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NewsNews • 24 Jun 2021

Tokyo Penthouse innovates with a contemporary version of stained glass in a space that allows for old and new to coexist

Tokyo Penthouse is a renovation by G architects studio. Located in a 40-year-old building, near Tokyo tower, the project covers the fifth and sixth floor of the building. Daisuke Shima Traditionally, rooftop areas in urban areas were largely reserved for machine rooms. This changed in 1923 when the Plaza Hotel in New York announced its penthouse project, which set off a desire for penthouses in cities around the world. Daisuke Shima Upon their initial visit to the property, the architects noted that the space in its existing condition looked exactly like a machine rooms where partition walls were removed. The old concrete skeleton appeared rough, and the complex old piping system was visible. Daisuke Shima The architects d... More