide open areas are perfect for parties, weddings, or any outdoor event that needs a special venue. The idea for it came to the property owners one starr... More