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Project • By AtelierzeroApartments

PV Apartment

Located in one of the most iconic neighborhoods of the city, this apartment is a true reflection of the style of old Milan. Sara Magni Sara Magni Sara Magni Its high ceilings, molded frames for doors and windows, geometric patterned cement tiles and decorations are all distinctive elements that evoke the elegance of the era.The renovation of such an important place starts with the desire to respect and maximize the existing elements that have made the apartment so special. Sara Magni Sara Magni Sara Magni The main area of intervention focuses on what used to be the kitchen and the bathroom, both recently renovated without a specific aesthetic criterion.In this core, a easily isolatable area has been created,... More

Project • By AtelierzeroApartments


The main theme of the renovation of this small apartment is rediscovery.In fact, during the demolition works, previously hidden elements such as the vaulted brick ceiling and the arches that characterize the living room came to light. The existing layout followed the typical ringhiera arrangement, with living and sleeping areas divided by the central core of services. Matteo Losurdo The project mainly focused on this core, significantly improving the distribution of spaces. Matteo Losurdo The real challenge was to create different moments and give dynamism to a relatively static layout. Matteo Losurdo Color becomes the main actor and is used in an architectural manner to give uniqueness and demarcate different areas. Ma... More

Project • By AtelierzeroApartments


The project entails a complete renovation of a small apartment for a young professional. Simone Furiosi   The initial design approach involved the demolition of all existing walls that rigidly delineated the rooms.  Simone Furiosi Instead of doors, the spaces are now separated through ceiling lowerings, lines of color, and custom-made furniture.A perspective view encompasses the entire space in its entirety, from one facade to another.  Simone Furiosi Like small brushstrokes on a blank canvas, the color doesn’t define the main functions of the dwelling but rather the voids: the spaces traditionally considered liminal gain their own importance and become a series of chromatic and semantic references wi... More

Project • By AtelierzeroApartments


The project involves the complete renovation of a large apartment.The demolition of existing walls has allowed for a proper balance between the sleeping area and the living area.  Simone Furiosi The living area has been opened up as much as possible, creating two conceptual and physical volumes that define different functions and add dynamism to the space.  Simone Furiosi The first volume houses the kitchen, which can be completely isolated or connected to the dining area through full-height sliding doors.  Simone Furiosi The second volume delimits the opposite side and provides access to the more private part of the apartment, including a bathroom, a single bedroom, and a master bedroom with an ensuite bath... More

Project • By LupettatelierOffices


The renovation project of this elegant house in the center of Milan involves the preservation of period elements while integrating them with new design elements. The central core of the house is the hallway with the coffered ceiling that generates spaces and shapes. Through color the architecture is emancipated, evolving from a past stage to a contemporary one. Powder blue is the color that covers the entire space, alongside the wine red that invades the portals that are inspired by Piero Portaluppi's curves. From the portals one reaches the study and the large living room that houses both the TV corner and the dining room. Davide Arena Davide Arena The rest of the apartment is pervaded by neutral colors and a sophisticated atmos... More

Project • By AtelierzeroApartments


The starting point for the renovation of this large apartment was the desire to create a dynamic system of spaces, able to adapt itself to the different needs of its inhabitants.The general layout of the house includes three bedrooms - one with a walk-in closet - kitchen, laundry room, study and three bathrooms. Sara Magni Sara Magni The fulcrum of the house lies in the living room, where the already existing pink granite fireplace and bow window are reintegrated within a new concept, which breaks the idea of a house made up of a sequence of rooms to create instead a more interesting concatenation of different moments in which to live various experiences. The living room is defined by the creation of two rounded and polychrome v... More

Project • By Stefano SanfilippoApartments

Casa C.A.F.I.

Complete renovation of an apartment in Palermo. Arch. Stefano Sanfilippo The contrasting and intense colors predominated, blues, teal and dove grey, the warm colors of the wood and grays were mixed in order to obtain an enveloping sensation throughout the house. Arch. Stefano Sanfilippo Spotlights, localized and streep LEDs are the protagonists of the scene, fluidifying, together with the honeyed parquet, the rooms of the house. Arch. Stefano Sanfilippo The first living room with TV wall is separated from the dining area and welcomes us as we enter. Arch. Stefano Sanfilippo A sliding door leads to the living area with kitchen, where domestic dynamics are concentrated. Arch. Stefano Sanfilippo The hallway leads... More

