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NewsNews • 12 Nov 2021

Le Dôme winery blends 40-meter diameter timber dome into the rolling vineyards of Bordeaux

Owner of internationally renowned winehouse Le Dôme was immediately impressed by meeting Norman Foster who sketched the basic design of the building on the spot. The idea was clear from the start. A building that blends into its landscape and looks simultaneously inwards and outwards. Nigel Young The circular building is defined by a 40-meter diameter timber dome. The roof is supported by sloping beams that span over a large column-free space. At the center a 6-meter-wide oculus lets in natural light into the upper level. Nigel Young “When Jonathan Maltus first approached us, he expressed a desire to create a distinctive new winery, set against the unique backdrop of St Emilion. He wanted the building to be a... More

NewsBuilding Innovations • 17 Sep 2021

Snøhetta, Studio Plastique and Fornace Brioni give glass from electronic waste new life in the form of glass tile

A collaboration between Snøhetta, Studio Plastique and Fornace Brioni, Common Sands – Forite positively leverages the unique properties of composition, colour and structure inherent in sand as a waste material into a series of architectural glass tiles. Emphasis has been put on waste glass from ovens and microwaves as a starting point to demonstrate the aesthetic depth, function and potential of the recycled material, but the project is not limited to this material stream alone. © Snøhetta / Studio Plastique / Fornace Brioni Though typically associated with beaches and playgrounds, sand is a precious resource essential to the continued functioning of a society increasingly reliant on technology. Integral to th... More

NewsNews • 10 Aug 2021

Garden pavilion in Mexico City demonstrates the potential of recycled materials and community involvement

In Mexico City, El Terreno is a community garden and educational centre established during the Covid19 outbreak. Allowing for an urban orchard to grow flowers, aromatic plants and vegetables, the project aims to provide children with social stimulation as well as an environmental education that brings them closer to cycles of food production and sustainable living.  Ricardo de la Concha Central to the project is a pavilion inserted into the landscape and constructed with recycled materials. Designed by local architecture office VERTEBRAL, the reclaimed materials used come from materials used in their previous construction projects.   Ricardo de la Concha   To form the pavilion, sections of iron rods were bent and... More