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NewsMaterialization • 2 Jul 2020

12 projects that integrate recycled and reused materials in clever ways

In response to daunting environmental challenges, including climate change, architects and designers are increasingly incorporating more sustainably minded solutions into homes, residences, and offices. Among rising trends is the growing use of recyc... More

Project • By ADEPTOffices

Theodora House

The historic Carlsberg Brewery site in Copenhagen has opened to the public to become part of the city  - and is now seriously embarking on the successful transformation to a dense urban neighbourhood of its own, the Carlsberg City. Transforming... More

Project • By ER ArchitectesFactories

Centre de recyclage Le Havre Nord

The recycling facility is a group of three buildings and two vehicules area,  united all the fonction  in a single winding path.The environnemental process was a central preoccupation for the client, CODAH as the notion of his representatio... More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignShops

Cafe Container Design

Container architecture is fast becoming the preferred eco-friendly way to construct, and CAS is at the top of the game. This Café Container design in Jeddah, KSA is a start-up business that promotes the coffee culture of our contemporary world. CAS p... More

Project • By DraftarchShops

Temporary pavilion

This temporary structure was born out of the Noceto municipality desire to improve and innovate the facilities of its annual local traditional town festival through the installation of a café/bar, an exhibition space and a movie screening area. A dis... More

Project • By Heckendorn Shiles ArchitectsOffices

Ambler Boiler House

Adaptive Reuse Solutions Help Breathe New Life Into 1890s Boiler House The AmblerBoiler House has completed its impressive transformation, from abandoned Brownfield site, to aclean, green and LEED-Platinum-certifiedstate-of-the art office spaceand... More

Project • By M:OFA Studios Pvt ltdUrban Green Spaces

Pensive: Design Pavilion by M:OFA @ India Design 2014

'Designing for a public space in India goes beyond the aesthetics into multitude of other issues right from functions, economics, sustainability, maintenance, vandalism, and the list could be endless. Being a developing country we are always grapplin... More