Project • By Stefano SanfilippoApartments


Renovation of a real estate unit located in Palermo. The intervention involved the entire renovation of a building, in which a living area was created, consisting of a living room with dining table, an independent kitchen with attached laundry / utility room and a guest bathroom. Arch. Stefano Sanfilippo Separate from the bedroom, it consists of a guest bedroom and a private master bedroom and walk-in closet. Arch. Stefano Sanfilippo The chromatic choices, the finishes and the materials were oriented towards calm, neutral colors, which acted as a background for contrasting elements such as the wall with wallpaper and the custom designed cabinet / wardrobe. Arch. Stefano Sanfilippo The cabinet / wardrobe is the key element... More

Project • By AtelierzeroApartments


This charming apartment, located in the heart of Milan’s chinatown, has undergone a process of radical transformation, while maintaining the original layout of the walls.Each room features an alternation of cold and warm tones, creating a vibrant yet welcoming and relaxed sequence. Matteo Losurdo The interior was in fact conceived as a concatenation of spaces, linked together by a precise choice of colors and materials.Despite the relatively small size, the use of color has made it possible to create different situations and moments that are interconnected with each other. In the dining area, for instance, wall painted shapes define a reading corner, and the same tone is used for the bookcase in the niche in front. Matteo Lo... More

Project • By AtelierzeroTheaters


The renovation of one of the Teatro degli Arcimboldi dressing room was approached with the awareness of having to create a private space dedicated to meditation, concentration and relaxation.  Simone Furiosi Simone Furiosi While functionality is crucial from a distributive point of view, the transient permanence of a dressing room inhabitants make it possible to propose highly distinctive and daring finishing solutions. Simone Furiosi The choice was oriented towards the creation of a welcoming and intimate environment, characterized by large colored surfaces, which come together through strong chromatic and material contrasts. Since each color corresponds to a function, it can be said that the color was used as an arch... More

Project • By AtelierzeroApartments


The project involves the renovation of an apartment located in a typical Milanese casa di ringhiera. Sara Magni Reorganizing the functions in a more organic way, the lower floor becomes mainly a service area (bathroom, laundry / guest room) while the main functions are moved to the attic floor. Sara Magni The creation of a small terrace overlooking the beautiful internal courtyard is also part of the design process, a moment of openness and contact with the outside that floods the new kitchen with natural light. Sara Magni The project becomes an opportunity to restore order in the physical space but also in the mental one: the space's design was accompanied by a long process of decluttering and selection of the many object... More

Project • By Studio 3MarkApartments

Casa M&M

The apartment is located in a building built between the 50s and 60s of the last century in Cuneo. The approach was consistent with the original style, both in the distribution of spaces and in the use of materials. The project maintains the typical central corridor system for distribution to the various environments. An iron portal was created that divides the living area from the corridor and therefore from the study and sleeping areas. The kitchen was open space joined to the living room and was moved to a smaller room but still connected to the living room. The corridor has now also taken on the function of a reading area with the installation of a self-supporting bookcase. More

Project • By AtelierzeroApartments


The apartment is the result of the union of two adjacent living units.   While keeping the existing living room/dining area and a bathroom unchanged, the kitchen has been completely renovated, and is now the protagonist of the space, the focal point of the house and a perfect place for conviviality and being together. The existing archway between kitchen and dining area has been maintained and used as a starting point to create on one hand the passage leading to the new study (former master bedroom), and on the other to model the shape of the corridor which leads to the sleeping area. The kitchen is configured as a scenic backdrop, the surface of which is perforated by the curved corridor opening leading to the sleeping area, defin... More

Project • By AtelierzeroApartments

Fitted Lines

The project consists of the complete renovation of a medium-sized apartment for a young milanese couple. After a careful evaluation of the potential of the spaces in relation to solar lighting, the internal distribution has been completely overturned compared to the current state, effectively inverting the living and sleeping areas. Entering the apartment, a suggestive perspective accompanies the gaze up to the living area: this corridor has been ennobled on one side by a recess covered in a tropical wallpaper that marks the entrance to the room, and on the other by a long custom-made wardrobe system , which creates a continuous front hiding the irregular spine wall of the house in the process. This bespoke system accommodates various fu... More

Project • By AtelierzeroApartments

PM House

Renovation project for a young woman’s apartment. Being the windows located on one side only, the distribution of the house was made up of a single corridor which gave access to all the rooms. The project consists in eliminating this corridor, in favor of the creation of three cores - bedroom, bathroom, walk-in closet / storage rooms - highlighted by curved walls, around which the space is lived in a fluid and continuous way.Entrance, living room, kitchen and master bedroom can thus be read as a single sinuous space. More