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Project • By Silpi ArchitectsMosques

The Salafi Mosque

A metamorphic departure in search of contemporary vocabulary, the Salafi Masjid is a soulful realization of tranquillity within the walls. Set amidst a busy regular street in Aluva, the mosque univocally transcends itself as a ‘pause’ and a ‘journey’ to ataraxy. Sprawling across 8.5 cents of land, the mosque embraces the thought-provoking Islamic philosophy from the holy Quran: “He created the skies with the light, without pillars you see it” – throughout the design. Thus, the light becomes the soul of the mosque, and the induced transparency becomes the heart of its design. The 3230 sq. ft structure spread out in two floors emerges itself as a landmark for the locals, pilgrims and wayfarers. Sit... More

Project • By KUEHN MALVEZZICultural Centres

House of One

One house for the three monotheistic religions, the House of One will be the first building of its kind and will be built on the foundations of Berlin’s oldest church at Petriplatz. The building is composed of different cubic volumes featuring solid brick facades that mark it as a unique place within its busy urban environment. The design takes its starting point in the idea of ‘diversity within unity’. The proposal does not anticipate the triadic unity through one universal sign, but instead creates a framework of conditions for exchange. Each faith will have their own, appropriate place of ritual, whereas a series of central spaces express the idea of universal public space as relation among equals rather than the dominance of one. T... More

Project • By BFV ARCHITECTESChapels

A MIXED USE PROGRAM : 132 housing units + 1 relig

Formerly a railway enclave, the Clichy-Batignolles ecodistrict is reconquering this forgotten piece of Parisian ground. This major municipal project was envisioned as a response to the elevated need for housing while paving the way for a durable, mixed-use 21st century city. So much data that had to be compiled to come up with smart solutions for a multi-program block (nursing home, social housing, private housing, religious center, and retail businesses). These programs, with their fruitful cohabitation, contribute to the city’s growth with their high quality and symbolic significance. The project provides a strong architectural response to the challenges of urban density and new environmental requirements by creating collective str... More