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Project • By LOUD Architecture & Interior DesignPrivate Houses

Hackney House

This previously run-down family home has been transformed into a bright dwelling with captivating design features for a young, growing family.   Years of disrepair had left this house in dire need of modernisation.   The house required... More

Project • By DXA studioHousing

280 St Marks

Located in the heart of Prospect Heights, one of Brooklyn’s most vibrant, diverse and historic neighborhoods, 280 St. Marks Avenue embraces a way of life that balances a personal point of view and a commitment to community. The distinctive faceted fa... More

Project • By Peter Zumthor & PartnerPavilions

Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2011

At the heart of Peter Zumthor’s Pavilion was a garden that the architect hoped would inspire visitors to become observers. Zumthor said his design aimed 'to help its audience take the time to relax, to observe and then, perhaps, start to talk again -... More

Project • By Rodrigo Simão ArquiteturaPrivate Houses

House in Correas

Reform and expansion of a house and landscape reformulation, including natural pools reformulation and a new natural pool. Deployings cavenged materials supplementary buildings were created as ediculae including living/dining/playing room, gourmet ki... More

Project • By Peter Zumthor & PartnerPrivate Houses

Secular Retreat

«It has become rare to be able to sit in a house and look out at a beautiful landscape where no trace of another building interrupts the lines of the rolling hills. Quietness, contemplation, pure luxury. I could not resist to try to create this house... More

Project • By Elliott Architects Ltd.Private Houses

The Dell

The clients had fallen in love with the beautiful site on the outskirts of the market town of Morpeth, and so did we; steeply sloping and edged by woodland, it is a wonderful, challenging context with a brief to create a family home sympathetic to th... More

Project • By Bernardo Bader ArchitektenChapels


Like a jewel, topographically attractive at the Nagelfl uhrücken next to the Krumbacher Moor the Chapel Salgenreute is situated. Built in wood and stone the basic form of the chapel marks the footprint of the old Lourdes chapel and takes up the h... More

Project • By Peter Zumthor & PartnerParks/Gardens

Fondation Beyeler’s extension

On Thursday, May 4, 2017, the Swiss architect Peter Zumthor is presenting the project for the extension to the Fondation Beyeler in Riehen/Basel. The extension will be constructed on the previously private land of the Iselin-Weber Park, which adjoins... More

Project • By Simona Pribeagu SchmidPrivate Houses

Two Houses in Leis

Leis is a remote and authentic swiss mountain village, it consists of about a dozen old houses and stables. Peter Zumthor had already built two new houses in the neighbourhood. For the remaining lots a masterplan was made which defined volumetric set... More

Project • By Peter Zumthor & PartnerPrivate Houses

The Leis Houses (Zumthor Vacation Homes)

Annalisa had always dreamed of living in a house built of wood. Whenever she talked to me about it, I had the impression of a cosy home in the mountains where she would live alone. The two of us as a couple or a family with children never came up in... More

Project • By SSP AGOffices

Headquarters WDR mediagroup

The headquarters of the West German Radio (WDR) mediagroup is prominently located in the city center of Cologne, not far from the Cathedral. The post-modern administrative building was already showing its age and has not only struggled with the physi... More

Project • By MVRDVHousing

Balancing Barn

The MVRDV project is built on a beautiful site by a small lake in the English countryside near Thorington in Suffolk. From the road, the barn is almost invisible; the front being only 7 metres wide, with a pitched roof, faces the long straight drivew... More

Product • By HBF TEXTILESHonest


Honest showcases the power of the ordinary, a natural and modest textile inspired by the work of architect Peter Zumthor. The soft color mélange melds easily with its surroundings, and can serve as a base or accent when paired with the line's other f... More

Project • By MIEL ArquitectosRestaurants

AIUEnO Restaurant

This project is the result of some unconsciousness mixed with a lot of admiration. The unconsciousness came from the side of the clients, Neus and Kenji of Can Kenji team, commissioning his new Japanese restaurant "izakaya" to a team that had never d... More

Project • By Selgas Cano ArquitectosPavilions

Serpentine Pavilion 2015

“I resolved that the structural and technical dimensions of design must never divorce human life from nature”. - Nature Near, the late essays of Richard Neutra. ( Capra press,1989), Richard Neutra. Edited by William Marlin. As soon as Julia Peyto... More