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Project • By thinkspaceOffices

Exxaro Head Office

There is a shining jewel in the corporate crown of the country’s capital city. Located in Centurion, the new headquarters of mining giant Exxaro forms part of the second phase of Growthpoint’s Lakeside development. Recently completed, the development has garnered plenty of attention, both locally and abroad for its undeniable presence, and game-changing interior design and planning. In addition to the impressive overall development of both Lakeside and Exxaro’s office, the inner workings of the project are looking to set a trend locally that will in all likelihood define the future design planning of most corporate developments. The office which can accommodate 1000 staff members in its 5 storey structure, naturally has c... More

Project • By arkpabiAuditoriums


The Auditorium is a fluid project made of soft volumes, sinuous lines chasing each other and drawing a great organic sculpture which expresses the spreading of sound waves. A parallel project: architecture and sound, releasing a sequence of shapes, volumes, views: the focal point is the central stage where attention is immediately centred on the lower level of the hall. The space where sound is formed is a magnetic nucleus for the audience, that is "wrapped round" the musicians, drawing attention to the musical event and making its image fully central. The architecture has been created to exicite emotions, but the acoustics, studied by the acoustics engineer Yasuhisa Toyota, also become a strong point of the hall. The architecture tries to... More

Project • By arkpabiPrivate Houses


A residential project in the city of Cremona, comprising a mixture of single-room and double-room flats, large-scale quarters. The desing by architects Giorgio Palù and Michele Bianchi, features a number of accreations to the cube-like regularity of the building block which break up the frontage on the avenue side and affect room arrangement within. In keeping with the apparent simplicity of outline is a subtle personalising of the exterior achieved through technical dexterity. The regular modular layout of the inside volumes is a focus that shifts as the room arrangement interlocks and overlaps. Within the limited scale of an interior there thus form slanting vistas with surprising colour effects and see-through walls extending the ra... More

Project • By ELEMENT VISUALIZATIONSCommercial Landscape

Square in Leszno

Project name: Masterplan for New Market and Metzig’s Square in Leszno Typology: Landscape Localization: Leszno, Poland Year: 2017 Team: Jakub Figel, Filip Kurasz, Jakub Tajer    The subject of the project is the development of the New Market and Metzig’s Square in Leszno. The main aim is to create a connection between "three markets" in Leszno- Main Market Square, Jan Metzig’s Square and New Market. Project also aims to develop a coherent functional program,  defining areas of movement, trade and recreation. New development will provide a place for the social and cultural integration in the city.     NEW MARKET – FORM AND FUNCTIONS  The design goal for the New Market was to maintain the trade-service functions and provide a possibi... More
East bridge bank
West bridge bank
Street art


Anti-smog Bridge over Vistula River

Project name:  Anti-smog bridge in Warsaw  Typology: Bridge Localization: Warsaw, Poland  Year: 2017 Team: Jakub Figel, Filip Kurasz, Karolina Jankowska   The concept for the pedestrian-cyclist bridge over Vistula River was created for the international architecture competition. It is based on the anti-smog solution that aims to provide better air conditions in the city.    GUIDELINES  The main guideline for the design of the Bicycle-Pedestrian Bridge across the Vistula River in Warsaw became the relationship between the existing bridges and the new form. The proposed bridge due to its lower rank can not dominate or compete with the exisitng Świętokrzyski Bridge. For this reason, architects decided to design a horizontal structure blending... More