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Project • By URLO StudioApartments


When URLO arrived at the apartment on Quart Street for the first time, they found themselves in an inhospitable, dark, and poorly compartmentalized space. The existing windows were tiny in proportion to the façade and the interior spaces. The complex geometry of its enclosure, organized in diagonal planes, and of its irregular structure, presented a major challenge in creating a comfortable and habitable space. In order to bring in light and a coherent structure to the apartment, URLO began by proposing a large diaphanous and well-lit space in the central area of the apartment which would house the living room, dining room, and kitchen.  The exposed concrete structure helped them to separate the kitchen and dining area from th... More

Project • By gon architectsHospitals


OCULUM, the new reception of the Institute of Ocular Microsurgery of Madrid, seeks a link between the worlds of ophthalmology and architecture, which finds and unfolds its spatial narrative around optical devices, such as lenses, photometers, refractometers and microscopes. OCULUM is designed as a visually technological space which processes, from the generation of the idea to its construction, are completely innovative and handcrafted, and made from a non-existent product on the market, manufactured by a metalworker in an industrial warehouse in the Madrid neighborhood of Tetuán. OCULUM is a continuous system that consists of a 41,5 by 2.96 meters metallic ribbon that fits like a glove into the existing space. A continuous enclosu... More

Project • By deamicisarchitettiHeritages

Borgo Merlassino

Renovation of an old rural complex for residential and agricultural purposes.   We decided to emphasize architectural differences within the principal building and the other recovered structures (house, barn, stable, pigsty, cote, warehouse, garage, cistern, and lobby) as well as to underline the main building's supporting structure made of raw earth walls. As a consequence, the main building's facades have been redefined through the use of dark plaster on the existing openings and by cleaning and preserving the recoverable fields. The accessory constructions with their different structures and dimensions - have been variously upgraded, but unified by the bright colours and the plaster finish. The new interventions are identifiable t... More

Project • By deamicisarchitettiParks/Gardens

Locanda La Raia

Locanda La Raia comes alive in an old abandoned building which was once an old tavern, typical of the local tradition. The reconstruction started from research of the meaning of the place and its relations with the landscape: from enhancing the dialogue between interior and exterior. The proportions of the building have been redefined through fills and soil movements to recover an identity more pronounced  and recognizable; new openings, different for shapes and dimensions, have selected the most interesting views, and the the same typology matrix was reversed by transforming the inner court on an abstract patio around it to which the new organization of internal spaces revolves. Another strong element of territorial relationship conce... More

Project • By "BUDIVELNA SPILKA" D&P Co. LtdHospitals

Renovation Kyiv City Clinical Hospital № 3

Creation of a modern effective medical institution in the format of a hospital of planned treatment in the Dniprovsky district of Kyiv according to the decisions of the Kyiv City Council, orders of the Kyiv Mayor and the concept of reforms of the Department of Health of the Kyiv City State Administration More

Project • By Paralelo Zero ArchitecturePrivate Houses


Located in a small village in Beira Baixa, the project House in Vale de Abelha resulted from the need to renovate and expand the pre-existing housing structure with typical vernacular features, adapting it to modern spatial and building requirements. The pre-existing structure – a pet and farming produce shop on the ground floor and a residential upper floor – houses the new private rooms (bedrooms, sanitary facilities and laundry room), while the new volumetric area houses the social rooms (living and sitting rooms, kitchen and technical area), seeking to integrate it into the landscape through the use of noble and natural materials such as wood or stone. The project thus results in the renovation of the traditional building... More

Project • By John Henshaw Architect Inc.Apartments

Mid-Century on Quebec

This relatively new condo was poorly cared for with outdated décor. The new homeowner requested for the interior to be updated with a more efficient floorplan to suit their lifestyle. A simple, bright colour and material palette were introduced for a youthful and energetic feel with a touch of mid-century influence. Some simple fine-tuning such as relocating doors and adding millwork created a functional space and much-desired organization space. By repeating the material specification for the entire space, wastage was reduced to a minimum. Existing appliances were utilized wherever possible. New dimmable, high-efficiency, high fidelity and small aperture recessed and concealed linear LED replaced previous inefficient lighting. New d... More

