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Project • By Lemay_idRestaurants

Orchard Park by David Burke

This grand European-style restaurant is the result of a second collaboration with the international award-winning celebrity chef David Burke. Bringing Chef Burke’s vision to life, this design marks the first of the top chef’s many restaurants to be custom designed from beginning to end. The goal for the restaurant and outdoor terrace was to design an American brasserie with a European sensibility. DLux Creative DLux Creative Set on the sweeping grounds of the Park Chateau Estate and Gardens in East Brunswick, NJ, the eatery combines the elegance of a French country estate with an eclecticism reflective of modern cuisine. High ceilings and classic, mid-century and modern styles produce a timeless feel that is impressi... More

NewsNews • 13 Mar 2023

Spanish maximalists Masquespacio design a sushi restaurant with a twist

Yango Zhang, the owner of Ichi, had previously built a few locations for his sushi takeout company but, with this latest venture, he wanted to place a strong emphasis on the dining experience. Ichi's previous identities were created inspired by stations and transit. Luis Beltran Masquespacio thus offered to move away from literal and conventional 'trip' depictions while preserving the essence of that identity and evolving it into a more conceptual one. The Spanish design team suggested using light to journey into the future as a solution. Luis Beltran “With this more futuristic look we had the opportunity to represent the innovative sushi that is showcased on Ichi’s full of flavors and colors menu, developed... More

Project • By Seth Powers PhotographyBars

ØSP - A00

ØSP is three concepts on one: Ømakase, Savøur, and Pøp, representing a dining space, a lounge, and a private pop-up kitchen-dining space respectively. Designed by A00, the interior is slick, arty, and futuristic with state-of-the-art lighting design and installation-esqe decor. Seth Powers Seth Powers Seth Powers Seth Powers Seth Powers Seth Powers Seth Powers Seth Powers Seth Powers Seth Powers More

Project • By BIDERMANN+WIDEOffices

Chefs Culinar

Chefs Culinar Poland is a global brand with German roots that has been in business for almost 100 years. Designing for such a client is a big challenge and a great responsibility. In 2018, our studio was invited to work on the interior design of Chefs Culinar's newly built logistics center in Wiskitki near Warsaw. Thanks to our early inclusion into the team, we were able to go through the entire process in accordance with our internal procedures, resulting in a space tailored to the requirements of the client and their team. Kroniki Studio: Hanna Polczynska Kroniki Studio: Hanna Polczynska More than an office. The logistics center in Wiskitki is not just warehouses with an office area. The brief was to additionally create a coo... More

Project • By Jackson Clements Burrows ArchitectsRestaurants


Situated at the top of Little Bourke St, a precinct known for its established dining venues, Longsong provides a local stalwart with a seductive new offering. It opens a portal onto the site’s history and Melbourne’s story as a fast-evolving city still enriched by its past. Tom Blachford The space once functioned as horse stables for Angliss and Co. Built in 1900, the building’s history and unique heritage qualities – brick floors shaped by horses pawing their hooves, soaring ceilings, a steep entry ramp horses climbed to reach the loft from the street – became the design’s primary drivers. Tom Blachford JCB's initial design thinking focused on creating a series of architectural and decorative... More

Project • By NOZ ARQUITECTURATrain stations

arraiolos train station hotel

A disused train station is transformed into a hotel with restaurant and an events space. NOZ ARQUITECTURA NOZ ARQUITECTURA The existing main building of 2 floors - previously the ticket office and station manager accommodation - is turned into a double height restaurant space evoking the grandeur of train stations, overlooking the converted railway turned into a leisure cycle way. NOZ ARQUITECTURA The station goods warehouse is converted to an events space able to accommodate up to 100 seated attendants in dining tables. NOZ ARQUITECTURA NOZ ARQUITECTURA Between the ticket office, now restaurant, and the goods warehouse lied the toilet facilities. The original facilities building is kept but is now the entrance f... More

Project • By Mirck ArchitectureRestaurants


  The east side of Almere contains mostly housing.The recent urban design for the quarter Almere Buiten defined a new area for supporting facilities, like a restaurant. The area is defined by a strip of almost three kilometers between railtrack and park avenue. The park avenue is a combination of slow traffic and all kinds of recreation. Currently, half of the many plots of the strip are sold and being built with a wide variety of functions. In the middle of the strip the Asian restaurant is located, adjacent to the roundabout where the freeway exit enters this part of the city.  Katja Effting Katja Effting   The architecture of the restaurant shows three Asian architecture characteristics that are transformed to... More

Project • By A I MRestaurants

BB Bistro’

