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NewsNews • 10 Jun 2021

London Design District welcomes first completed building designed by Barozzi Veiga

On the Greenwich Peninsula a hectare of 16 buildings is planned to become a new creative hub for London. The first of many planned to open this summer, Ravensbourne University’s new Institute for Creativity & Technology is designed by Barozzi Veiga. The institute is the first project in the UK for Barozzi Veiga. Taran Wilkhu Known for their monolithic designs Barozzi Veiga shaped the institute like a polished aluminium factory hall punctured asymmetrically with large industrial floor-to-ceiling windows. The building is one of two the architects designed for the district. A darker version of similar design will be located on the other end of the creative community. Taran Wilkhu “When developing this project, we ha... More

NewsNews • 4 Dec 2020

Villa Fifty-Fifty has equal parts indoor and outdoor spaces

As the name suggests, half of the house of Villa Fifty-Fifty, designed by Studioninedots, consists of indoor and the other half of outdoor spaces. By alternating them in a checkerboard pattern, reminiscent of floorplans by SANAA, the office has made them into equal parts. Frans Parthesius “You’re neither inside nor outside, you move from inside to outside to return inside and end up somewhere outside.” Jurjen van der Horst, Architect at Studioninedots Frans Parthesius The villa is located in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, on the edge of Strijp T and an adjacent estate. The residents wished for a home that sets the conditions for a more minimalist lifestyle and stronger connection to nature. Studionined... More