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NewsNews • 5 Nov 2021

MVRDV turns Boijmans Van Beuningen art storage into world's first depot museum

The Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam, which is currently undergoing renovations designed by Mecanoo, chose to transform their art depot into a visitable building. For MVRDV the key element is the interaction between the visitors and more than 151,000 works that are stored in the seven-storey building. © Ossip van Duivenbode The Museum Boijmans did not want the building to become a second museum, but a unique experience that reveals the world behind the storage and maintenance of 63,000 paintings, photographs, films, pre-industrial design objects, contemporary art installations, sculptures, as well as 88,000 prints and drawings. © Ossip van Duivenbode The architects of MVRDV aimed to create a building that wou... More

Project • By Sempergreen®Offices

Floating Office Rotterdam

In Rotterdam, the Netherlands, the largest floating office building in the world has been completed. Floating Office Rotterdam (FOR) has been designed by architectural firm Powerhouse Company, commissioned by the municipality of Rotterdam, project developer RED Company, and the Global Center on Adaptation. This unique office is an inspiring example of today’s sustainable technological innovations and circular building opportunities, and will be part of a new floating park in the Rijnhaven port of Rotterdam for 5 to 10 years.    On the south-facing side of the pitched roof, solar panels have been added. On the north side, a 900 sqm. Sempergreen green roof has been installed. This green roof doesn’t only consist of Sed... More

Project • By Dam & Partners ArchitectenOffices

De Zalmhaven

The Zalmhaven is the new eye-catcher on the Rotterdam skyline. With 215 meters, this will be the highest residential tower in the Benelux. Two flanking towers (by KAAN Architecten) form a visual staircase to the lower Scheepvaartkwartier.  For this ambitious project, much attention has been paid to the relationship with the environment and the liveliness at ground level. On the urban scale, the high tower acts as a connecting element between the Scheepvaartkwartier and the Kop van Zuid, between the north and south side of the city. In this way, the focus of the city is shifted towards the water.  The style of the architecture and the character of the building are in line with the existing buildings of the area. The design is ins... More

Project • By AAANCare Homes

Hospice de Liefde

’De Kapel’ is a monumental farmhouse located on the southern edge of Zuidwijk, a residential district in Rotterdam. This national monument has been transformed into a centre for terminal care: Hospice ‘de Liefde’. The thatched building has been extensively renovated and expanded. With the addition of a new wing, the experience of the routing through the monument and the garden, nature, light and spaciousness is used to contribute to a dignified farewell.   The 18th century farm, of the Overmaasse cross-section type, was designated a National Monument in 1975. From 1992 to 2017, ‘de Kapel’ was used as a work centre for adults with a (mild) intellectual disability. Due to major renovations in the pas... More

Project • By Modular Lighting InstrumentsPrivate Houses

Private Residence Rotterdam

This beautifully renovated residence located in Rotterdam was equipped with Modular's latest luminaires. We've used our surface Semih to brighten up darker corners and Lotis tubed to highlight the white walls.    Products used:  Lotis Tubed Semih   Photography: Nicoline Rodenburg Architect: DOEN More

Project • By Mei architects and plannersApartments


The Ocean House, popularly also called the Stokvis building, was a “modern business palace” with innovations such as car passages, a covered courtyard, and a canteen with a roof terrace. Due to an eventful history, many different time layers are visible in the building. With the transformation into a residential loft building with modern topping, Mei adds a new time layer with respect for the existing building, while remaining the national monumental parts – such as the entrance, the Gothic room, Tudor room, and the canteen on the roof.   History The Stokvis building was once the headquarters of Europe’s largest trading company. The Rotterdam Stokvis en Zonen, founded in 1849 by a Jewish family, traded in all... More

Project • By GOLDSMITHFactories


The floating farm is essentially a compact triple-stacked structure which houses 40 dairy cows. The farm floats in the harbor of the M4H development zone in Rotterdam, an area which aims to stimulate and facilitate innovative and experimental activities. The design is, in essence, an agricultural building based on nautical principles.   Organization, structural principles and use of materials are used to enhance the buoyancy and stability. The result is a stacked organization that places all heavy structural and technical components in the submerged part of the building. All significant and transparent functions are situated on in a lightweight structure on top.   The result is a 3-layered façade ranging from concrete t... More

Project • By Barcode ArchitectsApartments


CasaNova, a 110-meter high tower in the Maritime District in Rotterdam, is the first triangular shaped tower in the Rotterdam skyline. The tower is currently being constructed on the Wijnhaven 65 plot. CasaNova takes the sightlines and daylight of surrounding towers into consideration and is a distinctive yet fitting addition to this urban area. By engaging with the surrounding street on all its sides, it contributes to the liveliness in the Maritime District. The triangular volume is a fitting addition to this highly urban area. With a slender motion towards the plinth volume, the tower becomes a delicately balanced icon. By combining a gentle form with a dynamic transition to the plinth we created an elegant sculpture in the skyline. The... More

