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Project • By KARMAN SrlPrivate Houses

Private Home Lotz

There are many styles available for furnishing a luxury environment, but only one name unites the luxury lighting and design of these environments: Karman, whose designer lamps are able to offer not only functional but artistic and decorative lighting, as in the lighting design projects created for luxury structures in Ibiza.As you surely know, Ibiza is one of the Balearic islands, surrounded by nature and rich in culture, as well as fun, both day and night. Land declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the beauty of its beaches and coves rival that of the inland landscapes: pure pleasure for the eye and the senses.In a context like this, light plays an important role, both in functionality and design, especially because we are talking about... More

Project • By A&M ARCHITECTSHotels

Themaso Villa Developments

Located at the Southeast part of Karpathos, this site is already gifted with a wide view of the sea and the warm Aegean sunset. An 11-luxury villa development is strategically laid on the 6,530 sqm site while its landscape follows the natural topography allowing a centered green courtyard to develop as a breathing space between the volumes. The 11 villas make their appearance on the perimeter of the site, positioned in a way to allow endless views from all residences while providing privacy between the guests. A separated but well-connected building completes the hospitality experience by housing necessary common use facilities, a welcome hall, a breakfast veranda, and other supporting facilities. A conversation between dark and light vol... More

Project • By Svamitva Architecture StudioPrivate Houses


The traditional courtyard concept was implemented vertically as per the client’s ideation to stick to his roots. The playful arrangement of the spaces created a central breakout zone which acts as a transition in between the levels. In this design strategy, the transitional spaces such as the staircase and double height space form an axis that provides a visual connectivity. This transition space allows the people to connect visually not just horizontally but also vertically. This common transition on the floors has segregated the active and passive spaces of a residence. All the spaces are lit with the natural light blushing the rare walls with interesting sciography throughout the day via the skylight. This is defined by the play... More

Project • By Svamitva Architecture StudioPrivate Houses


This villa is designed on a 30×40 plot facing West in Bijapur. The rooms of this 3BHK villa are naturally lit through the uniquely designed courtyards. The front facade of the building is designed with cement fiber board vertical fins undulating at different viewpoints keeping in mind both aesthetics as well as thermal values pertaining on the site. More

Project • By MONO ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Infinity Villa

MONO architects took a minimalist approach and removed all layers of excess, getting to the heart of what’s important: stunning views from each room.   Measuring 725 square meters, this one-storey residence keeps in close contact with its natural environment, channeling the energy of the earth. From the entrance of the home to the adjoining rooms, fantastic views abound.   In addition to a full suite of rooms one would expect for a country home, the villa is accented with a home spa, complete with a marble hammam, salt sauna, jacuzzi and a space for solitude.   “Return home to a place of Zen.” This was the mantra used when designing INFINITY VILLA. Inspired by the bounty of pine forest views and natura... More

Project • By mado architectsPrivate Houses

Kelardasht Villa

Designed in a sharply inclined hillside in Kelardasht, a village in the north of Iran. One of the primary client's demands was the privacy issue, and due to the way the neighbors built, we decided to put the building on the upper part of the plot to preserve villa from surrounding predomination. this also provides more sustainable condition and reduces the cost of building. after that we justified the roof with the street level and you enter the villa from the roof. other design elements like the sloping roof and the chimney added in an abstract way in order not to interfere in the landscape, celebrate privacy, provide unique views from inside and also being generous and humble to the environment. Head Architect : Maziar DolatabadiLead... More



Archilovers Best Project winner.   Casa da Paz is a project which remodels the 1990s-built detached villa located adjacent to a golf course in the Algarve, Southern Portugal. The project overhauls an existing building to adapt it to the lifestyle of the current owners.  The request included an extension on the roof terrace to create a family room. In addition to the new room, the process began by thinking about the current spaces and how to make them more functional. Connection and Light The entrance hall was tight and dark and strangled by the volume of the kitchen. This space on its own was in need of a profound renovation.  A double-height area at the entrance was created to achieve an airy space and the kitchen was... More

Project • By AshariArchitectsHousing

Qasr dasht Villa

Architect: Ashari ArchitectsDesigner: Amir Hossein AshariDesign contributors: Zahra Jafari3D: Mostafa YektarzadehGhasre-dasht ( Dastani ) VillaThe project’s main challenge was to prevent any interference to the garden environment and creating adaptability to the existing site.The design response is: creating various perspectives through the garden such as lotus pond (utilizing an element from the garden character), bridges (human suspension on a transparent path in the garden) and circulation paths in between the garden spaces (Human movement between open and semi open garden spaces). All these features occur without moving or eliminating any existing condition such as trees.Creating seating areas with various qualities(sitting on water, si... More

Project • By Johannes Torpe StudiosPrivate Houses


A private villa that spans across five stories and includes a pool and spa area, basement garage and various guest and living areas. The design concept is based on the idea of simple luxury; a fusion of Scandinavian and Chinese influences, with subtle elements of ‘magic’ incorporated throughout the residence. More
Master Bedroom Interior Design
Dining Room Interiro Design
Entrance Hall Interior Design
Family Living Room
Indoor Pool Design Concept

Project • By IONS DESIGNPrivate Houses

Luxury Interior Design

Our interior design package includes Majlis designs, Dining area designs, Living rooms designs, Bathroom designs, and Bedrooms designs and much more. Kindly learn more about us thru More

Project • By Coenen Sättele ArchitectenPrivate Houses

Villa H

In the transition region of a typical Dutch village and the cultivated agricultural landscape, on a plot of approximately 6 ha is the ensemble a modern villa and a horse stable, based on the strict requirements of the zoning plan, embedded in the context. Both the proportions, as the graded volume and the use of design elements together with an independent architectural language tie in with the traditional elements of a house of the Brabant region. Since the desired space program within the guidelines of the development plan could not be implemented above the ground, a design concept is developed, which based on the modeling of the landscape enables to create attractive spaces in the basement. At the same time the house is designed from the... More