Project • By The Room Design StudioBars

Fishmarket Restaurant

The Room was involved in the renovation of this elegant art deco monument in Kampot into a popular seafood restaurant. Originally built in the 1930s, the colourful concrete block served as host of a state-owned radio station as well as a fish market before restoration efforts guaranteed its status as an icon of its dreamy riverside town. The open facade was retained alongside the grand vaulted ceilings, which welcomes the cooling river breeze through the building. More

Project • By Joao MoraisWorkshops

Observatório da Charneca

The process of setting up a Landscape Observatory went through an architecture project to create a space able to receive the intended program. The elected place for the purpose was a rural warehouse located in Gaviãozinho homestead, in the municipality of Chamusca, Ribatejo, central Portugal. This warehouse is sided to the southern side by other agriculture buildings, to the west, bordered by a road and cornfield, and to the north, opened to the cork oak landscape.  With 3 elevations available, we worked the relationship of the building with its natural surroundings to match that environment with the interior space. Once chosen as main function of the Observatory, a big space able to house groups of people, exhibitions, worksho... More

Project • By NOARQ - Jose Carlos Nunes de OliveiraApartments

T. apartment

Project apartment renovation. Original project Edoardo Souto de Moura, 1922. Location Foz do Douro, Porto.Period 2018 - 2019   A couple bought a well known penthouse with ocean view. The notorious housing building is almost 30 years old. It emerged while I was attending college; ravishing at the time, it remains a majesty.   They asked me to renew it by introducing minor changes – "an upgrade basically!" I shivered! What a fear! Was it an invitation to desecration?   How do you do the renovation of a masterpiece? How do you do the renovation of a masterpiece of an author at the peak of his activity? Will there be place for reinterpretation in a masterpiece? Even if they call them "minor changes"?   I... More

Project • By B² ArchitectureApartments

GNRS apartment

This generous apartment with incredible views of the Žižkov tower is located in a building from the early 20th century by builder Dr. Ing. Karel Skorkovský. One of the remarkable things about the building is that there is an observatory on its roof. The apartment, which occupies the entire first floor, has an area of 230 m2 and its resident was the builder himself. The space was in a terrible state after a century of use. The aim of the reconstruction was to reconstruct the apartment according to today's standards with the restoration and completion of the original architectural elements that were destroyed in the last century. The investor was a housing cooperative, which wished a sensitive and inexpensive reconstruction so that it... More

Project • By brg3sNurseries

Idlewild Education Building Renovation

The focus of this renovation revolved around creating a space that was more accessible and functional for the user, that also complimented the existing architectural elements from the early to mid century. Complicating the design solution was the 1960s architect’s decision to bury half of the first floor behind a berm so that the three-story building appeared to be less dominate on the campus. As a result, entrances were at mid-level.  Upon entering the building, one was confronted with a half flight of stairs up or down to reach a main floor. There were no accessible points of entry.  (An accessible but remote ramp was added in the 1980s from an alley to the lowest floor.)The new entry needed to be at grade so the berm was r... More

Project • By Sladen Feinstein Integrated LightingCity Halls

Boston City Hall Council Chambers

The revitalization of Boston’s City Hall Council Chambers’ original Brutalist interior respects the architecture and modernizes the original design intent with today’s standards and technology. Located in an iconic 1960’s building,originally designed by KallmanMcKinnell and Knowles, the existing space was outdated, dark and dreary from previous renovations and years of neglect. In addition to accessibility, technology, systems and furniture and finish upgrades, new lighting has literally brightened up the overall environment, celebrating the original design rather than hiding it and bringing the space to its fullest potential.Prior to this renovation, the Chamber was lit by fluorescent surface mounted troffers from a previous update that we... More