The planning of this project started with the idea to respect and protec the existing tradition of the place and the cucine. The planning eliminated every kind of superstrucutre to discover the authenticity of the place.We decided to respect and protect the existing place, by bringing to light the perimeter walls of the space, enphatinzing the historical imperfectios by highlighting the original layout and the new volumes which are conformed to the technical and modern needs moreover they act like contrasting frames with the historical part. Simone Furiosi Simone Furiosi The design approch aimed at enhancing the history and the tradition of the place, it was necessary to work with the utmost attention in the choice of all the fur... More

Project • By A I MRestaurants


Buns Restaurant was founded in the historical center of Monza and is overlooking one of the most representative squares of the city.The architectural intervention is based on the need for usable spaces at all times of the day and it’s exactly the combination of different settings the strong point of the design.The concept revolves around the dichotomy and the dual relation of the parties: day/night, food/drink, in/out, dividing the environment essentially in two areas, one contained in the other.The space perimeter has been completely emptied and it is considered as “recovered object”, thanks to the rediscovery of pre-existence. It tells about the integration with history and with its own origins and becomes a transition s... More

Project • By AB+PartnersRestaurants


The interior design of the restaurant is a special subject in the field of interior design. The personalization of these premises depends on several factors such as: location, kitchen and target audience. In the case of Blue River restaurant, the inspiration came from the view that opens behind the window. Oleg Bajura Located on the bank of the Dniester River, the restaurant borrows the colour range and decorative elements of the interior from nature. The panoramic windows contribute to an ideal fusion with the entourage. To add to this feeling, we personalized individual elements of the interior as much as possible. The colours of the finishing materials are strongly related to the natural framework. We opted for calm hues levitating... More

Project • By Chain + SimanRestaurants

La Acuarima

La Acuarima is a restaurant immersed in a lake located in Rancho Avándaro, Valle de Bravo. The project is elevated by a concrete platform that hovers over the body of water. Its circular design allows for an almost 360 degree view that encourages a permanent relationship between diners and the landscape. Onnis Luque The main access is composed of a rectangular brick prism that creates a stark contrast with the circular shapes of the concrete platform and the wood cover. There’s also a secondary access that is diametrically opposite to the main one. Both access’s dispositions create a circulation axis. Onnis Luque The architectural program consists of a main saloon with a bar at its center, a perimetral terrace... More

Project • By BergmeyerRestaurants

Shake Shack Somerville, MA

Like an ideal dining experience, an ongoing design partnership thrives on delivering fresh, high-quality menu offerings with consistent service. Caption Shake Shack's restaurant expansion has been a savory opportunity to introduce the Shake Shack brand experience and serve up its delicious menu items to a growing list of locations all over the USA. Our collaborative project approach and trusted partnership with the fast-casual chain has allowed us to take on many roles with their internal team over the years, including prototype design, implementation, interior design, and project architect, to name a few. Caption While every location consistently delivers on Shake Shack's brand and food service standards, the experiences are un... More

Project • By Alumil S.ARestaurants

Culinaris Canteen

Mind Park is an industrial and technological center in central Serbia. Among its various buildings, there was a need to construct a modern restaurant – multi-space for its employees and visitors.    Caption Culinaris Canteen, designed by Bina Studio architects, is a building that reflects the vision behind Mind Park. Clear and straight lines, sharp angles and an impressive roof that seems like it wants to “touch” the sky.  Caption In the interior, the building is divided into zones. Thus, it is more flexible and functional depending on its different uses and needs. It has a ground floor, an exhibition floor and a partial basement. The exterior is dominated by grey color, which brings a premium se... More

Project • By Aaksen Responsible AarchitectureRestaurants

McDonald's Kiara Artha

Sitting amidst a newly open park in the heart of Bandung, Indonesia, McDonald’s Kiara Artha opens an unlimited boundary for people to experience the rare presence of open space in a bustling city. Merging with natural surroundings, the façade uses composite timber in a boxy shape where the bold geometry speaks as a standalone building, that shows direct functions of the buildings itself. Leonard Kawun Leonard Kawun The use of glass around the wall corner gives a depth of experience for the customer from inside-out, both inviting customers to come, while also gives a sightseeing for the customer inside the store where people do sports activities such as jogging, running, and biking around the street as it becomes the... More

Project • By yellow office architectureBars


A neighborhood restaurant is being refurbished. In search of a new image, the design of the restaurant has completely changed. The design is cozy, with lights set to create an intimate atmosphere in various scenarios.  vladimir mindru vladimir mindru   The bar remains the "heart" of the place, with a design dialogue between hard metal and glossy ceramic. Level differences and changes in floor material create playful "frames". vladimir mindru vladimir mindru More