Project • By Evolution DesignOffices

VodafoneZiggo Call Centre

When you think of a call centre you probably picture a line of people seated in row upon row of desks in a featureless back room. But call centres are changing. In many companies, they are now the first point of contact with customers and are increasingly important in growing new business and ensuring customer satisfaction. High tech and fast paced, with multiple contact points from email and messaging systems to video and voice calls, they also require motivated and well-trained staff. As companies recognise their growing importance, the boiler room approach is disappearing and call centres are beginning to morph into a corporate centrepiece. Dutch telecoms company Ziggo is a case in point. The company merged with Vodafone in 2017 and... More

Project • By Team V ArchitectureShopping Centres

Boompjes 60-68

ClientAPF International / Ares Management in collaboration with Peak DevelopmentProgram342 rental apartments, commercial space and underground car park. Total ca. 43.000 m2 gfa.On the banks of the Meuse river, near the famous Erasmus Bridge, two bronze covered towers stand prominently on Boompjes quay. The form of the towers, 70 and 100 meters in height, expand and contract skywards depending on the viewer’s perspective.At street level, glazed facades provide attractive commercial spaces along Boompjes street. This transparency creates a distinct connection between this avenue and the lower quay beyond.The design of the towers produces large numbers of dual aspect apartments and their stepped profiles allow for optimal views of Rotterd... More

Project • By MVRDVShopping Centres

Markthal Rotterdam

Today Queen Máxima of the Netherlands opens Markthal Rotterdam, a project by developer Provast. Markthal is the first covered food market of the Netherlands, drawing inspiration from food markets in Stockholm, Barcelona and Valencia. The roof of the market hall is an arch accommodating 228 apartments, underneath the hall are 1,200 parking spaces and a supermarket. The combination of market hall and housing is a new typology and, located in Rotterdam’s city center, is expected to attract 4,5 to 7 million visitors each year. The construction of Markthal, a design by MVRDV, took five years to be completed. The project was executed by contractors J.P van Eesteren, Mobilis and Martens en Van Oord. At Markthal Visitors will be able to shop, ea... More

Project • By Senlima BVParks/Gardens

De gemeente Rotterdam test lichtgevende belijning op een fietspad in het Kralingse Bos.

Op het fietspad van het Langepad, waar het ’s avonds en ’s nachts erg donker is, is een nieuwe lichtgevende belijning aangebracht met een sprookjesachtig effect. Glow-in-the-dark Rotterdam staat graag open voor nieuwe innovaties en wil de mogelijkheden voor de toepassing van lichtgevende belijning testen. Op 140 meter fietspad, in de bocht voorbij het klimbos en de kinderboerderij, is als proef glow-in-the-dark belijning met een sprookjesachtig effect aangebracht. Wethouder Joost Eerdmans (Veiligheid en Buitenruimte) is benieuwd naar de resultaten van de proef: ‘ We testen niet alleen de nieuwe technologie maar ook of de lichtgevende belijning effect heeft op het veiligheidsgevoel van de fietsers.’ Vernieuwend Langs het fietspad... More

Project • By AAANShops

Wijn aan de Kade

WINESHOP CLAD WITH 2100 ENGRAVED OAK PANELS Rotterdam based Studio AAAN has had the fortune to combine architecture and wine in their design for the new wineshop 'Wijn aan de Kade'. It is located in a 1896 monumental premises along the Admiraliteitskade in the centre of Rotterdam. The four storey shop has been transformed into a long, modern and warmly finished space clad with laser engraved oak panels. The continuous space is flanked by two cabinet walls with niches, cupboards and amenities. Wine boxes are stored inside the cabinets, large cutouts function as displays for over 300 different bottles of wine. Service areas like storage, toilets and an office are concealed behind the wall. The result is a clear and spacious shop with a... More

Product • By Atelier RobotiqFiber Pattern Lamps

UFO - Fiber Pattern Lamps

In Aerospace lightness is of great essence, which has led to the development of lightweight fiber composites. Fiber composites can be extremely strong and lightweight by use of strong fibers accurately placed by robots. Atelier Robotiq is now using this technology to make lightweight fiber structures with mesmerizing fiber patterns. The fibers of the Fiber Pattern Lamps create geometrical patterns, which are mathematically defined using in-house developed software. The pattern is created by repetition of the single fiber path around the product. For the same shape different fiber paths and patterns can be designed, resulting in different lamp designs. Additonal lamp designs can be made by combing two or more patterns into one design cre... More

Project • By HofmanDujardinOffices

Eneco headquarter Rotterdam

The creative Amsterdam firm Hofman Dujardin Architects, in collaboration with Fokkema&Partners, has played a leading role in helping sustainable energy company Eneco to practise what it preaches. They have designed the interiors for Eneco’s headquarters building in Rotterdam, which has undergone a revolution to create the perfect working environment, complete with solar power, natural light and oxygen from internal vegetation, echoing Eneco’s vision of sustainability. Eneco’s new building is also the perfect example of how clever and efficient office design can offer employees the possibility to work flexibly in a dynamic, open, sustainable and healthy environment. The 14-floor, 25,000m2 office has been operational since April, with empl... More